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by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer: Naughty, inflatable themes herein.
For mature audiences only.


I froze midway into the first bite of my BLT, startled by the shout and the hand that slapped the counter next to me. A cold dread pushed down as I finished the bite, raised my head, and looked to my side. I lowered my sandwich back down to the plate as a hush fell over the lunchtime crowd.

"It's YOU, isn't it??"

"Whuf?" I tried to feign innocence with a full mouth and an open hand gesture as I looked the woman directly in the eye.

"YOU did this to me!" The redhead pulled her longcoat off of her shoulders with a jerking motion and pointed at her enormous bosom. Like a pair of big helium balloons, her boobs bouyantly jostled below her chin beneath a hugely oversized white t-shirt. "LOOK at me! I'm a FREAK!"

My gaze reluctantly lowered down to the ballooning bosom bouncing before me as I chewed once and swallowed. The bacon and the dry, toasted bread scratched as it went down. Slowly, I looked back up into her eyes and my mouth suddenly went dry.

"I can't even WALK normally, anymore!" She stepped back a pace, lifted a leg, and brought her foot up to rest on the empty stool next to me. She hopped awkwardly on her other foot as her inflated chest shifted to the side and pulled her off balance for a moment. With great effort, she reached around her ballooned breasts as they pushed upward and to the side past her arms and clumsily grabbed for her pant leg. She pulled the fabric back to reveal an ankle. Fastened around it was a big lead exercize weight. "I spent TWO DAYS floating up there before they rescued me!" She glared back at me with a furrowed brow as she pointed skyward.

"What? No! I don't know what you're talking about!" I stood, putting a stool between myself and the angry woman and backed away with hands raised as if I was being robbed.

She dropped her leg back down, waving her arms a bit as she found her balance again.

"You're right!" Behind her, another woman spoke loudly to the room and quickly stood up from her chair at the end of a booth. "WOAH!" Her feet left the floor as she began rising. The man she was with reflexively grabbed her belt and pulled her back down. Her chest, too, was inflated to a cartoonish size and it bounced and strained in her tent-like blouse that she had somehow managed to tuck into her jeans. Both of them now glared at me, too.

"It is him! I saw him on the news!" A woman at another booth pointed at me as she shouted. This one had a normal sized bust. Her two friends, however, had been affected and I have no idea how they had fit themselves into the back of the booth. One of them brought a smart phone up over and around her inflated bust and tapped on the screen. Her eyes went wide and she showed it first to the other balloon boobed woman at the booth and then to the normal sized one. They all gasped in unison and then glared at me.

It's funny how it all had worked itself out. Some were affected and some weren't. I have absolutely no idea why.

Behind me, I heard chairs moving as people stood. I looked over my shoulder to see a couple big men in construction helmets moving my way. An agitated murmur began to rise and, sensing that my well being was in jeopardy, I turned back toward the woman who had acosted me at the counter and reached into my pocket to retrieve my wallet. She was still glaring at me, too angry to speak.

Without looking down, I pulled out a couple bills and flung them at the counter as I meekly turned to look at the small busted waitress who had been serving me. She was on the edge of tears and she looked down at the front of her uniform blouse and then back up at me.

Silently, she mouthed the word "why?"

Honestly, I felt bad about her. She had always been nice to me and I could tell that being left out had upset her greatly. After today, I doubt that I'd ever see her again. So, I gave her a half-hearted shrug and began turning as I stepped toward the door.

Everybody in the diner seemed to be up and converging on me now. Reaching the door a few paces before anyone else, I exited and walked briskly across the parking lot. Again, I looked over my shoulder to see people were following me out so I broke into a run and headed for the sidewalk and then out into traffic on the busy thoroughfare.

After a few close calls and some angry drivers sounding their horns at me, I was on the other side of the street and in a full run. Ducking into an alley, I looked back to see that I had left my pursuers on the other side of the street. Still, I ran on, making a few random turns here and there in case I was still being followed. I didn't hear any sirens, so at least the cops weren't after me this time. Still, it's probably best that I pack up and move to another city, again.

"Why?" Yeah, that's a good question, alright. Look, I didn't ask for this... well... I mean... okay, I did but not like this. It was just an innocent request. I mean, if you had three wishes, wouldn't you have a little bit fun? I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt; my wording was fool-proof.

I'm telling you, genies are assholes.

Author's Note: 

Be careful what you wish for.

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