Babe pig in the city inflation vs willy wonka.

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James Skywalker
Babe pig in the city inflation vs willy wonka.

The inflation scene from babe is what got me into the fetish that is inflation. I remember being so awestruck seeing it at 10 (I'm 18 now) and how weird I got. EVERYTHING about the scene turns me on from the way Esme slowly turns around at the sound of the wishing air to her almost sultry moans as the suit pops inflating rapped. As I got older there were more things I appreciated about the scene like the humiliation at Esme as everyone watches her inflate into this pink ball as her pants rip off to the end of the scene when she's stuck in the balloons feet out trying to get back up.


But it seems though to me that most people got their rocks off to violet in Willy Wonka. It's weird because for me personally seeing both versions of the inflation as a kid I was never really turned on. The remake with Jonny deep gets me a little exited but still never as much as babe.

If you've seen the two tell me which one you perfer and why?


 Suit inflation is just not the same as the body actually inflating. Also the inflating girl in Babe was really unattractive so it just kind of ruined it, same with Aunt Marge. Old ladies instantly kill the scene.


I saw Violet when I was a kid and thought she was cute so the scene just worked.

James Skywalker

Which version? The original or the Remake?

James Skywalker

Aunt Marge is ugly as hell but madga subzinski (esme's actress) was actually really young doing that role and I always thought that she had a cute face even if she was doing a role that was older than herself. 


It might also be because I'm a huge ass fan and the expansion also remindes me of ass expansions which also turns me on

Margeret Moonlught
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A few things

1. Full honesty, The clip was pretty alright when it comes to inflation, But I feel for the poor stuntwoman who had to do that scene. 

2. The 2005 Violet scene is superior, Probably one of the only good things about that movie.

3. WHEN THE ACTUAL FUCK DID THEY MAKE A SEQUEL TO BABE, AND HOW AM I JUST NOW HEARING ABOUT IT’s very own metamorphic incomprehensible memetic fractal entity