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Ugh it’s such a mess down here!” a young man muttered. He looked to be in his early thirties, but was starting to show signs of gray hair on his small moustache.

He set down this rather thick, but aged, book. It scattered dust all over when he set it on the pedestal. “I really have to clean out my basement.” He told himself.

This man’s name is Gerald Shaper and he is a magician of sorts. Many people consider him crazy, but he can easily prove his word. Unlike the stereotypical magician he doesn’t wear robes or cloaks and carry around wands and such. He prefers a nice Italian suit. He has only one daughter and his wife is always away on business or something. His marriage isn’t to stable since she doesn’t believe in magic.

“Dad, I’m home!” he heard his daughter Tiffany shout from upstairs. She wasn’t too keen on magic herself either. Of course, Tiffany was what her generation might refer to as an “air-head”.

“How was your day?” Gerald asked her as he ascended the stairs.

“Wasn’t that bad. Someone told me I was a ditz. I don’t think I’m a ditz. Do you think I’m a ditz, daddy?” she asked him with this look in her eyes like a naïve puppy might give you.

“Well…OH, I forgot to mention this, but I’m going to be attending a little gathering with some of my friends tonight so you’ll be on your own I’m afraid.” He said glad you could change the subject.

“Sure…I’ll survive.”

“And please don’t go into the basement. And whatever you do…”

“Don’t read that big book of spells, especially those that have some pages missing or have text that is illegible. You’ve told this to me a billion times dad! It’s not like some stupid words are going to hurt me.” She said in a mocking tone.

“Young lady, those ‘words’ carry a lot of power behind them. Do not mistake them for some childish babble.” He said before grabbing his hat and walking through the door.

A couple hours passed by with Tiffany eating her dinner and watching boring television programs, but she soon got bored. Even chatting online with her friends started to drag on.

“That’s it! It’s his fault for mentioning the book to me. I hadn’t thought about until she said something. A little peek couldn’t hurt.” She said bouncing downstairs.

If you hadn’t guessed by this time Tiffany has long blonde hair, very pretty green eyes, and fairly decent curves. She wasn’t voluptuous, but she could still attract the boys with a few jumps or showing them her talent for touching her elbows behind her back.

Once down into the basement she turned on the lights and spotted the book sitting peacefully atop a very nicely carved oak pedestal.

“Dad takes this magic crap WAY too seriously.” She laughed before opening up the pages.

She randomly stopped on one page and read it out loud to herself.

“To call forth speak in a soft tone: arched-here.” She read.

She said the words softly and a small pen flew towards her hand, but she was too shocked to catch it.

“What the hell? This place is so old it must have fallen off of a shelf or something.”

She turned a few pages and read another spell.

“To illuminate hold your hands in front like so and chant: eris-no-illus!”

Again she followed the instructions and this brilliant light formed in her hands. Like before this shocked her and she jumped back as the light exploded into a fireball on the floor. Lucky for Tiffany, nothing caught on fire.

“Did that just happen?” she asked nobody in particular. She walked over to where the fireball hit the floor and felt the cement. It was still a little hot, but it was quickly cooling down.

“Does this mean that what my father says about magic is true?” she asks herself with a look of shock in her now wide eyes.

This new found magic seems to dazzle Tiffany and she quickly goes searching for more spells to use.

“Wow, this stuff is amazing! My dad sure was holding out on me!” she said triumphantly wearing some jewels and diamonds that she managed to conjure up with help form the book.

She then found a page that caught her eye. It read “y expansion.” The text before the “y” is smudged and she can’t make heads or tails of what it could have said.

“Dad did warn me about spells that I couldn’t read, but perhaps this could expand how much of this stuff I could carry. I’d be so popular with all this jewelry! Now what do I need?”


Gerald was busy discussing various things with a group dressed in a similar fashion to him, but they looked a little older. Like him, these men all practiced magic.

“Has you daughter found that book of yours?” one of them asked.

“No, but knowing Tiffany I’m sure she’ll get curious. I just hope she doesn’t burn the house down when I get home.” He said in a serious manner.

“You should really hide those things Gerald.”


“This one is tricky.” Tiffany said scratching her head in frustration. “I need my own hair? Ick.” She said plucking a strand from her head. “Ouch! This spell better be worth it.”

Close to an hour passed by and she had collected everything she needed.

“Mix all ingredients into a small beaker and stir for roughly two minutes.”

She repeated to herself. “The liquid should turn gray and emit a gray smoke from the surface.”

She had a small amount of the liquid in this beaker she managed to find, about one mouthful.

“I guess I drink this now. Here goes.” She said pouring the liquid she created into her mouth and swallowed. “Tastes kinda funny. It tickles a little.”

She giggled as she felt it hit her stomach.


Meanwhile, Gerald suddenly sits up straight with a look of concern in his eyes.

“I must go. Something has happened.” He told his friends. They didn’t ask any questions. They probably figured Tiffany did something foolish with his spell book.


Tiffany stood down in the basement waiting for something to happen.

“This was a bogus spell! Nothing is happening.” She stomped a foot on the floor and it caused her breasts to wobble slightly, but she noticed that they wobbled more than usual. Upon closer inspection they were bigger and rounder than before.

“What?” she spoke silently running her hands over her chest and felt it pushing out against her hands. “They’re getting bigger?”

For once, she was correct. Her breasts were in fact growing larger by the second. She soon looked back and noticed her butt was following closely.

“What’s happening? What kind of spell did I cast?” she said running her hands on her growing rear now. By now her breasts were well past D cups and her butt looked like someone shoved two basketballs into her skirt.

“Well on second thought, I could totally pick up more boys with these things.” She said smiling while bouncing her ballooning chest up and down and giving her ass a nice smack. But she didn’t notice that her growth was not stopping.

Minutes later she felt her tummy start to puff out. A nice belly began to poke out from under her light blue shirt. Her thighs, arms, and just about the rest of her were also starting to grow by this time.

She now looked very plump, not fat, just like she put on about fifteen to twenty pounds, but she wasn’t any heavier though.

“Oh my God! I’m blowing up like a balloon! Isn’t this going to stop?” she shouted to herself. Nobody would be able to hear her from her basement since it was deep under the foundation of her house.

“I have to get help! Before I get so big I pop.” Her eyes went wide when she heard herself say the word “pop” because she now became afraid of what might happen to her.

Still growing further, she turned around and began to wobble her way to the stairs, her massive breasts and butt bouncing and jiggling with every clumsy step. Now the staircase wasn’t very wide so it didn’t accommodate very well to a girl that was her size and still getting bigger. She was trying to wedge between the railings to get up but her midsection was so big that it soon became impossible.

“Come on!” she said grabbing the railings and pulling as hard as she could. Soon the railings broke apart from her expansion and she fell backwards suddenly down about five stairs. She bounced on her back like a balloon would and lightly hit the ground again looking up at the ceiling.

Her arms were so puffed she could barely move them, and her body was so huge that it was impossible for her to even place her arms by her sides.

“I’m such a blimp! I’m getting to big! I gotta let the air out, or whatever I’m filling with!” she shouted to herself. She suddenly got a look of discomfort on her face from the fact that her butt had blown up so much that her pink underwear was giving her a great big wedgie to match her giant backside.

What happened next truly shocked Tiffany. She suddenly didn’t feel the cold basement floor on her exposed tummy any longer. She was being lifted off the floor and floating in the air!

“Oh no! I’m floating! Am I filling with helium?” she said as her voice had changed an octave or two. “My voice!” she squeaked.

She waved her arms as best she could to try and “swim” around the basement to find something.

“I gotta let the air outta me! Maybe if I poke myself…no, bad idea.” She said dismissing the thought of puncturing herself with a sharp object. She was almost round in her body, had enormous breasts blocking her view, had huge limbs, and a giant ass. She was transforming into a Macy’s Parade Balloon!

“Someone help!” she shouted as she heard footsteps come down the stairs.

“I thought I told you not to tamper with my spell book!” Gerald’s voice sounded.

“Daddy! Please let the air out!” she squeaked ever louder than before, still expanding. Her skin was now starting to look shiny like a balloon, and she was even sounding like one too.

Gerald grabbed her light blue shirt, almost ready to burst apart at the seams, and brought her over to him. His eyes glowed a ghostly white and he muttered “Altrack mohead besa!” before letting her go.

Nothing was happening. “Hey! Do something!” Tiffany squeaked again but this time she felt something within her happen. “What’s going on?” she said before everything she was inflated with came shooting out of her mouth with incredible force!

She sailed around the small basement deflating like an over inflated balloon with its mouth untied until she finally smacked into a wall.

“Ouch!” she said nursing the back of her head.

“I told you not to dabble with anything! She what happens when you go messing with spells you don’t understand, or fully know about! You’re lucky I sensed the use of magic here or else you’d have inflated to about the size of this basement and had something poke you hard enough to make you explode.” He said, but quickly got that look of concern on his face.

“I’m sorry.” She said starting to cry.

“Well are you alright at least?” he asked her helping her to her feet.

“Yes. That’s the last time I’m using that spell.” She said.

“Actually, it seems you may have learned something from your little reading. If you’re willing I could show you how to master everything in that book.” Gerald said smiling softly.

“That sounds like fun! But what’s up with that last spell? Why would anyone want to blow up like a balloon?” Tiffany said fixing her underwear that was still up the crack of her deflated ass.

“That spell is really a defensive spell or one people use as pranks. If done properly you could stop after a certain time and use it to travel or use it on someone else. I’ve tried to get your mother to use it, but she never accepts the drinks I serve her that are gray.” He chuckled.

“Daddy, I don’t need to hear that.” She told him drying her eyes.

A few weeks have passed since Tiffany misused Gerald’s spell book and she has actually learned a few tricks herself. Oh, and she has practically mastered that “y expansion” spell. She would always study her books while floating over the pages, blimped up enough where she wouldn’t float away completely. She used it to even enhance her figure too. She would just have to remember to apply it daily, since it was permanent. What brought on this sudden urge to inflate?

A few days after her inflation she managed to find a few websites and Internet groups into this sort of deal. She kept trying to pass off to everyone that she could inflate herself like a balloon.

“Yeah right! Just get out of here with that! We know we’re abnormal, but nobody can really do what you say!” someone replied.

“If only they knew.” She said sitting in her chair. Her body plump enough where she was wedged comfortably in it with her belly bulging out in front with FF sized breasts resting on top.

She clicked the Submit button and smiled.

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I need that book ^^ Great

I need that book ^^

Great story 5 stars

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