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When Alice got the text from her boyfriend after practice, she knew something was up. Alice was a tall, thin girl, the only sophomore on the varsity basketball team. It helped that she was taller than some of the seniors. Sure, she loomed almost a foot and a half over her boyfriend Alex, but it didn’t bother them. Long, wavy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, she gathered up her gear and made her way to the park that Alex had designated.

The park was quite out of the way, less than a mile from town, but more than two from campus. She pulled her car up next to Alex’s truck in the parking lot. It was late at night, when she knew Alex had chemistry lab early in the morning, so it was weird that he’d want to meet here and now. With a sigh, she got out of the car and began walking the trail, holding her phone in her hand in case he texted again. With a shout, Alex jumped out of the bushes and threw a bucket of liquid on her.

“What the what??” She shouted. Alex smiled broadly as Alice stared aghast at the liquid dripping off of her body. “What is this?” The viscous liquid coated her from the neck down to her feet, with none getting on her arms or head. It looked kind of like sticky tack, but it wasn’t as disgustingly gluey feeling. Which was fortunate, because it was all over her. It dried quickly, too, or so she thought. Alex frowned slightly.

“That seems a little disappointing,” he said.  Alice shook her head and looked down at her boyfriend.

“Give me a little warning next time, won’t you?” she said, grumpy, but recovering. He took her hand and lead her off of the trail, into the nearest clearing. “You never replied. What was that?”

“Something I was experimenting with in the chem lab,” Alex replied, pulling a bicycle pump from his book bag. “Would you indulge me?” Alice took the hose and looked at it as though it were a snake. “Stick the end in your mouth.”

“You better be glad I’m your girlfriend,” Alice said with a sigh. She put it in her mouth and cocked her leg, holding out her hands in a “ta-da” fashion. Alex pushed the handle on the pump a few times. Besides inhaling a few extra breaths of air, nothing really happened. Frowning, Alex pumped for a few more minutes. Alice put her hands on her hips and then screamed, spitting the hose out.

Her hips were rounder, flaring out bit.  She already had a bit of a pear shape, but this only exaggerated it. A breeze chilled her belly, and she realized her hips had pushed her shirt out of the way. Her strong thighs were plumper as well, thick and rubbing together. Alex looked delighted.

“It worked!” He cried.

“It worked?” Alice repeated in shock. Her hands nervously explored her lower region and discovered her butt, too, had swollen. It was like the time her sorority sisters stuck balloons down the back of her sweatpants as a joke. “This is what you wanted to do?” Nodding fervently, Alex knelt and retrieved the hose, holding it out. “No! You lied to me! You didn’t tell me this is what you planned on doing. I’m getting out while I look relatively normal.” She turned and took a couple steps, already noticing a waddle in her gait, and audible squeaking from her thighs.

“Alice, please come back,” Alex pleaded. “Let me see how far it’ll go, then I’ll find a way to reverse it!”

“Let me get this straight,” Alice snapped, turning. “First, you’d risk popping me or something just to see if your weird experiment worked? And second, you threw this junk all over your girlfriend without thinking of a back-up plan?”

“I was eager,” Alex mumbled.

“Oh my God,” Alice sighed.

“You look good like this,” Alex added helpfully.

“Gross, no I don’t,” Alice replied. “You really think so?” When Alex nodded fervently, Alice sighed again.

“Alright, fine. I’ll help you. But we go nowhere close to popping, and you give me some kind of heads up before you go all rogue chemist again, ok?” She waddled forward and took the hose, kissing Alex as she did so. Alex took a deep breath and, as they kissed blew into her mouth. It was a little exhilarating, Alice admitted. Air rushed into her, bypassing her lungs and flowing elsewhere. Her butt and thighs swelled bigger, hips widening, forcing her to adopt a wide stance. Some of it even located her delicate belly, pushing it out. With a gasp, Alex broke away first. Alice looked down, marveling at herself. Her hands rubbed over her belly that looked like she was six months pregnant. It gave a rubbery squeak in response.

“So, you turned me into a balloon,” Alice said, her hands on her swollen thighs. “Any particular reason?” Alex opened his mouth to explain, then proffered the hose. “Fine.” Alice stuck the end in her mouth.

Alex pumped furiously for a few minutes. This time, all the air gathered in her belly, her flesh stretching to accommodate a yoga ball. The hem of her basketball shorts and her tank top accompanied it. After a few more minutes, she took the hose out.

“Well, this is going great, I guess,” Alice said flatly, massaging her squeaky, rubbery belly. “But you never answered my question. Why are you doing this? And saying I look hot like this is weird. Flattering, but weird.”

“It was a dare,” Alex admitted. “Between a bunch of us in chem lab. We dared each other to invent the strangest chemical mixture.”

“It doesn’t get much stranger,” Alice muttered. “So here I am. Freakishly inflated. Can we stop?”

“Stop?” Alex said sadly, and Alice rolled her eyes.

“Come on! I’m on basketball scholarship! I can’t play if I don’t fit on the court.”

“I told you I’d fix it!”

“But you can’t! Not right away!” Alice was brokenhearted. She loved Alex, but this was way too much. “I need to go.”

“No, wait!” Alex cried. He clapped his hands on either side of her belly and pushed. Her butt and thighs exploded outward as all the air was pushed into them. Her butt was a pair of beach balls, her thighs great, fleshy cones. Her thin, toned stomach had returned, but at the very abrupt cost of her ability to walk. She waddled two tiny steps forward before collapsing.

“Dammit, Alex!”

“Look, I’m really sorry,” Alex said, panicked. “But you promised me you’d help.”

Alice was just as angry at herself as she was Alex. She had promised, there was no denying that, even though there was no cure. Even though her legs were stiff with air, she rolled over, swinging a gigantic leg to the other side. With Alex’s help, she sat up. She looked like her body ended at the waist and merged with an air mattress. Tiny, athletic-shoed feet waved in the distance.

“Alright,” she said with a sigh. “You’re right. I promised.” Smiling a lot less broadly now, yet still smiling, he helped her to her feet. “Surely there is a somewhat faster way to do this. I just want to get it over with.”

“I can control it better with the pump,” Alex said, looking up to Alice’s face. “But you’re right. This will take all night. Wait, I have an idea.”

“Oh great, an idea,” she muttered as Alex helped her up.  Thighs squeaking loudly, she waddled her way after him.  “Hey, I have an idea.  Next time, how about you blow yourself up?  I might enjoy that one more.”  Alex didn’t say anything.  He’s probably embarrassed,Alice realized. She would have felt guilty if she didn’t have damn air sausages for legs.  They came up to his truck, and Alice stopped several feet away.  Alex opened the door and pulled out a small, mechanical pump.  “Oh of course,” Alice sighed.  “Perfect.”

Alex unfurled the hose, and Alice resignedly held out her hand.  Shaking his head, Alex reached toward her thin stomach.

“Whoa!  What are you doing?” She cried, trying and failing to take a step back.  She couldn’t move, and Alex slid the needle in her belly button.  Alice prepared to cry out in pain, but she didn’t feel any.  “I guess that doesn’t suck…”  Alex motioned that she stay there, then dashed over to the car and jumped into the driver seat.

The motor roared to life, and Alice felt the crisp night air filling her body.  Her modest chest began to swell, pushing her tank top to the limits of decency.  From softballs to basketballs they grew, then onto beach balls.  Her own cleavage threatened to block her vision.  Then they stopped filling and her stomach took up the call.  It swelled again, from pregnant-looking, to hugely fat, to unnatural.  Grinning broadly, Alex pulled out his phone and started narrating his accomplishment, beginning to make laps around her growing girlfriend.  She ran her hands down her vast body.  Her belly had become her largest feature, the sphere devouring more and more of her human shape.  She had no discernible waist, her legs fusing with her giant ball belly. That is, until the sphere of her sucked them in.  Her crotch hit the ground, but before she could blush in embarrassment, she pitched forward onto her inflated stomach.  Even though she lay on her belly, her head was about the same height as usual, and growing taller.

God, I feel so full, she thought.  Her tiny arms waved uselessly, unable to feel much past her huge boobs. All she could see was her cleavage, two hot air balloons pressed together in her stretched tank top.  She probably dwarfed a real hot air balloon at this point.

“Alex?” She called, her voice a little strained.

“I’m here,” he said from under the shelter of her behemoth chest.  “This video is great!  I’ll win the challenge for sure!”

“Yeah, great,” Alice murmured.  “And what do I win?”  She felt tiny fingers under her stomach and wriggled at the tickling.

“Uh, baby?” Alex called up.  “We have a problem.”   Fear filled Alice.  He didn’t need to state the problem.  When she had rolled forward onto her stomach, she had completely covered the needle and, judging by the distant discomfort in her side, the pump.  “I can’t turn off the air!”

“Last time I help you with science,” Alice said desperately.  The pressure inside her was immense.  Alex took a couple steps back until he reappeared in Alice’s field of vision. “Isn’t there any way you can help me?”

“No,” Alex said.  “You’re so heavy, and part of you is on the car.”  Alice sighed, yet that was not nearly enough to express her dismay and horror.  Here she was, the size of a spherical house, growing bigger, and without a way of stopping. At least the concoction allowed her clothes to grow with her.  She was pretty sure half the town could look out their windows and see her, a bubble in workout clothes, growing over the park.  Suddenly, somewhere inside her, she felt weird sensation.

“Oh,” she gasped, and popped.  The resulting boom sent Alex flying backward, flipped the car, and broke windows in at least a mile radius.  Groaning, Alex sat up.  Little bits of shredded cloth and girlfriend floated down from the sky.

“Oh my god,” he sobbed.  “I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean for this to happen!”

“C’mere and say that to my face,” said a dazed-sounding voice not too far from him.  Shocked, he followed the voice.  Laying in a nest of her long, golden hair was Alice’s head.  Her brow furrowed at the sight of him.

“You’re alive!” he cried, picking her head up tenderly. Her blue eyes looked around, ascertaining the absence of her body.

“Yeah, I am,” she replied.  “So now what, genius?”

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