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Sylvia giggled, “This is soo funny!” The 5’6” blonde was laying on a sofa in the living room of her large home, watching an all night marathon of softcore porn comedies on one of the premium cable networks. She was perhaps appropriately dressed for such an occasion, wearing an expensive red bustier, black lace panties, and thigh high black lace stockings.

“Did you see that, Naomi?” she asked her friend. Naomi didn’t respond. The cute young black woman was lying on her belly on a blanket on the floor of the living room, and at the moment she seemed preoccupied with staring at a blank page of a notebook. Naomi was Sylvia’s longtime friend and web designer for her lingerie business. Her attention to her blank notebook was suddenly interrupted when her head was walloped with a sofa pillow.

“Ow! What was that for?” she asked, adjusting her glasses after the pillow knocked them crooked.

Sylvia hmphed, “I invite you over for a slumber party…”

“Party? It’s just the two of us.”

“And first you wear those ridiculous kiddy jammies…”

“It’s a unionsuit thermal underwear and happens to be very comfortable in these winter months,” Naomi said matter of factly. They were baby-blue cotton long-johns with a panel in the back that could be unfastened to use the bathroom.

“Then you totally ignore me and this quality entertainment I have provided for us.”

Naomi glanced at the B-movie playing on the television and then gave Sylvia a look that said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Sylvia had a big pout on her face, trying to look hurt, but she couldn’t hold back a snicker as she launched another pillow at Naomi.

“Why you!” Naomi said as she laughed, blocking the pillow with her hand and picking it up, but Sylvia had retrieved another and soon the two were embroiled in a full-fledged pillow fight. That quickly evolved into a tickling match as the two giggling women wrestled with one another. Naomi was trying to pin Sylvia down, but Sylvia managed to grab her arm and pin her down on her stomach. She held Naomi’s arms folded behind her back with one hand and unbuttoned the bottom panel of the unionsuit with her other.

“Oh my, no panties! Naughty girl!”

Naomi eeped, “Stop that!” she squealed as Sylvia began playfully spanking her bare bottom. This continued until they were both out of breath from laughing and squealing. Sylvia rebuttoned the butt panel on Naomi’s long-john undies, but still held her pinned.

“I’m not letting you up til you tell me what’s up with the notebook,” Sylvia threatened, as she picked it up and thumbed through the pages.

“I’m trying to write a new story for an online contest. Hey, don’t read those!” Sylvia skimmed through some of the existing stories in the notebook. Naomi struggled and managed to roll over onto her back, but Sylvia straddled her waist and pinned her arms down with her knees.

“Oooh, these look fun…Hmm, kinky…” Sylvia commented as she read.

Naomi looked hurt and embarrassed that Sylvia was reading her stories. Sylvia giggled as she set the notebook down and leaned over her captive.

“Well…I never knew you were so kinky. You’ve always been the quiet, down to earth one.”

Naomi shrank in dread, bracing for Sylvia to make fun of her. “They’re just stories,” she muttered quietly.

“You know,” Sylvia grinned slyly, “I think I have an idea for your next story…,” she said, grasping Naomi’s breasts in her hands and squeezing them firmly.

Naomi gasped in shock, “Sylvia! This isn’t funny! You know I’m not like that!”

Sylvia grinned, “Your mouth says no, but your body says yes.”

Naomi panted as she struggled, but as Sylvia spoke those words, she felt her heart pounding. For a brief moment, all she could hear was that powerful thumping and all she could feel was her body pulsing, her breasts throbbing in Sylvia’s grasp as her heart pumped forcefully. It was like the moment before an orgasm. In fact, she did orgasm.

“Oh, God…” she groaned as her legs twitched. “Sylvi…I…I…”

Sylvia giggled and put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion. “I have something for you.” She stood and helped her up to her feet. Naomi didn’t know what to say after what just happened. She quietly allowed Sylvia to lead her to the bedroom where some lingerie was layed out on the bed.

“Put those on.”

Naomi began to object but Sylvia shushed her again, and nodded in the direction of the clothes. She felt nervous as she wandered over to the bed and slipped out of her unionsuit with Sylvia watching. She put on the pink the pink waist-cincher corset first, with Sylvia’s help, slapping her friend’s hand away as she tried to steal a grope. Next she slipped on the pink lace panties, which had a bright red heart sewn over the crotch. Then she slipped on the pink thigh-high lace stockings and fastened the corset straps to them to keep them up. Last she fastened on the 34C lacy pink bra, but it seemed a little tighter than it should have been.

“Mmm, you look delicious,” Sylvia commented as she came up behind Naomi while she was bashfully looking at herself in the mirror.

“I feel ridiculous…This isn’t me.”

“Oh?…” Sylvia giggled, wrapping an arm around Naomi’s bosom, grasping her left breast in her hand while her other hand went down to the red heart on the pink panties.

“How about now?” Sylvia asked.

Naomi was about to protest when she felt her heart pounding again like before. Her body was pulsing and throbbing to the beat, and suddenly she orgasmed again, her knees shaking as she went limp for a moment in Sylvia’s arms.

“Will you stop doing that?!” Naomi growled as she spun around to confront her friend. Sylvia only smiled and looked her up and down appreciatively. Naomi suddenly realized that her heart was still pounding, as though she had just run 100 yards. It was pumping so hard she could feel the pressure of blood flowing through her, like a gush of fluid running through her body with every heartbeat. And then she noticed her breasts were bigger. They looked like 34D, though the bra fit as well as before.

“What just happened? I feel…” As her heart continued to pound, she realized that not only had her breasts gone up a size, they were slowly pulsing bigger with every beat. She felt her stockings shifting over her legs and her panties shifting over her rear, and she spun back around to look at herself in the mirror. As she watched, she saw her breasts gradually swelling larger, while her mid-section remained the same, restricted by her corset, and everything from her hips downward seemed to be slowly swelling larger, like a water balloon on a slow tap. She felt another orgasm welling up but she concentrated hard to suppress it.

“What’s happening to me?!”

Sylvia giggled. “Shh, don’t fret. Why do you think my lingerie is so popular.”

Naomi just looked at her with wide eyes, one arm across her DD breasts trying to hold them in and the other trying to hold in her expanded rear, her hips up to 45 inches and still growing.

Sylvia rolled her eyes, “You need to relax, silly. My lingerie is magically enhanced to give the utmost pleasure and satisfy the wildest of fantasies. I never knew that your fantasies were quite so wild, though…” She reached around Naomi again like before, grasping a swelling breast pinching her inflated bottom. She felt firm, yet also soft and heavy.

Naomi squealed as she orgasmed again, feeling that liquidy gush inside, causing her breasts to surge to H-cups and her bottom half to surge several inches larger.

“Stop touching me!” Naomi growled as she wriggled away and turned to confront Sylvia.

“It’s the magic that makes it feel better when you have a partner. I’m such a genius…” she giggled.

“Leave me alone! Go sit over there!” Naomi growled.


“GO!!!” Sylvia frowned and stalked off across the room. She turned with a flourish and flopped down in the chair next to her bed, folding her arms and pouting, looking genuinely hurt. Meanwhile, Naomi put her hand to her forehead in dismay, watching her huge M-cup breasts entering the second half of the alphabet in size, the lacy bra magically stretching right along with them. They looked like huge chocolate mounds trying to escape a pink wrapper. Below the waist she was in the same predicament, her hips bumping her elbows as they ballooned up larger and wider, while her big inflated thighs were pressing together. Even the red heart on the crotch of her panties was stretching larger. She reached behind herself and tried to unhook the bra, but the hooks would not budge. She did the same with the corset but could not handle the zipper. Even the stockings wouldn’t come off.

“Why can’t I take these off?”

Sylvia hmphed, still pouting. “A partner has to do it.”

“Um…Can you take these off for me.”

“No, you told me not to touch,” Sylvia scowled.


Sylvia turned her nose up and shook her head.

Naomi looked at her breasts with growing concern as they reached Z-cups, making her bust a full 60 inches around. She hefted them, feeling their weight while being careful not to overstimulate herself into another growth surge. Her hips were about the same measurement around, and her big thighs were pressed tightly together and getting tighter. She glanced back at Sylvia again, almost catching her with her hand down her panties.

“Won’t this outfit tear?” Naomi asked, wondering when the spell was going to wear off.

Sylvia replied, “The other outfits I sell would have torn by now. I made that one as a gift to you. It has no limits.”

Naomi gulped, feeling a bit guilty that she had behaved so ungratefully, and also feeling concerned that the magic was unlimited.

“Then when will this stop?”

“When it ceases to turn you on,” Sylvia said, matter of factly.

Naomi felt her pulse quicken, and with it she could feel herself swelling a little faster.

“You mean…I…I’m doing this to myself?”


Naomi tried to calm down but she couldn’t. The fantasy of inflation turned her on. The fact that she was really inflating, here and now, turned her on. The fact that being turned on was causing her inflate, turned her on even more. She cried out as she orgasmed again and her breasts and hips surpassed 70 inches.

“Please…Help, Sylvia…I need you…”

Sylvia tried to maintain her frown but her face quickly softened into a sly smile. “Come here.”

Naomi turned in her direction, having to swivel her hips to do so, and then proceeded to slowly waddle across the bedroom, like a toddler taking her first steps, her hugely inflated thighs rubbing across one another as she struggled to put one foot in front of the other, while her beachball-sized breasts bounced heavily from side to side. The difficulty she was having turned her on even more, and she swelled as she walked, reaching 80 inches around by the time she made her way to Sylvia.

Sylvia hugged her and kissed her passionately, feeling her continue to expand in her arms, her inflated curves throbbing in time with her heartbeat as Sylvia pushed her back onto the bed. She continued to bulge ever larger, her overblown hourglass figure soon reaching 90 inches. Suddenly, Sylvia stopped.

“What?” Naomi asked.

“I have a better idea, let’s get you back to the living room.”

“But…” Naomi didn’t have time to protest. Sylvia pulled her back onto her feet and then pushed her toward the bedroom door. By the time she waddled over to it, she was wider than the doorway itself, but she felt Syvlia’s hands on her swollen backside.

“Wait, I’m too big!” Naomi oofed as her breasts managed to squeeze through while her hips got wedged in. She glanced over her shoulder and could see her enormous hips bulging around the doorway while her big ass remained in the bedroom, the overstretched panties riding up while her garters held on for dear life, trying to keep her overstretched stockings up on her swollen thighs. Her measurements were 100-24-100 and far too wide to fit through a normal doorway. The thought excited her.

“Help, Sylvia! I’m getting bigger!” The wooden doorway began to creak with pressure. Sylvia giggled and pushed Naomi from behind after getting a running start. A couple more tries and she finally popped through like a cork, wobbling out of control. Pinwheeling her arms, she teetered on her little feet, finally losing her balance and crashing down forward onto her three-foot wide boobs, right onto the blanket she had been lying on earlier.

“Ow!” Naomi whimpered, rubbing her boobs. She tried to sit up, but the weight on her chest was so much she designed to stay where she was, on her hands and knees. Or rather, on her breasts and knees. Her breasts spread out too far underneath her for her to reach the floor with her hands. Sylvia giggled as she walked around her, surveying the changes to her body. Only a small part of Naomi’s body was unaffected, the distance from her waist up to her head, and her long slender arms. The rest of her body, her breasts, hips, rear and legs, were a swelling mass of chocolaty womanly flesh. Side by side, her three foot breasts were six feet wide combined, as were her hips and butt, and even her thighs at their widest.

Naomi looked up at Sylvia pleading, “Please, take these things off me?”

Sylvia began to reach for the clasps but then stopped herself. She stood, watching. Naomi’s little torso was very much dwarfed by her womanly curves. Her breasts were pushing her higher while her knees were growing tired of supporting the huge orbs of her buttocks. She began to panic at how large her breasts were becoming, and practically began to hyperventilate as she glanced over her shoulder at the mounds of ass rising behind her and the tire-sized thighs struggling to support it.

“Sylvia, please!”

Sylvia giggled, and seemed to have a twinkle in her eye. “Wait a minute...I know why you’re scared. This is still turning you on, isn’t it.”

“No, of course not! Help me!” Naomi’s legs had had about enough of her big butt, and she shifted backward until she was in a squatting position, except her butt was resting soundly on the floor. She straightened out her the lower part of her drumstick-shaped legs, ending up completely folded in half at her hips, sitting on her expanding legs and bottom while her breasts kept her leaning forward, almost leaning enough to reach out and touch the toes of her widespread feet.

“Sylvia!” Naomi was beginning to bump into furniture as her breasts and buttocks swelled to the size of large bean bag chairs.

Sylvia giggled. “I think…I want to see how big you get before this doesn’t excite you anymore.”

“What?! No! Don’t!” Her expansion had lifted her to waist height in front of Sylvia, and though she protested, Sylvia’s threat only seemed to excite her all the more, for her inflation seemed to accelerate, causing her breasts and thighs to push the coffee table and sofa away.

“Come on, Naomi. Tell me how much this excites you.”

“Stop!” She felt one of her coffee-can-sized nipples pressure against an arm chair and it was driving her wild.

“Is there any end to how big you will get. Do you want to fill up my house? Is that it?”

“Please don’t do this!” Naomi felt something bumping her head and glanced back to see a wall of ass clad in pink lace mounding up behind her. “Oh my, God!” She began to cum, again and again, her throbbing form inflating even faster.

“Or maybe you want to burst, like a balloon. Is that it? Are you so horny you want to explode?”

Naomi’s eyes went wide. She was now face high to Sylvia, even though she was still just bent in half resting on her enormous curves. Before she could say anything, Sylvia grabbed her face and kissed her. Naomi felt the magical lingerie stop stretching. She feared she had reached her limit and now her own fetish would make her pop. She had filled almost all of the living room and was still growing, knocking over lamps and tables. Sylvia’s lips left her own as Naomi rose out of reach. Naomi clutched at her friend’s hands, crying, yet still cumming, as she lost her grip and rose higher toward the ceiling while Sylvia was slowly pushed away by her widening thighs. Her breasts began to overflow the bra cups, and the straps were beginning to dig into them. Her butt bulged out the bottom and over the top of her overstretched panties, and her thighs bulged over stockings, straining the garter straps. Finally the bra gave out with a bang, allowing her breasts to flop forward and slap against the far wall and the walls to the side. Her panties made a tearing sound before they too popped and took out her garter straps along with them, allowing her butt to flop against the wall behind her and her hips to hit the side walls.

Sylvia giggled and slowly approached her swollen friend as her swollen legs slowly shredded the pink stockings. She climbed atop one of her enormous thighs, and carefully made her way up the expanse of soft smooth skin to where Naomi was sobbing. She reached over and cradled her head in her arms.

“Shush, it’s ok.”

“I’m gonna pop!”

Sylvia giggled, “Do you feel like you’re still growing?”

Naomi sniffled and felt over herself with her hands. “No…” she said pitifully, as if still expecting to blow at any moment.

“Are you still cumming?”


“Hmm…I suppose I could fix that...”

Naomi sobbed and punched her in the stomach.

“Ow! I was just kidding,” Sylvia groaned, rubbing her stomach.

“You…You said the magic had no limits.”

“I lied…I would never put you in danger, hon.”

Naomi rubbed her eyes, seeming to calm down. She moved her torso around a little, feeling how she was weighed down by tons of…herself. “Why am I still big?”

“It takes a while to wear off. You’ll be back to normal by morning. Hmm…Maybe a little bigger, I’m not sure.”


“Yes, hon?”

“Can we do this again tomorrow?”

Sylvia smiled and kissed her forehead gently. “Of course, hon.”

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