Too Many Discords?

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Too Many Discords?

Perhaps I'm just an oldfag when it comes to this matter, but is it me, or are there waaaaaaay too many discord servers related to this fetish? There are about 15-20+ by my count, each of them generally having 15-20 separate rooms and not many of them have any activity that actually happens in them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about freedom of choice for the most part, but doesn't this seem kind of redundant? We are already a pretty small community in relation to other fetish communities out there, yet it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Violet out there wants their own discord server to talk about the same crap that could be consolidated into one server, instead of having 20 separate servers with 20 separate rooms per server, populated by just a few regulars. 

Part of me wants to say that its just people wanting their own distinct moiety, others just an excuse to be in a position of petty authority. Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter? 

Hanz Popper

For a big part i have to agree. Its nice to have a central-point for all people who have this fetish. I have been on this site for a good time, and its a pretty nice spot for us all.

But if we keep all inflation related content one 1 site, it can bring some problems to. If this site goes down, all will be lost. Also if people want to troll us, it will be all on the same place.

I dont want to sound like some fetish-elitist... but if all inflation related content was in 1 place, you will have some secondery stuff that will end up in our content (like :pregant, furry, tentical, fat, vore, and the list goes on). If you are into the pure-inflation stuff, this can be a turn off.

This are my toughts about it. I like this subject for discussion you posted.

MixMaster (not verified)

Thats a good observation, in regards to keeping things a bit more spread out as opposed to having one place of congregation. Im less worried about trolls, those can be moderated to a degree, but internal issues like the server being down, can be a right pain in the ass. Look at this site for instance, it went down for 6 months and I don't think it has really recovered from it.

As per your second point about secondary stuff, I don't think it applies so much considering the amount of rooms that can be put in place on a single server. You could effectively create a room for each secondary fetish and possibly divide it between male and female if one felt necessary. I frankly find it mildly retarded that people even bother making the distinction between "SFW" and "NSFW", because lets be honest: would you really consider any of this workplace appropriate? I just imagine some person sitting at their desk in an office, browsing a server on their downtime, when your boss pops their head over the cubicle divider, notices whats on your computer screen and says "What are you looking at? Is that porn?..." "Nah, its all good brah, its a 'SFW' room!"

That being said, that is a big pet peeve of mine in regards to Discord users and its general setup: people who are fucking sperglords in regards to people posting things in the room they consider to be "correct". Take for instance, I have taken photos since starting FWOOMPH! that if you had to put a tag on them, I would consider them to be blueberry/inflatable suit/expansion/female/irl, just to name a few. That is where the fun begins, because the moment you decide to post something that is as ambiguous as that, people's latent OCD will kick in and they will ride your ass to no avail, gnashing their teeth and screaming with their keyboard "NO! That is NOT where that goes! REEEEEEEEEEE!!!", when realistically, it could be posted under anyone of the tags I listed. Funnily enough, its usually people who aren't even moderators, trying to flex some sort of authority that they do not possess in the first place. 


To an extant I agree, but I don't think the blame rests with individual egos so much. I think the lack of a single, centralized Discord server is a natural symptom of a lack of any single, centralized directory of Discord servers. If all inflation-centric Discord servers could be accessed from a single directory, one of them would eventually emerge as the most popular, and that would become the de facto go-to for the bulk of the community. As it is, because links to our community's servers are scattered over a variety of directories and forums, they can't all draw from the same audience, and that keeps the community split.

That said, I like that the abundance of Discord servers has allowed more niche contingents within this community to have exclusive spaces where their interests can occupy the forefront. I refer here to popping, male, and furry servers.

MixMaster (not verified)

For the most part, I'd say you are correct in regards to individual egos, though I have observed instances of moderators being so overbearing, that it has driven people to create their own servers, simply because they did not agree with management, further decentralizing the community. As per exclusive spaces, like I said in an above post, I feel as though thats a lesser issue, seeing as how many rooms can be created on a single server to accommodate all the niches. Granted, there is probably a limit to this, but you realistically can't satisfy everyone either and I'm sure that would come with its own bit of shit slinging when someone feels wronged that the server doesnt accommodate their ultra obscure sub facet of the fetish with its own room that might have a post being made in it every other month

MixMaster (not verified)

*redundant post*

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I see it in a similar sense to a free market. With the rise of the platform, servers are being made left and right similar to how new tech will cause most of the competing companies to throw out their own version of the same tech. The well ran and well advertised servers will grow while the more obscure and restrictive servers will die out like how better organized and well rounded companies prevail while the dodgy back alley corner stores go out of business. It's a user driven platform. Don't like the management of one server? You can make your own. Don't find interest in this other server? You can leave. Want a server for big belly buttoned women? You can find one or make one. Everyone has their niche and can find or make a place to share that niche. Sure, there's a lot but like you said, there's not much activity in most of them. So to sum it all up, the servers worth a damn will get spread and grow through advertising and word of mouth while the more obscure and shit ones will die off with time.

MixMaster (not verified)

I get your analogy you're making with the free market angle, but here is where the analogy breaks down: a market implies that something of worth is at stake or something is being sold. I didn't know up until recently, but apparently, there are no fees to create a server, meaning that with the click of a button, anyone can create a server at no cost. So, youre right that the more popular server will continue to grow, however, there is nothing that will make the empty servers "die off" and I see that as an inherent issue with platform in general. If nothing is at stake on the servers behalf like a monthly server fee, theoretically, the junk servers are going to continue piling up as time goes along, making things even more disjointed and cluttered than they already are. I feel as though this is an issue Discord is going to have to deal with in the future, seeing as how storage space on their end is finite

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When I say die off, I don't mean they'll deleted. They will simply fail to grow and thrive. Thus dying in a social sense. Like memes, they're still there and new content of "dead" memes are still being created but they have died off in the sense that they're no longer popular. Sure, there's nothing at stake on the creator's end but nothing's gained either unless the server grows.

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I’ve tried to get into Discord.  It’s all too hectic for me, especially since it seems like most of the discussion happens when I’m not online.  Discord seems to shine if you’re interacting with people real time.  For people who don’t want that, a forum like this is better.

Pennsylvania Ki...
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It’s really a platform that serves the frequently-online individual more often than not. With the speed that conversations and images go by I had to learn to keep checking it regularly, even going so far as downloading the smartphone app to keep tabs on the (SFW, gaming-centric) servers I’m in when sitting around the college campus.

There’s a need to “monitor” things in this generation perhaps, which is why several people I know tend to just leave the Discord window open and keep their status online for most of the day that their PCs are powered on. It makes the platform beneficial when you have decent friends to frequently talk to, but I can also see why having more than, I’d say a dozen inflation servers joined, it’s chaos to keep track of them all. Best for sticking with a dozen individuals, not that many communities.

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There’s a need to “monitor” things in this generation perhaps

You got that right.  FOMO is a real thing with the younger caste.  Me, I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with my DeviantArt notifications.

MixMaster (not verified)

FOMO is a real thing with the younger caste

Truer words have never been spoken. Whats ironic is that people get so caught up in trying not to miss out on things, end up missing out on the things right in front of them. 


Perhaps there's too many, but which ones do y'all visit most? I'm only in one or two at the moment.


I think having lots to choose from is a good thing tbh. You just gotta find the right community for you.