MegaStuft Oreos

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“MegaStuft Oreos?” Meredith asked, lowering the package. “What was wrong with the regular ones?”

“They were out!” Kayla replied with a huff. Kayla and Meredith were housemates, in their senior year in college. It was their penultimate food run for the winter, as both ladies began packing their belongings for break. Meredith frowned at the heavy package of cookies, putting them down on the table with a substantial thud. The young blonde glanced up at her housemate, eyebrow raised, as though proving a point. “They weren’t my first choice, but it was on sale.”

“Oh, on sale!” Meredith huffed.

“Meredith, dear, I need to save money,” Kayla replied sourly. “You don’t have to eat them.”

“But chocolate,” Meredith pouted.

“Then don’t complain!” Kayla said, the matter resolved. She resumed putting groceries away as Meredith grudgingly opened the pack of cookies. The chocolatey smell filled the small kitchen at once, and Kayla’s stomach gave a small growl.

“Jeez, these are heavy for such little cookies,” Meredith said, holding it up to her eye, and her housemate turned to look as well. The cookie was thicker than the Double Stuffed, by a lot. It was almost twice as big, all of it the cream. Eyebrow raised, Meredith turned to meet Kayla’s eye. “Glad you brought me dinner.”

“Oh shut up and study,” Kayla said, a little sourly. With a sniff, her slim housemate took her one cookie and disappeared into her room. Rolling her eyes, Kayla grabbed the package and brought them with her as she moved around the kitchen, putting groceries away. Her loose flannel shirt snapped and she danced herself around the house, cleaning and doing some packing. Absently she ate a couple cookies, not truly paying any attention. In reality, she was just ready to get home for the break. Many people had checked out already. The warm house began to catch up with her as her forehead grew a little sweaty. Taking a bite of her fifth Oreo, she went to remove her decorative flannel shirt when her arm grazed her belly. It took a double-take for her to understand what she had just felt. Kayla brushed her bright red hair back from her forehead, as though it was obscuring her vision. Half of the fifth cookie dropped from her slackened grip and bounced off of her bulging stomach.

“Oh my god!” She squealed, reaching down and grabbing her belly. Kayla was about average weight, which meant a little fat where she didn’t want it. But something had gone horribly wrong. Now, each hand was filled with an abundance of her own belly fat, and it did not seem to want to withdraw. Her tank top had ridden up a bit, making her look like she sported a large beer belly. Gasping in horror, she let go of her abnormally pale belly and put her hands on her hips.

“Oh man, it’s there, too,” she muttered, running her hands down her now thicker legs. With sounds of straining elastic, her slight thigh gap vanished like three flabby continents crashing together. Her yoga pants had gone from helping her legs and hips retain their feminine form to going along for the ride as she expanded. Her already large butt was almost tied with her belly in size. Grimacing, she took a laborious step forward. “I’m so heavy…” Her legs felt stiff and didn’t want to move naturally. She felt like she was playing mummy, doing the exaggerated stiff walk. Only it wasn’t playing.

With a loud groan, her stomach bulged out again, doubling in size. The sudden burst of weight pitched her forward. Her thin arms waved uselessly as her hugely fat body pulled her to the ground. Luckily, they had removed the coffee table and moved the furniture, so she didn’t crush anything.  Grunting, she rocked back and forth for a moment on her enormous gut.  Behind her, fat legs wobbled uselessly. Kayla’s face floated a couple feet from the ground. “Holy cow,” she muttered. Her head sank a bit into her swollen torso. Stiffness crawled down her arms. Her small, thin fingers puffed up like a series of mini marshmallows, her arms huge from her wrist up. She couldn’t see well, but her arms looked almost conical, ending with her plump hands. Even her cheeks swelled a bit, widening her face.

A scream came from somewhere else in the house, and Kayla panicked. What would they do if both of them got this huge? “Yes, dear?” She asked, trying to keep her voice calm.

“I have a bone to pick with you!” Meredith replied angrily, and the floor creaked loudly as she approached. “Look what your stupid cookie did!” The blonde came around the corner and gestured at herself, not quite seeing her roommate’s predicament. Despite the situation, Kayla snickered a bit. Meredith had been in the final stages of changing for a date when her cookie attacked. Her thin face puffed up the tiniest bit- anyone who didn’t know her wouldn’t have noticed, but her cheeks and chin looked bigger than usual. Her white turtleneck stretched easily over Meredith’s now monstrous spare tire, but her favorite vest wasn’t so lucky. All but one of the buttons had popped off from bottom to top, the round belly sticking defiantly out. Her belt had broken, yet the rest remained in her strained belt loops. Her hips, butt, and thighs were huge, and Kayla had to wonder how she squeezed out of her bedroom doorway. Yet her arms, long neck, and legs from the knees down looked fine. Meredith’s eyes blazed for a split second before she finally caught up to Kayla. “Oh my god!”

“Yeah, I already know,” Kayla said, giving as much of her bloated body a shake as she could. Meredith walked up to her, her slim hands reaching out in shock.

“I’m so glad I just had one!” She marveled. “How many did you have?”

“Four and a half,” Kayla muttered. Meredith crossed her arms, setting them on her distended belly, and cocked her enormous hip. “What? I wasn’t paying attention.” Grunting with difficulty, Meredith squatted like a pregnant giraffe and picked up the half-eaten cookie. “So, now what do we do?”

“You could have the rest of yours,” Meredith said, approaching her housemate. Kayla looked startled, giving her vast body another shake.

“Don’t you think I feel bad enough? You want me to take up even more space? Or pop?”

“Eww,” Meredith said, looking a little disgusted at the last suggestion.

“Well thanks.”

“No, you don’t need to feel worse,” Meredith said. “I think you feel bad enough as it is.” Meredith actually sounded sorrowful here. Not that she was an apathetic type, she tended to be a little more self-absorbed than others. At heart, she was a good, kind person.

“We could pitch it,” Kayla suggested.

“But… chocolate…” Meredith said, looking at the cookie half left. Before Kayla could say anything, the now-stout blonde ate the rest. With a groan, Meredith’s belly puffed out in all directions, making her look at least twenty months pregnant. The upper half of her body smoothed out, her rolls and folds bulging. The final vest button gave up as Meredith’s already sizeable breasts decided to join the fray. Her upper arms plumped up a tiny bit, and her cheeks looked like she had a mouthful of water. From her waist up, she looked like the top half of an enormous egg. Her hips and butt were vast, about the width of the sofa. Her thighs had reached elephantine proportions. Below, her little calves inflated like balloons. With a crash that shook the house, Meredith stumbled backwards, falling on her huge butt. As was the story with women’s thighs, Meredith’s flattened out, taking up a large portion of the floor. Now, Meredith’s torso was an egg, partially obscured by the blue denim nest of her hindquarters.

“Not your finest choice, hon,” Kayla said gently. Eyes wide, Meredith ran her tiny hands up and down her miraculous turtleneck. “So, here we are. Now what do we do?”

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