Cadbury Cream Disaster

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It was Easter, and Kelli was glad to get home. She went to church with her girlfriend’s family that morning, had a nice, big lunch, and now came home to relax. Lazily, she changed out of her sundress and into an oversized t-shirt and pink yoga pants. Despite her slight food baby at this moment, Kelli boasted a slim form with only hints at feminine curves. Frankly, she liked it better that way. Gathering her long, wavy black hair into a ponytail, she grabbed a Cadbury Creme Egg and flopped onto her couch.

Cadbury Creme Eggs were her favorite chocolate. Every year, her Easter basket featured them in prominence. This year, she got a surprise. Cadbury used to have two sizes- the regular, and a dozen carton of little ones. The one she held now was a little bigger than the regular, much heavier, and had a bright yellow “XL” on the foil. Eagerly she unwrapped it, bit off the top, and began licking the creme out.

With her free hand, she turned on her TV and Roku, flipping absently through the channels. After several minutes of licking the egg, she paused, looking into the chocolate shell. It was strange. She thought she’d been getting a good amount of the signature creme, but there it sat, threatening to slowly ooze out. With a shrug, she went back to work, her tongue scooping out large amounts of cream at a time.

Twenty minutes passed, and still the egg did not empty. With a frown, Kelli pulled the egg away from her mouth and looked at it suspiciously. It felt like she could have gone through two or three of the regular eggs, yet this one looked like she’d just opened it.

“Living up to its name,” she muttered. As she reached for her phone her hand brushed her stomach. “Ugh, still there?” Her soft belly still bulged from dinner. Putting the egg down, she poked her belly. It wasn’t as turgid and food-filled as she anticipated. In fact, her finger sank a bit.

In shock, she jumped to her feet. When she landed, her heart skipped. Her once-slim belly now hung over the waistband of her yoga pants. She looked a couple months pregnant. As though to comfort herself, her hands traveled up to her bosom, and again she gasped. Small breasts had swollen, slightly larger than softballs. Her thighs rubbed and she looked down. The pink material stretched as her legs bulged out. The slim woman had gone from almost stick-like to extra curvy.

“Oh my god,” she whispered, looking down at herself. Her hands traveled to her butt, which had also grown. Each cheek felt like a fleshy volleyball. “I’m so fat… This isn’t possible!” Kelli took a couple waddling steps forward, the floor creaking insultingly loudly under her feet. She felt so heavy. Gasping again, she looked at the egg sitting on her side table. Slowly, she approached it as if it threatened to bite her. Hand shaking slightly, she grabbed it. She furrowed her brow in concentration, as though defusing a bomb. With her free hand, she stuck a finger into the egg, pulling out a big glob of the egg yolk-colored crème. Silently praying she was wrong, Kelli stuck her finger in her mouth, cleaning it. Then she looked at the egg. As though it was refilling itself, crème bubbled up the middle until it looked good as new. Heart pounding, Kelli took a couple ponderous steps backwards.

Like a slowly filling balloon, Kelli’s belly pushed outward. Her newly acquired love handles spread out, giving her a vast muffin top. Everything below her waist continued to swell as well, her butt huge, hips wide, thighs pushing her legs into a wide stance. After a while, the swelling stopped. Lips pouting slightly, Kelli ran her thin hands over her bloated form. Everywhere she touched felt squishy, much squishier than fat.  Her tiny feet had vanished from view under her enormous belly.

“This is so awful…” She muttered, turning. Her oversized shirt long ago lost the battle against her billowing torso.  Now, it only covered her volleyball-sized boobs. Looking down herself as far as she could turn her head, all she saw was pale skin, the t-shirt reduced to a strip of black over her vast chest. “Should I call someone? Who would I call?” Any emergency service was out of the question. Would she even fit in an ambulance? She wouldn’t even fit through the front door. Taking a couple waddling steps forward that made her vast body jiggle, she quickly determined the doors were too narrow.

“Maybe if I turn sideways…?” She thought out loud. But that didn’t work, either. Her gut and butt teamed up, making her far too thick to even think about it. Disappointed, she waddled back to the middle of the living room. In the sliding glass door, she caught sight of her reflection and moaned in despair. Her skinny face was pale with horror, her arms and feet the remaining tiny parts. In-between, she had blown up, much like a ball. Then she stared past herself. “Outside! I can still go outside!” Grabbing her phone in one hand and the egg with the other, she waddled up to the door, her belly meeting it a couple feet from the rest of her. With a couple thoroughly unattractive grunts, she leaned forward, hoping her belly would give way to her urgency. Alas, it refused. Muttering at herself, she rotated so she could actually reach the handle. Her wide hips made the reach difficult, but she did it, sliding the door open. Then she rotated the opposite direction.

“Here goes,” she murmured, taking the first step through the door. Halfway through, she realized she wasn’t moving. Her little feet pulled uselessly on the porch, her scrawny arms pushing with all their might. But her vast bubblegum-colored butt was stuck fast. “Dammit!” She cried, readying her phone to text her girlfriend. The egg caught her eye.

“This is not a good idea,” she said, staring at the egg. So far, it had brought her only misery. Now, with her titanic ass stuck in a door, she envisioned growing, remaining stuck, and bursting into a pile of marshmallowy fluff. She gasped a little bit at the thought of the stupid, cartoonish death. But, she wouldn’t be stuck or blown up anymore. Wishing good-bye to everyone, she put the egg in her mouth, chewing it twice, and gulping. Her hands clenched into fists and she squeezed her eyes shut, preparing to explode.

With an enormous crash, her butt tripled in size, tearing through the glass door and wall as if they were paper. The sudden change in size and abrupt freedom sent her stumbling forward. She took two wide steps, then pitched forward. Expecting to fall on her face, she gave a terrified shriek. But instead of falling, she gently rolled onto her vast belly, the sound similar to the mooshing steps the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man took. A moment later, she realized that her head hadn’t changed its height. The gut she laid on boosted her up the five feet seven inches she was used to. She couldn’t imagine how much further up she went. Or out, she thought, looking left and right, seeing pale skin stretched in every direction. Her hair brushed against her fat shoulders, and she remembered the phone.

With difficulty, she bent her arms, realizing they were no longer slim. They resembled the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man’s, puffy and thick, with rolls that stiffened them almost beyond use. Her fingers, too, felt difficult to work as she frantically typed, “Help me!” to her girlfriend. Then, with a heavy groan, she relaxed, letting her arms and head dangle. Her chin sank a bit into her fat neck, and her arms stuck out, a pair of turkey legs with hands.

“How soothing,” she muttered into her chest. Then, sending a jiggle throughout her bloated form, her phone vibrated. Eagerly, she lifted it to see the message.

“Help with what, babe?” Her girlfriend asked.

Oh jeez,she thought frantically. What do I say? She won’t believe this.She caught sight of her face reflected on the phone, sunk a little into her vast, pale form, and she groaned. But there is no other way, is there?Mustering her courage, she toggled the camera on and activated the front side. There, she met the vision of her own face, resolutely skinny, save for her weirdly large lips. Her dark hair plastered to her body in a semi-circle, her ruined black shirt framing her bust. That alone filled the screen, the moonlight giving her skin a glow that emphasized her globular shape. Grinning sheepishly, she snapped the picture and sent it to her.

What if she doesn’t love me anymore because I’m so fat? She thought. Then she burst into uncontrollable, frenzied laughter. I’m a big girl, I don’t need her,she added, only fueling her snickers. I’m the biggestgirl. And the sweetest, probably.Before she could think of anymore stupid jokes, a gasp caught her attention, and the last person she hoped to see, Bri, appeared from behind her.

“What are you doing here?” She said, her chin tapping her chest as she spoke.

“I saw a bright, pink, hot air balloon in your backyard, and came to see,” The stout yet pretty girl said with a sneer. The thick girl was dressed in a flowy, black blouse and black skinny jeans that emphasized her curves. Bri had a habit of tormenting her classmates for no reason. Kelli never really had a problem with her until she started dating the girl Bri was crushing on. She legitimately had no idea, but it was too late. Now the bell-shaped girl prowled around Kelli’s vast form, poking and prodding. “You’re so big!” She said, pushing her blonde hair from her face. “You didn’t pop. I’m kind of disappointed.”

Kelli almost said, “Same,” but hearing that a former sort-of friend had just blown her up like a marshmallow balloon made her swallow the word. “Why did you do this to me?”

“I was hoping you’d blow,” Bri said, stepping up to Kelli’ blobby, helpless form. “A big, creamy explosion, then Denise would be mine. Maybe this would be better, though. You’re so big and fat. She won’t want you.”

“But she’ll know the truth,” Kelli said desperately. “She’ll know you did this to me.”

“I doubt it’ll make a difference,” Bri sniffed. “So what? Even if she doesn’t want me after this, you won’t have her either. I still win.”

“I’m bigger,” Kelli whispered.

“What?” Bri asked.

“I am so much bigger than you,” Kelli repeated, either confidence or desperation making her voice stronger. “I mean, as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been unapologetically fat. Wielding it like a weapon. So confident! I’ve always wished I could have that same kind of confidence. I don’t have the strength to do it like you. But now! Now you’re so small.”

Bri clenched her fists, and Kelli swallowed hard. In her mind’s eye, she saw her rival leap across the yard, sinking her keys, her nails, something sharp into her taut, bloated gut, and everything ended in a burst like the end of Ghostbusters.But it didn’t happen. Instead, Bri reached into her purse and pulled out another egg.

“Well, I can’t let you win, can I?” Bri snapped. Hands shaking, she unwrapped the foil, popped the whole egg into her mouth, chewed twice, and swallowed. “I was saving that, in case you didn’t explode.”

Kelli sighed in relief as Bri abruptly doubled in size. Her wide hips jumped out a couple feet in all directions, her breasts and gut blossoming. With a groan, Bri’s fattening arms felt around her plushy body. Every second she grew, her body quickly losing definition as a human shape. Her clothes held on much better than Kelli’s. After a few minutes, Bri had swollen to almost Kelli’s size, a vast, black balloon. Bri’s face had reached the same level as Kelli’s, still just as defiantly thin. The once-slim girl now had an idea of what she looked like, with some differences. Bri’s chubby arms had been swallowed by her enormous body. Her head seemed on the verge of disappearing. Kelli noted unhappily that Bri’s clothing had stretched right along her. Yet after a moment, she realized Bri’s head had risen, her field of vision black. Right in the middle was Bri’s triumphant face and her squashed cleavage.

“You’re so small, as usual,” Bri bragged, grinning.

“I know, I’m the worst,” Kelli said tentatively. Bri had gotten almost incomprehensibly giant, her body getting closer and closer to her face. The still swelling girl laughed twice, then froze, her face spasming.

“You bitch…” she muttered. Her hands had balled into fists, and her face looked strained, as though she was battling constipation. Kelli opened her mouth to ask what was wrong.

With a muffled boom, Bri exploded. Gasping at the sudden mouthful of Cadbury cream, Kelli sputtered and spat, her vision impeded with white. Her fat arms spun like chubby windmills, frantically scraping every little bit of cream from her face. Sobbing at the explosion of an acquaintance right in her face, Kelli swallowed, feeling sweetness in her mouth. Oh God,she thought in terror. What if I’m next? Destined to be a big puddle of cream in my backyard?With a distant rumble of what she assumed to be her stomach, Kelli froze. This is it… I’m gonna explode… Like poor Bri…Even though she expected it, she still squeaked as her head began to rise.

There really can’t be much room left,she thought. When Bri had gotten this big, her skin was taut, stretched to its very limit. She tried to move her arms, feel how much give she might have left, and realized they were gone. At the edges of her peripheral vision, two softball-shaped hands stood out against the hemisphere of her body, bratwurst-like fingers wiggling feebly. Sweetness filled her mouth: not as tangible as the cream, but constant taste. No matter how many times she swallowed it away, it came right back. Her cheeks billowed out, like a chipmunk saving food for later.

An overwhelming pressure hit her all at once. Tightness struck every inch of her body, and there was so much of that now. This is why she called me a bitch,Kelli thought miserably. She felt the end coming. I wish it would just happen, and not feel so bad. Thick, syrupy tears ran down from her eyes, and she laughed in spite of her fate. I’m the sweetest. Just like I thought.She squeezed her eyes closed, bending her fat hands as much as she could. Good-bye, everyone. I’m so sorry, Bri…

“Kelli?” A gentle voice said. Something warm touched her enormous hand, and Kelli screamed as though stabbed. Her eyes snapped open and looked around. I didn’t pop! I’m still here! But then, what…She turned her head as far as she could, and Denise stepped into view. Denise was sort of the gray area between Kelli and Bri. Thin, yet curvy in her bosom and hips. Brown hair cascaded down her slim shoulders. She too had ditched her sun dress for yoga pants and a tank top. Her large, brown eyes shone in the night. She stood almost five-and-a-half feet tall, looking up at her vast girlfriend.

“What happened to you?” She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed a lawn chair, dragged it over to right in front of Kelli, and clambered onto it. It added a foot to her height, but she was still too short to meet Kelli’s eyes. “Are you okay?” Once again refusing to wait for a response, she stood on her tiptoes. Before the vast girl could warn her partner, Denise kissed her. It felt so good, Kelli closed her eyes and kissed back for several seconds before regaining her wits.

“Stop!” She said into Denise’s mouth. Confused, Denise took a step back, her eyes worried.

“You taste sweet,” she said, smacking her lips. “Why do- oh, my…” Denise took a surprised step backward, falling from the chair. Luckily, she had a large amount of cushion to break her fall. Her already generous rump had swollen, flattening out as she hit the ground. Her slightly chubby belly now stuck out, round and full. Standing up with effort, Denise inspected herself in shock, poking her expanded curves. “What happened?”

“Bri gave me this Cadbury Crème Egg, and, well…” Kelli said, glancing at herself. “It blew me up like this. She was here, and exploded.” She nodded at the marshmallowy crater behind Denise. The shocked girl turned and looked.

“She ate an egg too?”

“It was her or me!” Kelli said, panicked. “I tricked her into eating it, and she exploded! I didn’t want her to!”

“It’s ok, babe!” Denise said, waddling over and trying to calm her vast girlfriend down. “I’m glad you didn’t pop.”

“Me too,” Kelli said. “I was so afraid I wouldn’t see you again.”

“We have to get you… somewhere,” Denise said, looking around. “At least you’re round. You’ll probably roll.” She glanced down at her bulging belly and thick legs, flaring hips, and huge butt. Then she glanced back up at Kelli, biting her lip. “Now give me another kiss. You taste great.

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