Barbarian Balloon

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“Your going to regret EVER crossing me you whale thighed bimbo!” Rayla screamed as lighting flew from her fingertips.

“Your just still holding a grudge over the fact that I took that eye of yours!” Eeza remarked as she gracefully flipped in the air dodging the assault.

The woods shook violently with each action, people in the village below could only help but wonder what could be causing the disturbance. Little did they know that such actions were caused by nothing more than two women locked in a bitter rivalry. On one end of the battle is Eeza, princess of a barbarian tribe. Not just any tribe of barbarians though, she comes from a tribe of beasts. Part human, part fox. Although not covered in fur her skin was a bright shade of orange and her face was complimented by an elongated muzzle and two large pointy ears. Dressed in a strange type of battle garb consisting of a black one piece body suit which covered her body from neck down. Her gloved hands clutched the hilts of both of her daggers and the sun shone off of her steel headband which was partly covered by her long black hair.

“Besides it’s not like you didn’t deserve it!” You were always messing around with that stupid magic of yours, jealous of me because I actually decided to try and be athletic when we were kids!” Eeza shouted pointing at her long time rival.

Rayla was not the kind of girl to be trifled with, born with a short temper which just continued to get worse and worse as time went on she was someone to watch out for. Her eye fixed on her opponent she smirked as she reached underneath her loose magicians robe.

“Stupid magic?” Rayla laughed, which caused a look of confusion to wash over of Eeza’s face as she raised her daggers up ready to defend.

“When I’m through with you…you’ll see just how much magic can do compared to your barbaric ways!” She shrieked as you removed a strange blue orb out from underneath or robe and threw it towards Eeza.

Never one to be caught off guard Eeza cut the orb completely in half with one of her daggers with ease. The two halves simply hit the ground seemingly unaffected by it’s destruction save for being cut in half.

“What the hell was that suppose to do?! You resorting to just throwing your junk at me?” Eeza questioned with an annoyed tone to her voice.

Rayla began to giggle a bit…then she got a little louder, soon she was laughing so loud it began to echo through the forest.

“What are yo-“ Eeza was cut off by the sudden burst of smoke in her face, the two orbs began spraying out a weird blue colored smoke the began to surround her. She started coughing and accidentally inhaling most of the smoke as she attempted to wave it away from her. After it finally settled she glared at Rayla, her eyes tearing a bit from it.

“I didn’t think you had gotten so cheap Ray! I mean come on smoke screens? You didn’t even use it right! Eeza exclaimed attempting to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Eeza noticed Rayla simply watching her, trying to contain her laughter. Suddenly Eeza felt her entire body convulse.

“What the?!” Eeza screamed as she suddenly felt a strange bloated feeling starting to swell up inside her. She turned her head and began to notice the lower part of her bodysuit starting to stretch a bit. After a few second she began to realize, it wasn’t her suit, it was her body! Her butt started swelling up and stretching the fabric of her suit, she could feel her legs starting to thicken and stiffen. She then started to feel the same feeling towards her abdomen and while breaking out in a cold sweat looked down past her breasts to her belly, which sure enough was starting to expand as well. In a matter of moments she went from looking slightly bloated to full blown pregnant. Her normally loose fitting belt was now stretched tight across her expanded gut. She noticed the strange sensation spreading throughout her entire body. Her arms went stiff and began to follow her thighs in the process.

“W…what kind of trick is this?!” Eeza screamed, wincing at the feeling of her suit starting to ride up her still ballooning buttocks. The suit was quite revealing before, showing off just about every curve along her body. Now it did nothing but amplify her expansion.

“A little trick some fairies I studied under, you would be surprised how devious they can be.” Rayla said with a sinister smirk across her lips.

“It’s funny, you always were quite a blow hard, now I guess it’s alllll coming back to you! Il bet you’ll make a lovely mode of transportation once you fill out.”

Eeza winced more as the inflation continued. She felt the sensation yet again and sure enough, her breasts perked up and began to swell outwards like two balloons. By now she looked pretty ridiculous, her belly extened about 4 feet in front of her while her ass stuck out 4 feet back. Her breasts went from C’s now to DD’s! Even her face began to look a little puffy as her cheeks puffed outwards.

“Il..Il…Il get you..for…this!!!” Eeza tried to say through her puffed cheeks as she tried to get closer to Rayla. She couldn’t even grasp her daggers anymore and she was reduced to simply waddling. She continued her hopeless endeavor but stopped as soon as she heard a tearing noise from behind her. She attempted to turn her head around but found it quite difficult with her arms and her cheeks blocking her. Sure enough…her suit began to rip. Right above each cheek towards her hips two tears started and inched along with each passing second. A bit more of her orange skin could be seen as each got bigger. Eeza then heard a loud pop and switched her attention in front of her, she could barely see over her ballooning breasts but it was obvious to her. Her belt had had enough and broke apart, with it out of the way nothing was there to suppress the inflation. Her legs and arms started to meld into her body, give her a much more spherical shape. Eeza winced more as she started to hear more tearing sounds, she could see them starting to form on her breasts, inching a long, she could feel it a long her stomach because she could feel the wind brushing along it. Just then she remembered her backside…

“Oh…no…” she whined. A colossal tearing sound could be heard as her suit completely burst apart, what little fabric left falling off with nothing to keep it from doing so. She flailed her comically small hands and feet as she started to fall backwards. She landed on her butt which caused her to bounce a bit as soon as she hit the ground. The only clothing she had left was her underwear. What used to be a normal pair of dark blue panties now stretch tight along her body, wedged in between her butt cheeks like a thong and her matching bra which was stretched to its limits, barely covering her enormous breasts. She had become a giant orange balloon with massive breasts and tiny, useless little arms and legs. Her torturous expansion finally ceased as she heard…

“Oh..oh my gods this is too great!” Rayla finally spoke, wiping tears from her eyes from laughing so much. “The great and powerful barbarian princess Eeza! Now reduced to nothing more than a big helpless blimp!” She said as she walked over towards her.

“Il get you for this!” Eeza said from between her puffed cheeks.

“Oh silly dimwitted barbarian bimbo, what can you do? Take a look at yourself! That once powerful strong body is all but useless to you now.” Rayla said as she took out a rope.

“Now I can finally get some use out of this little rivalry of ours.” She said as she tied the rope around Eeza’s ankle, or what was left of it anyway.

“What are you planning to do? It’s not like I flo-“ Eeza was cut off yet again by the sudden weightless feeling in her body. She slowly started to lift off the ground like a balloon being set free.

“I forgot to mention the final effects of that smoke I used on you. Sorry!” Rayla said smiling devilishly.

Eeza floated helplessly at the mercy of the fiendish one-eyed mage. No chance for to her escape, her body was completely spherical save for her breasts and butt and what little of her arms and legs were left.

“Now…let’s head back to my place, I have some great ideas for how to use you…” Rayla’s maniacal laugh caused a cold sweat to rush over Eeza as she started carrying her new inflatable toy home…

(Is Eeza truly doomed at the hands of her arch rival? Will she remain a helpless blimp forever? Find out the answers to this and more next time when I try to feebly attempt writing a story!)

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will there be a part 2 ?

will there be a part 2 ?