Jen's Balloons

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Jen lay back on her bed, trying to remember the dream she had been having before her alarm woke her up. It was beginning to fade, but she could still remember the major parts. She was lying somewhere, maybe a beach? Maybe at home…it was fading fast. She remembered having a large belly, sticking out above of her, as she was lying down. Then it was gone, all she could remember was that she had a dream, and the vagueness about what it was, but that was it. She sighed, closed her eyes, trying to will the dream back into being, but nothing. Absentmindedly, she ran a hand over her smooth flat belly and sighed. She stuck out her belly a bit, trying to get it as large as it had been in the dream, a vague hope that maybe this time, it would really happen, but nothing.


Vaguely disappointed, she slid out of bed, and wearily walked over to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she plopped down on her sofa and sighed. It was Saturday, nothing was really going on, and she was already feeling bored. Her mind kept trailing back to her dream, and her hand kept going to her belly, as if it would suddenly start swelling up. She grinned to herself, and wondered if she could get a balloon or something. She had done it before, and it always gave her a bit of a thrill. Just picturing herself that huge, a massive belly in front of her, her breasts bigger as well, almost resting on top of her belly, maybe even large hips, looking like a old fertility goddess…It always gave her a warm tingle. She had never told anyone, save a few people online she had never seen, and she knew it would confuse the heck out of her friends if she did tell them. She was the opposite of her fantasy, thin as a lathe, with no curves to be found anywhere; her long red hair was the only thing that marked her as female. And she had tried in the past, when she first gotten her apartment out of college, she binged almost daily, stuffing herself until her stomach hurt, but she never gained a ounce. Her friends were all jealous, when she would order a huge triple burger, large milkshake and fries, while they ate a salad. They couldn’t understand how she was so thin, and Jen didn’t either. Jen’s stomach gave a little gurgle, as if in response to it’s betrayal, and she sighed.


“Fine…lets get you something…not that it ever did me any good…” She climbed to her feet and walked outside, locking the door behind her, and climbing into her car. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to eat, so she just drove around downtown, looking for something interesting. A small store caught her eye as she drove past, some kind of party store, she thought. As she thought that though, the image of her lounging around with a massive balloon under her shirt, popped into her head, and she blushed, as if everyone else could see her thoughts. She pulled into a parking spot in the street, and climbed out, walking towards the store, putting on a carefully blank face, so the people wouldn’t know what she really wanted them for. The bell over the door tinkled as she walked in, but she immediately stopped at the entrance.


“Hi!” Said a chipper voice near a register. “How can I help you?” Jen felt her jaw drop a bit, then tried to recompose herself.

“Um…I think I’m in the wrong place…I thought this was a party store.” She said, already backing towards the door slowly. “I just wanted to get some balloons, not anything like…” Jen gestured around the store, which was filled with a huge variety of, well, the only word that came to Jen’s mind was “Stuff.” It seemed to be a cross between an antique shop, and some kind of new age shop. Across the wall behind the counter were tons of bottles in many different sizes, around the walls and shelves of the other walls were weird curios, boxes, jewelry, incense and other things she couldn’t recognize. The glass counter had a lot of weird jewelry in it, all carefully priced and organized. The girl standing behind the counter though, was what make Jen’s jaw drop. She was tall, Jen would guess about six foot, if not a bit taller, blonde, and insanely curved. Her button up shirt, while well fitting, seemed strained, as breasts the size of cantaloupes rose up and down with every breath. Her hips faired out as well, her pants hugging the curves of her butt.


“Balloons? We’ve got those!” The blonde girl said, smiling a dazzling smile. “What kind? We’ve got big ones, small ones, special ones, what’re you going to be using them for?”

“Huh?” Jen said, feeling her face blushing a bit while she struggled to regain her composure. “Oh, just, you know a party, nothing special about it…”

The blonde girl raised an eyebrow minutely, and then smiled again. “No problem! Lets see…here’s a big one, about three feet around, and here’s a pack of smaller ones. Need any helium or anything like that?”

“, just the balloons should be fine.” Jen said, fighting to control her blushing. It was like the girl knew what she wanted exactly, and it was throwing her off a bit. “How much?”

“Oh, just five bucks.” The blonde girl said, smiling sweetly.

“Wow, cheep,” Jen said, almost unthinkingly. “Last time just the big one cost eight, and it didn’t…” Jen shut her mouth with an almost audible snap, and silently handed the girl a five dollar bill, feeling the warmth going to her cheeks.

“Thanks for stopping by!” The blonde girl smiled. “And remember, we offer full guarantees, any problems, just come on back!”

Jen nodded, and grabbed her bag, walking quickly out the door, as the girl called after her, “Thanks for shopping at Spastic Magic!” The door dinged behind her, as the blonde girl grinned, and twisted a ring she had around her finger. “Julia!” She called to the back room. “That mind reading ring works! It’s a bit fuzzy, but you can get a picture of what’s on their mind. Freaked out the girl who just came in.”

“Thanks Mandy!” called a voice from the back. “Can you come back here really quick? Miranda failed her potion test, and I need some help moving her. Hopefully next time she’ll remember it’s .1 ounce, not 1.” Mandy sighed and moved to the back room, while Jen walked quickly to her car.


Jen was calmer, but she couldn’t shake a feeling that the girl knew what she wanted the balloons for. That was ridiculous though…She couldn’t have. Her stomach gave another growl, and she sighed, looking for a decent place to eat. A few minutes of searching brought her to a Chinese fast food place, where she quickly ordered, and sat back, waiting for the food. She brought the bag of balloons out on the table, and immediately felt a flush of shame, but fought it back down. It was just some balloons. Nothing wrong with that, she told herself. The smaller ones looked normal, but the big one was weird…it was a pale skin tone, and very stretchy. It had an odd texture as well, smoother in a way than the other balloons. Her feeling of the balloons was cut short by the arrival of her food, and she quickly shoved the balloons away. After eating, and getting the usual number of stares by people who couldn’t believe that a girl with her figure could eat that much, or that she was going to visit the bathroom right after this, she left, and began the drive home. She couldn’t stop playing with the big balloon though, it felt like no other balloon she had felt before, and seemed warm against her hands. Pulling in front of her apartment, she went inside and quickly as she could, and locked the door behind her. She then went though the apartment, closing any open blinds, and going back to her room. She felt the tingle of excitement come over her again, and pulled off her clothes, and pulled on a triple extra large white t-shirt. It looked like she was wearing a tent, but she grinned and put a hand on her flat belly. The small balloons were first, quickly and expertly blowing them up, and sticking them under her shirt, she then turned to the large one lying on her bed. Taking it and beginning to blow into it, she saw it grow larger before her eyes. As she blew more and more into it, it grew bigger and bigger, a massive flesh-colored sphere. Jen tied it off, and pulled her shirt over it, feeling the massive balloon, and picturing it as her belly. Jen let out a yawn, the food induced sleep starting to hit her, and she laid back, looking at her huge breasts and massive belly towering over her. With one last wish that it was real, she closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


A loud noise snapped her awake, and she looked around, momentarily confused. She was lying on her chest, and she could feel the shards of rubber against her skin. She sighed, and rolled over. Yet another disappointment upon waking up, and another dream interrupted. She reached down her shirt, and pulled out the shards from the smaller balloons. Jen looked around her bed in confusion, as the larger balloon was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t on the floor, and wasn’t anywhere in her bed. “Ah well…what a rip off...That balloon popped right away.” Jen said to herself. She yawned, and lay back, patting her slim belly, the slight budge from her food earlier already almost gone. Jen pushed out her belly like she always did, imagining it as big as it was before she went to sleep, towering above her. Her belly quickly bulged out and Jen patted it, feeling the usual depressed feeling. Jen took another breath, and tried to make her belly bulge more, wishing that it would get bigger. As she did, she felt her belly start to expand under her fingers. Jen froze, looking down at her belly. It looked a little bigger than before, but she wasn’t sure. She tried to get control of herself, saying, “It’s just a trick of my mind, it’s not actually bigger…that’s not possible.” A smaller part of her was saying that it was though, you felt it, and you can see it! Jen closed her eyes and tried to relax, taking a deep breath. As she did, she felt her belly expand outwards, growing slightly under her hands. Jen whipped off her shirt and stared at her belly, bulging outwards, making her look slightly pregnant. Her first thought was one of elation, but that was quickly dampened by other thoughts. What would her friends think if she showed up looking pregnant? Would it grow whenever she took a breath? How was it possible? Could she go back to normal? Jen squeezed down on her belly, but nothing happened. Closing her eyes, she tried to think.


“Ok, just relax. Step by step…You went to sleep, and you woke up like this…Am I still dreaming? No, I’m awake, at least I think so. I took a deep breath, and my belly grew bigger…Maybe exhaling…” Jen let out a breath, but nothing seemed to happen. She was starting to get nervous. True, it was what she always wanted, but not like this. Jen squeezed down on her belly, and tried to exhale as hard as she could. As she did, she felt her belly shrink down, and air rush out of her mouth. The flow of air stopped, and she looked down at her belly, now back to normal. Jen sighed in relief, and sat up. “Alright…now that it’s back to normal…lets see…” Still wondering if it was all something she was imagining, she took a deep breath. She could feel her lungs filling, and then, felt the air going somewhere else for a moment. Her belly looked slightly bigger, and she poked it, still not daring to believe that it was true. “It can’t be true…It’s not possible!” Jen squeezed her belly, and felt a feeling of elation come over her. “It’s true…it has to be! Or this is the best dream I’ve ever had…” Jen took another deep breath, and she felt he belly grow a little bit more. “There must be a faster way…” Jen thought. She took another breath and closed her mouth, exhaling into her mouth. As she did, she felt the air fill her mouth, but then start to expand her belly. The air quickly rushed in, swelling out her belly as she exhaled. She took another breath, and did it again, and again, her belly pushing against her white shirt. She ran a hand over her belly, and gave a little coo of pleasure. “Hehe, I’m like a balloon!” With another squeeze, she walked into her bathroom to take a look at herself in the mirror.


“Heh, I need to get a bigger mirror!” Jen giggled, as she turned around, marveling at her new form. “Too bad I didn’t get any curves up here though…” she said, giving her flat chest a poke. Jen gave her belly another squeeze and suddenly had an idea. Not sure how, but trying to focus, she took another breath, and exhaled it into her mouth, this time, trying to force the air into her chest. Her belly swelled out for a second, but then her chest grew, lifting her shirt as they grew bigger and bigger, the neckline of the shirt revealing a line of cleavage. “Yes!” Jen cried out. “I’m curvy! Finally, after all these years, I’ll be able to fill out a dress, have cleavage, everything!” She squeezed them together, and they bounced around like balloons. “Hm…they look really fake though. Too light and bouncy…I wonder…”She looked over at the tub, and grinned.


A few minutes of forcing the air out had left her back to how she was, and taking off her shirt, she climbed into tub, and laid back. Her showerhead was one of the detachable ones, and if you screwed the showerhead off, you could just use the tube. That tube had been very useful earlier, when she had to use balloons to make herself look bigger. But now…Jen giggled in anticipation, it was like all her dreams had come true. She turned on the water and unscrewed the showerhead. Water poured out in a steady stream, and Jen took a deep breath, grinning as her belly swelled a little. She then put the hose in her mouth, and started to drink. She could feel the water flowing into her, and as she looked down, her belly started to swell. Not sticking out like it did before, now it looked heaver, and started to dip down, resting on her thighs. No sooner then she thought that, she felt the water flow shift, and began to feel the warm flow of the water through her hips and thighs. They were slowly fattening as well, and Jen took the hose out of her mouth with a gasp of air. “Whew…can’t breathe while…I’m doing that…Heh, looks like it works in other places too!” Jen gave her belly and thighs a squeeze, giving a little gasp of pleasure as the water rippled, her thighs jiggling, and her belly resting on top. “Hmm…I wonder…” Jen tried to concentrate, and focused on her chest. She pushed down on her belly, and after a moment of resistance, her breasts swelled, hanging down from the weight of the water, looking like two heavy melons, almost resting on top of her belly. Jen squeezed them together, feeling their heavy weight and the pleasure from running her hands over them. Jen took another breath, and stuck the hose back in her mouth, swallowing the water as fast as she could. Her belly swelled out more, as did her chest and her butt. It grew larger and larger, swelling in front of her eyes, as she felt the taughtness of her belly, and how good it felt. Jen quickly figured out how to take quick breaths between gulps so she didn’t have to stop the growth, and just watched herself grow. Her belly was almost touching both sides of the bathtub, looking like a massive flesh colored beach ball, her boobs lying on top. The weight was getting a bit much, so Jen took the hose out of her mouth reluctantly, and ran a hand over her new body.


“I don’t believe it, I’m huge!” Jen giggled and tried to stand up. “Jeeze…” Jen grunted as she slowly made her way to her feet. “I weigh a ton!” Stepping carefully, she got out to the bathtub, and made her way out of the bathroom, carrying her huge body in front of her. She had made it a few steps when she felt her foot slip on something. She tried to right herself, but her new bigger and much heavier form had a whole different set of rules. Her body fell forward, and as she let out a cry and braced herself for the impact, she had a flash of a balloon falling on the ground, and bursting, spraying water everywhere, and leaving the balloon in pieces. She let out another cry as her massive belly hit the ground, there was a moment of pain, and then a rushing feeling though her body. She felt her butt and legs almost instantly swell up, as did her arms slightly. She lay there for a moment, feeling her huge hips and legs jiggling with a lot of force. After a minute, her legs started to settle, and she tried to get to her feet. She rolled over on her back and sat up, looking at her huge lower body. Her hips had to be at least three feet wide, and her legs matched it. They looked like someone had inflated her legs, her thighs were massive, ever her feet were plump, and her toes almost round from the water. She gently for to her feet, feeling her feet squish a little as the water was forced out, and stared at herself.

“Well…I guess I can’t pop…” she said, with a nervous laugh. She gave her huge hips a squeeze, sending ripples through her lower body. Jen blushed red, and bit her lower lip. “That’s…interesting…” The ripples moved against skin and inside of her shaking certain places. “Umm...I think I’ll try to get the water out now…” she said, blushing furiously. She took a few slow ponderous steps towards the bathroom, her huge thighs rubbing against each other and shaking, and sending waves through her lower body. Jen bit her lip again, and tried to breathe slowly. Her butt was so wide that she had to turn sideways to get back into the bathroom, and even then she could feel the sides of the doorway rubbing against her. She tried to gently lower herself into the tub, but the gallons and gallons of heavy water ruined that plan, and her butt fell down into the tub with a thud and causing Jen to cry out in pleasure. She swung her huge legs into the tub, and tried to calm down, which was easier said than done with the waves in her watery legs moving up and down, stimulating her like she had never felt before.

“Ok, calm down…” Jen took another deep breath and tried to calm herself down. “Just relax…Gotta figure out how to get down to normal size. In retrospect, it may have been better to try to get rid of the water when I was smaller, but no time to worry about that now.” She tried to focus, but the movement of the water was making it difficult. The water slowly settled down, and Jen took a deep breath. “Alright, that’s settled…gotta squeeze now…” She pressed down on her thighs with her hands, trying to force the water up, focusing on her belly. There was a bit of resistance, and then she could feel her belly swelling up again. After a few minutes of treating her legs like toothpaste tubes, slowly squeezing the water upwards, she had moved most of it to her belly. Her massive stomach practically loomed over her, it looked as if she was holding a huge beachball in front of her. She slowly got to her feet and held her massive belly in front of her. “How the heck am I going to get back down to size…” Jen’s face lit up then, and she grinned. “Well, I am filled with water…” With a squeeze on her belly, water started to pour from her mouth, in a fountain, splashing down into the bathtub. Jen was grinning around the flow of water, and she tried to pose like a fountain, her arms out and a leg up in the air. A few moments later, the flow stopped and Jen gasped for breath. “Wow, that was a lot of water. Back to my normal, boring self though…Not for too much longer though!” Jen’s mind was filled with thoughts, all her deepest fantasies had come true in one day, and she barely knew where to begin. “First some air, then maybe some more water, I’ll get huge hips! Oh, wait, some helium!” She giggled manically to herself, “I could go flying!” The sound of her cell phone ringing shook her out of her wild thoughts. She ran over to the phone, and with a few deep breaths to calm down, she tried to answer it.


“Hello?” Jen said, trying to keep the trill out of her voice.

“Jen? It’s me, Alex!” The high voice of Jen’s good friend came over the phone, talking quickly. “What’re you doing tonight?”

“Umm, well, I didn’t really…”

“Good! I’m having a party at my place, and I really want you to come. It’ll be fun! There’ll be some cute guys over here.”

“I dunno…” Jen said, but then had an image of her standing in a group of guys, her boobs and butt swelling up and out, stretching her shirt and pants, as the guys all stared at her in wonderment. “Actually…Yah, that might be fun! Heh, I’ve got something to show you too.”

“Really? Awesome! People should be coming over in a few hours, so see you later!” There was a beep as the call was cut off, and Jen sat down, trying to get her thoughts in order. Party tonight. She had a chance to meet some guys finally, and amaze her friends. Jen looked down at her slim body and grinned. “Should I grow before or after I get there…I think after, hehe, it’ll be more impressive.” She jumped up and ran to her bedroom, digging though her clothes, looking for something that looked good, but still had plenty of give in it. After a few minutes of searching, she came up with a semi-loose tanktop, and baggy pants.


“Still loose…but not after tonight! Hehe, they’ll be going nuts trying to figure out how I did it.” It was still a few hours before she had to leave, she had to take a shower and get ready.


Taking a shower took longer than before, it seemed like she couldn’t stop herself from trying to inflate herself, and even though she said just a little, she couldn’t stop, and by the time she settled herself and got back to normal, she barely had time to get dressed and put on her makeup. Jen gave herself a look in the mirror, the tanktop was a bit lose on her and her cargo pants were barely hanging onto her hips.

“Hmm…Don’t want these to fall off…” She laughed to herself and took a deep breath, concentrating. Her hips and butt slowly swelled out, giving her pants something to hold onto. “That’s better! Don’t think anyone will notice…not now anyway!” Jen checked the time and quickly left her apartment and got in her car. She laughed as she sat down, her slightly inflated butt giving her a nice cushion to sit on. A quick drive and she walked up to Alex’s door and knocked. She heard the high chirp of Alex yelling she’d be right there and after a moment, the door swung open.


“Hi Jen!” Alex said, giving her a hug and leading her in. Alex always put Jen in mind of a chipmunk for some reason. She was hyperactive, short, brown hair, a bit plump and had a small gap in her front teeth. “Glad you could make it, most people had other plans.” Jen followed her to the back of her house where the party had already started and poured her a glass of beer. “Here ya go, enjoy!” Jen sat down, feeling her butt give her some padding and with a grin, started drinking.


About two hours later, Jen was pretty tipsy. Normally she didn’t drink much, but the excitement of the day and the party atmosphere had made her drink more than she normally would. Also, she thought muzzly to herself, the beer was having an effect on her. She could see her tank top was tighter than it had been at the start of the day, and her pants were beginning to tighten quite a bit. Even her belly was sticking out a bit, and she could feel the beer gently fizzing inside of her, tickling her insides. She stood up, swaying slightly from the alcohol and her rounder shape, and walked inside to the kitchen.


Alex was there, mixing up a new batch of drinks, and giggled when she say Jen. “Hey! Say, I’ve got a quick question…” She moved closer to Jen, and gave her protruding belly a poke. “Have you gained weight? You look bigger all over…” Jen giggled as well, her brain gently soaking in alcohol. “Well…not really…but watch this!” She took a deep breath, focusing on her chest, and as she inhaled, her boobs began to fill, beginning to strain her shirt as she inhaled, stopping when they filled her formerly lose top.

“Tada!” Jen said, striking a pose and almost falling over.

“No way!” Alex poked her new boobs and giggled. “How’d you do that?”

“I dunno, I just woke up and it was like this!” Jen grinned and grabbed an empty pitcher and started to fill it with water. “And it’s not just my boobs either, watch!” Jen started to drink, and felt her hips begin to swell. They slowly grew outwards, stretching her pants, and when Jen put down the jug with a gasp, her formerly loose pants were skin-tight.

Alex gave her huge backside a poke, and giggled as it started shaking like a water balloon.

“That’s amazing! How big can you get?”

Jen shrugged. “No idea…I got pretty huge back at home though.”

“Well, that calls for a drink!” Alex poured her a tall glass and handed it to her. “Come on, lets go back outside.” Alex giggled and poured herself a drink, and walked outside.


After another few hours, the party was pretty much over. Jen was the only one still there, and from her current state, she thought to herself though the haze of alcohol, she wasn’t going anywhere till tomorrow. She yawned and rested her hands on her belly. It was definitely bigger now, she had lost count of how many beers she had drank, and all that carbonization was really affecting her. She could feel her stomach bubbling and gently growing under her hands. Alex came and sat down next to her, staring at her slowly swelling belly in amazement. “I dunno how it happened, but I just wish it happened to me!”

Jen laughed and shook her belly. “It is kinda nice…No more skinny Jen! Big round curvy Jen now!”

Alex suddenly got up and ran as quickly as she could into her dark yard. After a few moments, she came back, dragging a long garden hose, and giggled. “Well, lets just see how big round and curvy Jen can be!”

“I dunno…I feel nice now…”

“Come on…please? Aren’t you curious how huge you can get? Imagine, boobs the size of basketballs, a huge butt, and after the party, shrink down to go to work!”

Jen drank the remainder of her drink and grinned. “Ok, you go turn on the water.”

Alex laughed and ran off, and the hose started to pour water. Jen took a deep breath and put the hose up to her mouth. The water quickly started to fill her body, her belly surged out for a moment until Jen concentrated and the water began to flow to her boobs. They grew quickly, straining the fabric of her shirt, almost overflowing the tops, when Jen switched the flow to her hips. The cool water rushing to her lower body almost made her choke on the water as she gasped in pleasure. She had forgotten about this part. The water kept on flowing, straining her pants, when with a popping sound, the button on the front flew off, and Jen quickly began to outgrow them. She could feel her belly overflowing her pants, and could hear the popping of the seams as her massive thighs overflowed them. Jen almost choked again when her pants finally tore off, and her huge thighs broke free, shaking and jiggling. The feeling was unlike anything she ever felt before, and she lost all her concentration.


She began to expand all over, almost forgetting where she was as she grew bigger. There was another tearing sound as her breasts finally burst free from her tank top, leaving her huge boobs resting on her swelling belly. Jen’s arms and legs were getting harder to move as she grew bigger, her body getting rounder and bigger as the water flowed into her. Jen felt her legs being pushed apart by her growing thighs, and felt her arms get stiffer and harder to move, but that was going on in a distant part of her mind. Through the alcohol, all she could think was how good this felt and how she wanted to get bigger. Jen sat backwards, feeling her butt hit the ground with a huge slosh, feeling the massive waves coarse through her body. She kept on drinking, as she felt her arms get stiff until she could only wiggle her hands, and she felt her legs stop moving except for her feet, but she didn’t care much about that. All she could feel was the wind on her sensitive body, the gentle waves inside of her and her body getting bigger. Jen felt the water flow stop though, and she started to suck on the hose, trying to get more water inside of her. Spitting out the hose, she tried to turn her head, but her huge body prevented her from moving at all. She could feel the floor with her feet, but just barely.

“Alex? What’s wrong? Come on…turn the hose back on! What’re you doing?”

Alex walked around in front of Jen, unsteadily putting her hands on her massive body and giggled. “You’re squishy! Come on, any bigger you won’t fit through the doors!” Alex leaned against Jen’s massive body, and with a grunt of effort, slowly began to roll her forward though the double porch doors. Alex stopped inside of the kitchen, and walked in front of Jen. “I dunno if this is me drunk and hallucinating, but if it is true, you better tell me how you did it in the morning!” Alex stumbled to her room, and Jen heard her collapse on the bed. Jen sighed and closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure of the water still moving inside of her. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure and fell asleep.


The next afternoon, the bell over the door of Spastic Magic rang, and Julia looked up. “Welcome to Spastic Magic, How can I help you?”

Jen grinned and blushed slightly. “Well, I bought a balloon from you yesterday…and well...My friend would like to buy some things too.”

“That’s right!” Alex said, grinning. “I don’t know how you do it, but whatever you’re selling, I’m buying.”

Julia smiled, “No problem! Just tell me what you want, and I’m sure we can figure out exactly what you need.”

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