Good to be back

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Good to be back

Was getting more than a litte worried there, Luther.  So this was all security related, right?  Any new features we should be aware of?  Can't wait to see the posting of any backlogged image/story submissions (if there are any).

Formerly known as unknown.


I'm actually surprised my fingers kept the muscle memory of typing the url.


Ah, nice to have this place back again. Howdy everyone :3


Haha my phone remembers the website xD

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Good to have this community hub back!

The rounder the better

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Looks like it was too soon to ring the death bell.

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High praise to Luther for his hard work in bringing this site back up and running. He could've said 'welp that's over' and washed his hands of it all, so let's all be very grateful and not cause any drama for at least a week.

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so let's all be very grateful and not cause any drama for at least a week

i don't like the way your face looks, buddy

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Good to be back!

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It’s nice to see this site come back online. I missed it. 



Thanks for getting it sorted, Luther.



Let the fun continue.

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Holy shit.  Part of me thought it would never come back.

Thanks LVK!

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Did anyone tell Magrat?  I'm not sure what she did with her seventy posts a day ;)


I remember that. Let's see how fast for that return 

Pennsylvania Ki...
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It was quite a wait...! Thank you for pulling everything back together.

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I'm glad its back. I hope it will be here for another 20 years

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Welcome back, cursed website. Now let's wait for Margaret to hopefully show up again some other day so she can bless us with her memehood because boy I feel lonely now


Margeret Moonlught
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Did somebody say memes?’s very own metamorphic incomprehensible memetic fractal entity 

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Let us all bow down, then celebrate, for our queen of memes has graciously returned... ;)

MixMaster (not verified)

There she is! Get the net!

Margeret Moonlught
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Just a net? Smh I expected better from you. You’re a disappointment to this family.’s very own metamorphic incomprehensible memetic fractal entity 



MixMaster (not verified)

That works :D


Its good to see this site back up and running. back from the dead.
Its one more thing that gives me hope that things will be ok.
Both of my parents died in the last Year my dad on the 30th of last month.
Im trying to figure out how to keep the house.
Its very good to see that some good things last a long while.
I use to worry about being caught inflating.
I would gladly face there wrath for all the things I have ever dun, just to have them back.
I should have some good stuff to share with all of You once Im back on my feet stable.
To all the people that have given me good advice on this site over the Years THANK YOU!

MixMaster (not verified)

That... is heavy, but I can relate. My parents are getting up there in the years and I realized a long time ago that no one lives forever. I fear that day that they will no longer be there and the impending typhoon of lonesomeness that will come with the loss. Sure, there will possibly some sort of inheritance, but no amount of money could ever replace Mom and Dad. With that being said, my sincerest condolences to you, welcome back and if you want to talk about the house, feel free to PM me. 

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wow this post goes from 0-to-MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE real quick


I just accidentally clicked a link to instead of the local backup copy and realised the site was back up, glad I managed to discover the site was up just a week or so after it came back up instead of waiting months only to find out that it had been up the whole time!


Swell to be back!


Certainly lots of swelling going on :P


 And my first accidental double post! 

Kool kid
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Activity around here has been kinda dead it seems lets hope it gets back up

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LVK, I'm sure this goes without saying, but should be said more often...we appreciate all that you do. Thank you.


seconded. back to be good


thank You LutherVKane. God bless You, live long and prosper.

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Thank you all for the kind words. Yes, it's good to be back. :)

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Glad the sites back. I don't post a lot but I love seeing what everyone has to say. Hopefully in the near future I can interact more directly with the community again! 


Thank you again Luther for all you do! Managing a website is hard stuff, especially a forum where old libraries and frameworks could become compromised and all sorts of tangled systems that rely on each other end up needed a full refactoring.


May your buffers not pop from overflowing, and your SQL queries sanitized from helium injections.