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When Amelia and Samantha got the text from Rachel, they were a little confused. It was the middle of the night, approaching finals week. The two girls had been studying with Rachel only hours ago. Now, she was asking to see them at her rented apartment across town. The roommates shrugged and responded, “Yeah, we’ll be there soon.”

“Wear comfy clothes,” Rachel responded. “And don’t be shocked when you get here.”

“Shocked?” Amelia asked, both texting the question and asking Sam. With another shrug, Sam put her red hair up in a messy bun, leaving her oversized flannel shirt and yoga pants on. Amelia changed back into her tank top and sweatpants, then the pair headed out. Rachel only texted them a winking face and nothing more. Sam and Amelia left the dorm, hopped into Amelia’s car, and drove across town.

Rachel rented the basement of a house owned by out-of-towners who used it as a summer home. The house was a three bedroom, two bath, with the very spacious basement devoted to Rachel and her living needs. The two girls got our of the car, circled to the back of the building where the basement door was, and knocked. At once, it flew open, and a short girl met them.

“Hey you guys!” The tiny girl said, and Sam and Amelia stared, shocked. Rachel, a volleyball player on scholarship, looked up at them, beaming. Amelia used to be the shortest, thanks to her Asian descent, but now she loomed over her best friend. “Told you not to be shocked.”

“We expected something…” Sam said, unsure what to say.

“This is the least of it,” Rachel replied cheerily. It looked kind of like the girl had been subjected to a hydraulic press. She stood almost four feet high, her excess mass bulging out, making her tremendously thick. From behind her back, she pulled a spray bottle and, before Sam or Amelia could protest, she hosed them down, head to foot.

“What are you doing?” Amelia sputtered. The mystery substance dried quickly.

“Getting you ladies ready,” Rachel said excitedly. “Hopefully, what I sprayed you with will prevent any harm coming to you.” Pulling them into the basement, she closed the door and lead the way to her room. In the center of the vast basement sat a cluster of shot glasses. All of them had liquid, all different colors. “I thought, with finals coming up and all, we could play a game. As you can see, I got started without you.”

“A drinking game?” Amelia said dubiously, looking at the glasses. "But it's almost finals. We need to study."

“Don't worry your little head, it’s a bit more than that,” Rachel explained. “All of those glasses are filled with a special potion. They have different effects, like you see here.” She held her arms out, indicating her short, thick body. “They’re scary and silly, and none of them will hurt you or last forever. Interested?”

Sam and Amelia glanced at one another.

“Why not?” Sam said, smiling.

“Yeah, we can play for a bit,” Amelia added. They followed Rachel over to the drinks. “So who goes first?”

“Tallest to shortest,” Rachel said with a wink.

“Cheater,” Sam groaned, but she knelt to select her drink. After a moment, she pulled one from the cluster and drank it. With a pop, her hair changed from red to a cobalt blue, with black streaks. It took her a moment to realize something changed. Amelia openly fiddled with her own hair before Sam noticed. “Cool…” she said, pulling the cobalt locks from the messy bun.

“Me next?” Amelia asked.

“Yep!” Rachel said. Amelia picked out her drink and swallowed it in a gulp. Something fizzed in her stomach, spreading out to her arms and legs. Amelia looked down to see her once-slim belly now sticking out from under her tank top.

“Oh my God!” She protested, but she wasn’t done. Her thighs and calves grew too, her baggy sweats tightening around her flesh. Her chest jumped out and upper arms swelled. Hands clapped to her face in horror, she felt her cheeks puff up, a double chin finishing off the change. In moments, she had gained almost a hundred pounds. Tears filled her eyes. “I swear to God, Rach, if this is permanent…”

“Come on, man,” Rachel said, walking up to Amelia and nudging her newly acquired muffin top. “I’m on scholarship. Think I’d still be on the team if I showed up to practice like this?”

“I guess,” Amelia said, crossing her chubby arms and pouting a bit.

“If big is what you’re worried about, this is nothing,” Rachel said, grinning. Someone knocked on the door, and Amelia’s face fell.

“I thought it was just going to be us!” She cried, trying to shield as much of her clothed body as possible. “I’m going to be so embarrassed!”

“Calm down!” Rachel said soothingly, making her way to the basement door. “It’s Carmen.” In their close circle of friends, Carmen rounded out their quartet. She stood about a head taller than Amelia, and outweighed her by almost a hundred pounds, even now. The young woman looked like a vast pear, the majority of her considerable weight in her hips, butt, and legs.

“You got started without me!” Carmen said, mock-scandalized as Rachel met her at the door. She had just come from work, dressed in a light-blue blouse and black slacks, fastened below her belly by a thick belt. Just as she had done with Sam and Amelia, Rachel spritzed the big girl with her spray bottle. Carmen's large, pretty eyes surveyed the basement. “Aye, Amelia, baby, you like me as a chica. And Sam, I love your hair.”

"Thanks?" Amelia said bemusedly, glancing at her hips.

“I do too," Sam said, beaming. "We’ve played a round, too."

“So I’m in time for my turn!” Carmen said with a grin. She sashayed her way to the cluster of shot glasses, examining them closely.

“Tick tock, dear,” Rachel said. “Sam and Amelia think they want to study tonight.”

“That’s cute,” Carmen agreed. Daintily, she reached out and picked up a glass, draining it with a grimace. Clothes groaning, Carmen swelled, wider in the middle. Her belly poked out of the stretched buttons, shining like a brown balloon. Her stance widened her thighs swelled, each one now bigger around than fat Amelia. The biggest change was her already vast butt and flared hips. With some difficulty, her slacks contained the medicine ball-sized butt cheeks. Samantha marveled- at her widest point, the girl had to be six feet around, at least! Then, as an afterthought, her feet left the ground and she floated in place. Her little sneakered feet wiggled in delight.

“This is so cool!” She gushed, hands on her face.

“Glad it was you,” Samantha admitted, striding up to the vast, floating woman and putting a hand gingerly on Carmen's thick thigh.

“Dude, you wouldn’t care about your size if it meant feeling like this,” Carmen said blissfully as she waved her now laughably tiny arms as though trying to swim through the air. “We’ve gone all the way around. Rachel’s turn?”

“Nope!” Rachel said. “New turn order! Heaviest to lightest!”

“Rude!” Amelia snapped.

“Oh come on, it’s fun!” Sam said.

“Fine,” Amelia said with a roll of her eyes. “It kind of is.” The Asian girl waddled to the drinks, selecting one with her chubby little fingers. With a gulp, she swallowed the shot. After several long moments of silence, nothing happened. “What did this one- oh my God!” Amelia broke the silence with a high-pitched voice, as though she had inhaled helium. The other girls laughed at Amelia’s chipmunk voice, causing her to laugh even harder.

“Alright, confession time,” Rachel said to Sam as soon as they had stopped laughing. “I’m 158 pounds. You, Sammy?”

“125,” Samantha said proudly, indicating her toned stomach. Confidently, she strode over to the glasses, drank hers, and backed up. Immediately, her toned belly swelled out, almost perfectly round, stretching the front of her flannel shirt. The button over her belly button popped off, exposing her black cami. It looked like she had gotten nine months pregnant in seconds. “Aw, man!”

“That’s what you get for bragging,” Rachel smirked. She picked a drink and gulped it. As though she was blushing, her face turned bright red. That blush crawled down her arms and legs. Rachel’s tiny form glowed red. “Well that wasn’t the one I wanted…”

“Ha!” Carmen laughed, her vast body shaking. “And as the lightest, my turn!” Arms waving frantically, the huge girl floated in place. Face strained, she kicked her stiff legs as best as she could. Like a clothed bubble, she stayed in place. “Ok, Sam, could you pick for me?” The girl with blue hair obliged, handing her the glass of choice, squatting like a pregnant giraffe. Carmen quaffed it with ease. Then, with a thud, she fell to the ground butt-first. Her hands clutched her stomach as she swelled again. Her already vast butt and thighs swelled wider, adding almost a foot to her height. Grumbling loudly, her stomach joined in. With a series of pops, the buttons burst off of her blouse, leaving only the very top one. A huge, shining belly stretched out, like Samantha's, but so much bigger. When the growing finally stopped, her chest, arms, and face remained small and unchanged.

"Ay, dios mio,you will burst me if you keep this up," Carmen said, her voice sounding only mildly concerned. Tiny hands explored her enormous, bulging form

"No one is bursting," Rachel promised solemnly. "I've tested all of these potions, including the spray. I have gotten to the size of this house with ease."

"Dios mio," Carmen gasped, clearly envisioning herself that big.

"New order," Rachel said, glancing around. "Age. I'm 21."

"24," Carmen added.

"19," Amelia and Samantha said at the same time.

"So, you two go first," Rachel said. "And since it's a tie, you pick each other's drink." Cautiously, the pair approached the remaining drinks.

"How many here will make me bigger?" Amelia asked nervously, her voice still high-pitched.

"Definitely a few," Rachel said with a wicked grin.

"Great," Amelia muttered as Sam picked up a shot glass. Amelia picked one up as well, and the two stood belly to belly. Eyeing the drinks nervously, they traded. After another second of hesitation, they drank them. Samantha gasped as she shot up, suddenly eight feet tall. At first, she looked like taffy, stretched and thin, until her body grew proportional to her height, including her bloated belly.

"Damn it!" Rachel snapped. "I wanted that one!"

Amelia, meanwhile, watched in horror as her skin turned blue. The shot had tasted like berries, and she knew exactly where this was going. Just as she suspected, her belly billowed out even more. A glowing sapphire belly button met her eyes from underneath her stretched tank top. Bright blue cleavage deepened before her eyes, and her center of gravity shifted as her hips blossomed out.

"I hate this game," she groused, her voice still squeaky. Like Carmen before, she widened her stance as her ever-swelling legs pushed each other apart. On their own, her arms rose, stiffening with the excess juice filling them. She began to fill her own peripheral vision, her recently acquired fat giving way to her inflating self. She'd lost any semblance to human-shape, remaining nothing more than a sphere with little flapping hands, kicking feet, and her sour face. As with Carmen, her head neared the ceiling, thanks to her swollen flesh.

"Well mi gorda,you got me beat," Carmen said, her eyes glittering.

"For now," Rachel replied. "We have six glasses left. So Carmen and I get finish this round, and we have one to go."

"Thank God," Amelia muttered into her chest.

"You'll have to hand me mine," Carmen said, reaching as far as she could with her skinny little arms. They didn’t even pass the orb of her belly. Obligingly, Rachel grabbed two glasses, handing one to Carmen and draining her own.

As though a hose had been stuck in her mouth, Rachel's head inflated. Her face remained the same size, but her head swelled like a balloon. After several long moments, her head rivalled Carmen's belly for size. The tiny girl's feet left the floor and she floated up to the ceiling. "Damn it!" She said again. Amelia giggled, a shrill, chipmunk-like sound.

Carmen drank hers and, with a snap, she shrank. All her bulk vanished at once, throwing the now slim woman to the floor. Disoriented, she staggered to her feet, her clothes now baggy. She unbuttoned her last button, revealing her white undershirt. "I've never been this small," she said, eyebrow raised. "I don’t know if I like it."

"Then you'll love this round," Rachel said, snapping her fingers. A glass appeared in either hand of everyone. "In your left hand, the drink will return you to your shape and size, at the beginning of the night. In your right, you can pick and choose. It can be your old self, it can be something new, or even something from our game. Now, these are permanent. At least, I think. This is how you will be until our next game night."

"Next?" Amelia gasped. Smiling gently, Sam reached down and helped Amelia drink from her left hand. As quickly as Carmen shrank, Amelia found her tiny body sprawled on the ground. "Ow, Rach. You need to work on your landings."

Like an angel descending, Rachel lightly landed on her feet, tall, slim, and head normal sized. "I don't know what you mean."

Sam shrank down, her belly gone. Her blue hair remained, as did a couple extra inches of height. Carmen drank from her right, winking at them all. Her narrow hips blossomed, widening and thickening. Her belly swelled, pushing her undershirt up a bit. Grinning widely, she resumed her regular size, then swelled even more. Her hips and butt were simply enormous, her belly bulging. Her shoes left the ground, just as before. Finally, her transformation came to an end. Carmen dominated the room, floating like a miniature hot air balloon.

"Damn, girl," Rachel said in admiration.

"I told you, I'd totally pay the price to float," Carmen replied, twirling with ease. "Now I have a little more control over it." She placed her tiny arms on her vast stomach. "I... am a touch wider than your door."

"And bigger than your car," Amelia added.

"Guys, I am a witch," Rachel replied unconcernedly. "With me, nothing is impossible."

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Fun story!

Fun story!