Breast and Butt expansion in new music video

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Breast and Butt expansion in new music video

Stumbled upon this and was almost floored the first time watching it. It plays out like a BE story! In the beginning of the vid this girl drinks some chemical concoction and then throughout the song they keep cutting back to her growing bigger to the beat, reacting first with confusion and horror but then getting into it. Best mainstream expansion I've seen in a while.

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Pretty basic CGI morphing effect, but they're clever enough not to linger on it for too long in each shot.  They snap by quickly enough that the flaws can easily be passed off as part of the beat distortion effect that's also affecting her.  

I do love it when ballooning women get into their own hugeness. >3>

Thanks for sharing!

Hanz Popper

She is pretty cute

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I look forward to the vid with just the expansion.

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Was not worth it to sit through that music.

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