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I'm a soda fanatic. Doesn't matter what flavor, what brand; I just love the taste and texture of carbonated beverages. That, combined with my sweet tooth, and I'm always ready to enjoy a nice can of fruity flavored pop. Whilst I do have my favorites, I'll never turn down the chnace to dry a new soda.

Which is why I jumped a the opprotunity to buy the new FizzBizz drink when they finally restocked at the supermarket. They kept selling out every time they replenished their supply, so I knew they had to be good. So, I bought all fourteen cases that they had out on the shelf. It was the day after pay day, after all. I might as well. I figured I would just keep the boxes for casual sipping or offer them to guests if I didn't fall in love with the new drink. But. based on the local hype, I took the chance and bought the lot of them.

I stacked the boxes up in my kitchen and opened one of the ones on top to take a can out. It was blue and teal, with bubbles adorning the design around the brand name. I always liked it when sodas were super carbonated. The sparkling texture is one of the best parts! I hoped that they lived up to their fizzy namesake as a cracked one open. 

I brought the can to my lips and took a slow sip. It was super fizzy! It felt almost like liquid pop rocks in my mouth! And it was sweet, too! The flavor was unmistakably fruity, but in a strange, ambiguous way. I couldn't tell what fruit it was flavored with. Perhaps it was a mixture of some kind. 

I quickly fell in love with the flavor and sat at my desk to watch some videos and maybe scroll through some memes and talk to my friends online. Before I knew it, I had downed the whole can wihtout even realizing! And I am not one to chug my drinks! After a few moments, I got up to get another serving and drank that one as well. 

After the third, I felt a bit nauseous. It felt like I had to burb but it was stuck in my chest and wouldn't rise up and out. I shrugged it off. It happened sometimes when I drank soda too quickly, and since FizzBizz was so heavily carbonated, it only made sense that it would happen after so few cans. 

My stomach was a bit tense, though, so I moved to the couch and put on a nice cartoon that I could play in the background whilst I continued scrolling through messages on my phone. I licked my lips as I browsed, until the sweet, sweet taste of the soda was gone from them. Then, I got up to get another can. 

A few hours went by and I had been drinking one after another. They were just so good! I usually didn't drink this much soda in one sitting, but excused myself because of how excited I was over my new favorite. So, I brought the stack of boxes to the living room so that I wouldn't have to keep getting up to get more. 

One after another I drank them, no longer paying attention to my phone. I just mindlessly sat there and watched who knows what on the TV as I savored the fruity flavor of my new drink. Eventually, the peculiar fruity taste made me curious and so I looked at the ingredients list to see if they listed which fruits were used. Sadly, it just said "natural and artificial flavors". Since I was already reading, I looked over the rest of the can, just idly taking in all of the descriptions and nutritional facts. Until I saw a little warning written in a little, red box near the bottom of the can. 

"Do not consume more than 6 servings in one sitting. Do not participate in active activities within 3 hours of consumption. If illness occurs, remain calm and call a doctor."

I frowned at the text. It was an unusual warning for sure, but it surely wasn't anything serious. I had seen similar statements on drinks that had a lot of caffine and I have had plenty more than the reccomended amount of servings for those drinks with no ill effects. It was probably just a coution sign to legally protect them in rare cases of sickness. 

I shrugged and downed the rest of that can. When I realized that I had finished my first box, I shoved the empty cardboard aside and tore open the next one. I had already had double the supposed "limit" and I felt fine. No harm, no foul. 

My belly was a bit bloated by the time I had finished my fourth box. The soda was still fizzing slightly in my stomach and I could feel it sloshing around when I leaned over for another can. If this was the poor side effects of drinking more than reccomended, then why did they even bother? Of course you're going to fill up a bit if you drink over 50 cans of soda in one sitting. I had the next day off too, so I could afford to sink into my couch cushions a little. 

As I went through three more boxes, my stomach pushed my shirt up and revealed my belly button. I huffed a laugh and tugged my shirt back down as far as it would go once I had another can in my hand. I could feel my belly resting on my thighs and even touching the couch whenever I leaned over. It was all water - or rather soda - weight though, so I wasn't worried. 

Mt belly felt really stiff after the tenth box was empty and shoved away. I was thinking about stopping for the night but a show that I enjoyed came onto the TV so I opened up the next box. There was only four more. I might as well finish them. 

I felt so full by the end of the thirteenth box, I could barely sit forward without groaning at the effort. I really should have gone to the bathroom my now. There was so much pressure in me and it hurt to move. I needed to at least clean up the mess of cardboard and cans that I had made though, so I forced myself to stand up. 

My weight shifted as I rose, my belly weight restinf on my hips and pushing down on my thighs. Standing made me feel sick and I held my stomach as I shuffled towards the pile of trash. I didn't see a can lying close to the sofa, however, and put my foot right on it. It rolled under my weight and I fell onto my back between the couch and the coffee table. 

If I didn't feel ill before, I sure did now. All of the fizzy liquid in my belly churned and rolled in my stomach, sending a sickening burb out and through my mouth and nose. As much as I loved the taste of this drinks, the after taste was awful! I climbed back onto my feet, feeling even worse than before, and grabbed a mint from the coffee table. 

I tossed it into my mouth but accidentally threw it straight back into my throat, causing me to choke for a moment before I swallowed. 

"Uh oh," I said aloud. I felt the solid piece of mint force its way down and eventually land in the vat of soda that was my stomach. As soon as it was in, the pressure in my belly increased and my stomach surged outward, sending me forward onto my hands and knees. I panted as my belly grew, my shirt riding up my front and my backside even buldging out a bit. My belly effectively pushed me almost back up into a sitting position and I toppled back onto my feet, my insides still sizzling beneath my skin. 

"Woah," I breathed, holding my stomach the best I could. It felt awful, but also somehow really nice. I felt sick but good at the same time, like being full after a good meal. I curiously looked between the last few cans and my bowl of mints before making a decision. 

I chugged the last few cans until I had had every last drop. Then, I grabbed my bowl of mints and popped them in like pills, swallowing them whole, one by one. 

Then I waited. 

The pressure grew again as the mints reacted with the FizzBizz. My expansion spread to my thighs and my backside, both of them widening me out into a bottom heavy pear shape. My thighs really grew wide, compensating my ginormous belly as everything just got larger. I sunk into my thighs, my skin becoming taught and smooth where the fizz was concentrated the most. 

The roundness of my belly moved up my chest, causing my whole front to round out as my back only just began to catch up. I felt my butt grow wider and wider until one side was indistinguishable from the other. My arms finally started to inflate too, my biseps widening as they pushed my limbs out to my sides. 

This is nice I thought, but the growth did not stop. 

I began to panic as my lower legs too began to widen to support my spherical frame. I could no longer bend my knees and my arms were not far behind. 

Eventually my belly was so large that it pushed down passed my legs, lifting me up off the ground. I waved my arms around, trying to roll myself forward so that I could grab my phone as call for help, but the soda that was still liquid was settled in the bottom of my belly, keeping me upright. Soon, my arms completely sunk into my core, and only my fattened hands and feet stuck out in mounds. 

My cheeks puffed up as my face sunk into my body. I wiggled my fingers and toes but it did nothing to change my perdicament. 

I was stuck. 


The next day, someone banged on my door, waking me up from an oddly comfortable sleep. I thought maybe I had dreamed the noise up, until they rapped on the wood again. 

"Helmp!" I tried to say. "Come im!" 

The doorknob jiggled, but the door was locked. I sighed in defeat until I heard it move again. Soon, the lock had been picked and I could hear someone entering ym home. 

"Hello?" they called in. "I work at the market. Uh, aparently we were supposed to limit how many cases of FizzBizz each customer could buy. My boss sent me to make sure you were okay."

"Im here!" I shouted, my body just trembling slightly with the vibration of my voice. 

The cashier from the shop came into my living room and his face went white. "Oh dear."

"Helmp," I said, wiggling my fingers. "I camt move."

He stared at all of the empty boxes and cans on the floor with wide eyes. "How many did you drink!?" 

"All od dem," I said shamefully. 

"Oh geeze. You're about the fifth person this has happened to in town. But none of the others got this big! Most of them just looked a bit bloated or pregnant. You . . . you're huge!"

"Wha? Did they go back to mormal?" 

"Uhh, sort of. The ones who were just bloated easily just had to wait it out at the doctor's office. The bigger ones . . . well they haven't been able to figure out how to release all of that buildup and it hasn't been going away naturally."

I groaned. 

"Aw man," the clerk moaned. "My boss said I had to deal with your care if anything had happened, since I'm the one who sold you so many."

"Wha? Am I stuck like dis?" Dread settled in my stomach. 

"I don't know!" 


The clerk took me to the hospital after hiring some incredibly perplexed moving guys to carry me out of my house and onto the back of a truck. A few doctors puzzled over me for a few hours but they just could not figure out what it was about this soda that made the gas in the body permanent. They promised to do studies on it to work towards a cure, but for now, FizzBizz was pulled from the shelves and I was sent home with the clerk. 

He seemed incredibly bothered by having to take care of me. I felt somewhat bad, as well. After all, I had read and ignored the label and all he had done was sell me more soda than he was meant to. But, I couldn't move! I couldn't very well live on my own. 

"I guess you'll stay here."

"Really?" I asked. He had crammed me into a spare bedroom. It  was plain and barren, with only a tan bed and brown dressers. 

"Where else am I meant to put you?" 

"I dom't know!" I said. "Da liming room?"

"No way! People will see you!"

I frowned at him. "Is tha a promblem?" 

He blushed. "No. I just thought that you . . . wouldn't want to be seen."

I stopped and I thought about it. "Maybe I do wanna be seem." 

"Fine then."

He squeezed me back out the door and into one corner of the living room, situated so that I could see the TV. 


I nodded as best as I could. 

The doctors would visit sometimes to do tests, but other than that and the occasional curious guest, it was just me and the clerk. He ignored me at first, only speaking to me when he had to bring me food and water. But, eventually, we started having a nice conversation here and there. 

I was pretty vulnerable in that state. I couldn't move, could feed myself. But the clerk was able to come and care for me every day. And eventually I think he came to enjoy it. He's even sit on a pillow in front of me and use my belly as a back cushion as we watched TV together. 

After ayear, the doctors weren't sure if they would ever find a cure. 

And, ya know, I wasn't sure if I ever wanted one. 

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