Round Roommate

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Tom came into the TV room with lunch and sat down on the couch cushion that was closest to my face. I smiled at him and opened my mouth for him to feed me. 

He did this every day, multiple times a day. I couldn't exactly feed myself. My arms and legs hadn't really existed for over a year. I was essentially just a ball, resting in Tom's living room on a pile of pillows next to a potted plant. It was normal for us, though. No clothes fit me and Tom was horrible at sewing so, to keep warm and cozy, he draped warm blankets over me. 

I swallowed a good bite of the diced up sandwich he had made and asked for a drink. After he gave me a straw and I cleared my throat, he leaned in and kissed me. 

But he looked upset as he went back to the plate and he pushed the sandwich pieces around a bit as he thought.

"What's wrong?" I asked. 

He looked away and I felt more hollow than ever. "Do you ever . . . wish you were back to normal?"

"Tom, I --"

"I'm serious. It's been almost a year and a half and you've hardly moved from this spot. Don't you want to do things on your own sometimes?" 

I thought about it. This had obviously been troubling him so, I couldn't just brush him off with a joke this time. "Yeah. I guess sometimes I do."

He looked at me in shock, his eyes wide and upset.

"But I know it's not possible. And . . . I like being like this now. It's almost worth it, ya know? No, maybe it is worth it."

"You like this?"

"Of course I do, you dummy. And you're a lot of what makes that the truth!"

Tom blushed. "But, you remember what it was like before, no?"

"Yes. I do."

"You were so scared when you first realized you were stuck like this."

I laughed a little. "Yes. I was."


"I bought something."

I looked cautiously over at what Tom was holding. It was as a little wooden box with odd symbols etched into it.

"It's for inflating."

My eyebrows rose. "Oh, that?"

"Yes. It's meant to be the best of its kind!"

"Where'd you get it?"

"The old thrift store. I recognize it from my research. It's meant to really inflate people, not just their stomach, but all of them! It's meant to have magical properties."

"Oh really?" 


"How does it work?"

"I only know a little bit, but I'd like to try it on you."

"Me? You're the one who's into all this."

"Exactly. I know more about this stuff. If anything goes wrong, we want my hands free."

"Goes wrong? . . . I don't know about that."

"Listen. It's said to transform the user into the perfect ball. They used it in ancient times for royalty. They would make them big and round and pamper them. The bigger the ruler, the more impressive the kingdom. They're put their kings and queens on pedestals when visitors came to their palaces and they were worshiped like gods."

"What is it exactly?"

"It's a device all on its own."

"Great, so I have no idea what I'm putting into my mouth."

"And swallowing."


Tom nodded. "That's why it was so hard to find. No one knows how to make them and they could only be used once."

"And you're going to waste it on me?"

"Not waste it! I could hardly study it if I did it on myself."

"Tom, I don't know if we should trust this."

"Listen. It's perfectly safe. No one has ever died from it. We just don't understand the science quite yet. Or the history. But if we learn the science, we could uncover more history."

I looked at how excited Tom was at the idea. This was his life's work, his passion. I was just a cashier! Surely I could do this for him. 

"Alright. Let me get into some sweats and I'll eat your weird balloon candy."

I met Tom in the living room a few minutes later. He had set the box on the coffee table and eagerly opened it. There, inside, was what looked like a dried up date.

"That's it?"

Tom nodded enthusiastically.

I kissed him on the cheek. "I think you've been dupped."

He shoved me away with a smile. "No, this is definitely it." He picked it up with a gloved hand and held it out to me.

"Do I chew it?"

"Only of you need to. If you can, try to swallow it whole."

I nodded and took the wierd artifact and placed it on my tongue before forcing it down the throat. It went down like an ice cube you accidentally swallow. 

"How did it taste?"

"Like dust." 

The thing hit my stomach surprisingly fast and I shifted on the couch. 

"Now we wait."

"Tom, I don't know if anything is actually going to happen."

"Just give it time."

"Maybe it's expired."

We waited for a good hour, the subject changing to average gossip. Then, I felt my stomach bulge.



My stomach was pushing out against my sweatshirt, and I soon started to feel my his extend backwards as well. 

Tom just scribbled into his binder like a mad man.


My thighs widened and pushed my butt and waist out. My chest and back were filling in as well and there was a feeling of pressure all over my skin, like I had taken in a breath as deep as I could. But it just kept going. 

"Ha! This is incredible! I can't believe my eyes!" Tom cheered. 

"Tom this is . . ." My thighs and midsection widened even more, filling up and up with . . . something. Air? Magic? Whatever it was, it never stopped. My biceps swelled and pushed my arms out away from my body. My legs did something similar as my butt rounded into my back, pushing me off the couch and onto the floor. 

"Everything is so tight."

Tom seemed startled at that and, misinterpreting what I said, rushed forward to unzip my hoodie and cut the elastic on my waistband.

"Tom. I'm so big."

"I know."

All parts of my body swelled together until there were indistinguishable from one another. Even my arms and legs gradually grew into massive cones before sinking into my big, round form. 

"This is too much," I said, feeling short of breath. 

"Don't worry," he told me. " It will stop when it needs to."

My hands and feet were close to expanding into the sphere that I was. But they didn't. They sunk in slightly before stiffening out. They looked more chubby than inflated, but I could feel that they were, indeed full. I tried to form a fist, but the pressure was too tight. I could only wiggle my fingers a bit. 

My face faired the same. My neck was basically gone and my head nestled into the inflated pillow that was my body. At the very last second, my head felt airy for a moment. Then, everything stopped. 

I was huge. My body was a perfect sphere and I couldn't move. I tried, as panic sunk in, I tried to shift my weight, bend my back, anything! But nothing worked. I was immobile.

"Ah, yes," Tom recalled, "and then I celebrated and cheered whilst you had a panic attack."

I laughed. "You didn't know. And you were devastated when you realized that I was upset." 

"Yeah . . ."

"It was hard. But it worked out alright."


A few days went by and I was still a big ball in the living room.

"I'm not getting smaller," I told Tom one day.

He startled out of his writing and looked me up and down. "Sure you are."

"No," I said, a little frustrated. "I'm not."

"It's probably just slow at the start."

"I'm telling you, nothing has changed."

"Maybe it lasts a few days." 

"Tom! You should have at least found a way to reverse it before you tested it on me!"

"You can't reverse it!" Tom exclaimed, gesturing to his work books. "There was no antidote!"

I stared at him in wide eyed shock, feeling the panic creep up on me again.

He seemed to realize what he had said and suddenly started flipping through his notes. 

"Please tell me that people returned to normal."

"We always had assumed that--"


"We didn't think it would be possible to be--"

"To be what!?"


The next couple of months were rough on our relationship. But I eventually came to terms with my new form. Our lifestyle was chaotic at first, but once we found a routine that worked for out predicament, things settled down. 

"And do you know when I knew that I was happy to stay like this?"

"When?" Tom asked me. 

"It was just some random morning. You walked in and I was sat here, all vulnerable and round, and you came over and you changed the blankets, gave me a kiss, and went to make us some tea."


"Yeah. And you looked at me like I was the moon. And, as vulnerable as I am in this state, I know that I'm safe with you. And that's one of the best feelings in the world."

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That last line.

That last line was something I have said myself to a very special person.

Strange how shared experiences can be so touching.

A fun little story, good work. Thanks for sharing. :)