Taylor and Haley: Blueberry Haley

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There was nothing she could do. Fear gripped her as the small group of individuals with her stepped back as her belly bagan ballooning. Fatter and fatter; she grew. Suddenly, a heavey force pulled her from behind. She turned around at her waist as best she could and witnessed her ass blow up as well.

As her lower half rounded out, she was lifted into the air; the swelling showing no sign of stopping. Her cheeks plumped up as juice filled them. And then, as quickly as it all started, it stopped.

She was a complete sphere, save for her tiny little head and her useless hands and feet. She looked down at the people with her with a pleading look on her face which read, "help!".

"Oh my gosh, she's so fucking huge!" Taylor said, pausing the movie on a fairly descent full-body shot of Violet.

"Yup..." Haley replied, uninterested in her friend's freaky fetish.

The two girls sat on Taylor's couch, enjoying Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Taylor was 19. She had short, brown hair, and nice D-cup breasts. Currently, she wore a red and white plaid shirt, which buttoned down the front, and a pair of regular blue jeans.

Haley was 17, though, she would be 18 in about a month. Currently, she had on a deep-purple patterned shirt, which almost hid her C-cup breasts. She had silky brown hair, which came down to about her soulders.

Taylor's eyes were fixed on te TV, mesmerized by the sight of the fat, juicy blueberry girl that was Violet Beauregarde.

"How have I not seen this footage before?!" Taylor asked herself, not really expecting a reply from Haley.

"I find it a little disturbing, actually," Haley said, cleaning dirt out from under her fingernails. Taylor tore her eyes from the TV, a look of crazed rage in her eyes.

"What do you mean disturbing? This is the hottest blueberry girl video I've seen since... since... well since the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," Taylor informed her friend, irritated by Haley's opinion.

"At least in the original Violet's body wasn't ruined. She could at least waddle, this poor girl can't move at all," Haley argued.

"Which makes this one hotter," Taylor concluded, upausing the movie.

Haley had moved in with Taylor about a year and a half ago after her parents died. Before that, they had been good friends, meeting while Haley was still in the eighth grade.

The arrangement worked out alright; the two got along just fine. The problem arose when Haley discoered her friend's fetish for women blowing up into blueberries, which was a little strange to Haley at first, but she eventually got used to it. That's not to say that she liked it; she simply tolerated it. And now the two sat there, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; an idea brought about after Haley asked Taylor if the new Violet scene turned her on as much as the old one did.

"Gosh that is sooo sexy..." Taylor said as Violet's sherieking head dissapeared underneath her orb of a body as the Oompa Loompas rolled her towards the boat.

"You are so strange, you know that?" Haley asked, looking at her friend in disgust. Taylor watched in awe as Violet was slowly rolled closed and closer to the door.

And then she got stuck.

"Oh my gosh!" Taylor paused the movie again, and continually readjusted her sitting position; so turned on that she couldn't sit still. Haley noticed this, and rolled her eyes.

"Gosh, why isn't there ever a guy near by to fuck you when you want them to?" Taylor asked, still caught in a state of restlessness.


Later that night, Haley wandered up the stairs to her room. As she passed Taylor's door, she noticed Taylor was typing away on her laptop. Curiousity caught the better of her, and she crept into Taylor's room to see what she was typing. Closer and closer she approached; until she was just over Taylor's shoulder.

Taylor was on her DeviantART page, typing in a story of some sort. Haley read over her friend's shoulder;


"...as the pressure mounted in her belly. Then, her boobs ballooned outward, quickly filling out her bra while her butt blew up as well. 'What the fuck is happening to me?' Haley screamed, as I simply watched as my best friend and roommate blew up; mesmerized by how sexy my blue-ballooning friend looked."


"What the hell, Taylor?!" Haley yelled. She stormed out of the room; her fists clenched in rage.

"Oh shit," Taylor murmered, minimizing the screen. She followed Haley down the hall, apologising all the way. Finally, Taylor was face to face with Haley's door.

"Haley, open up," Taylor pleaded, trying to get the locked door open.

"Go away," Haley shouted in reply, angerly changing into her pajamas; a pair of dark blue work-out pants and a zip-up work-out sweater. She sat on her bed, whipping away a frustrated tear from her eye.

"Haley, look, I understand your anger," Taylor explained, "but it's not that big of a deal."

"Not a big deal!" Haley said, a tone of deep hatred in her voice. "You were writing about me turning into a blueberry, and how hot you thought I looked! My gosh, I mean... how long have you been attracted to me?"

"I'm not attracted to you specifically," Taylor tried to explain.

"Oh no?"

"No. I'm attracted to the idea of you turning into a blueberry. I'm attracted to the idea of ANY female blowing up into blueberry," Taylor said, not sure if that discription would make since to Haley. After all, only people with the fetish usually understand it.

Not a sound was heard on the other side of the door. Taylor stood for a short while more, waiting for a response, but alas: silence. She headed back to her room to finish the story, then went down stairs to watch TV.


Up in her room, Haley had her laptop open to Taylor's DeviantART page, reading through every story she had ever posted.

There were stories about her becoming a blueberry, Taylor becoming a blueberry, her boobs blowing up, Taylor's boobs blowing up, both of their boobs blowing up simultaniously, and there was even a story about Haley's belly blowing up to about twice the size of the octomom's.

*[i]Maybe it's not as big a deal as I thought it was[/i]* Haley thoght to herself. She still wasn't sold on the fetish, but she didn't mind being the victim to expansion in Taylor's stories.

Haley stood up, and headed down the hall to apologies to Taylor. As she reached the bottum of the stairs, she noticed several strips of gum lying on the table. Not thinking much of it, she popped a piece into her mouth, and headed into the living room.

"Hey," Haley said shyly, "can we talk?"

"Sure," Taylor replied, muting the TV.

Haley sat down next to her on the couch. Taylor immediatly notcied Haley was chomping away on a stick of gum, and was about to say something to her about it, but Haley cut her off.

"Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I thought it over, and I realize that it's not really that big of a deal."

Taylor stared at the blue dot slowly spreading across Haley's face. "Haley, I am so, so sorry."

"But you don't have a reason to be, I'm the one who over reacted," Haley explained, unaware of the changes happening to her skin color.

"No, I should be sorry. I should have told you earlier, but... the gum on the table at the bottum of the stairs is actual blueberry gum," Taylor offered an apologetic look. Haley seemed confused. Suddenly, her eyes grew wide as she felt her belly push out. She looked down at he stomach, jumping off of the couch. Taylor sat where she was, a worried look on her face, though, she also seemed to be enjoying her friend's situation.

"What the hell did you do to me?!" Haley shouted as her belly began looking about the size of a woman nine months pregnant with 12.

"Sorry!" Taylor said, genuinly apologetic, though still enjoying what was going on. Suddenly, Haley's boobs began blowing up, nearly doubling in size of the course of a couple of seconds.

"OH MY GOSH! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY BOOBS!" Haley screeched, moving her hands from her belly up to her boobs, holding one in each hand as if examining them to ensure they were really her's.

"Really sorry?!" Taylor offered, though, she wasnt sure she should be sorry for giving her friend bigger boobs.

Haley's butt began to join the race, and was streatching her pants to the limit. Haley twisted herself arond at the waist as best she could to get a view of her ballooing butt.

"MY PERFECT ASS! OH MY GOSH IT'S SO HUGE!!!!!!" Haley whined. She turned her attention back to Taylor.

"HELP ME!" She cried, as her bottom half began to round out.

"I... I can't," Taylor said, mesmerized by the sight of Haley.

"TAYLOR!" Haley cried as the weight of her boobs caused her roll onto her front. She placed her palms flat on the ground for support, as she twisted herself around to get a view of her now non-existant legs. She looked back at Taylor, a look of fear and panic on her face as her boobs lifted her so far off the ground that she was no longer propped on her hands. Soon, the rest of her had rounded out.

And there it stopped. There she sat: Haley; once an attractive 17-year-old girl, now a big blue blueberry with boobs. Taylor rolled her onto her bottom, and looked up at her.

"I'm really, really sorry," she said, with a slight bit of a giggle.

"Yeah right! You think this is sexy, don't you!?" Haley said, shaking her hands and feet in anger.

Taylor thought for a second, then pushed her friend onto her back.

"What the hell are you doing!" Haley demanded as Taylor made her way around to one of Haley's sides.

"I'm rolling you to bed, fat ass," Taylor replied.

"I'm not fat!" Haley shouted in reply as Taylor began to roll her away. She kinda liked the way this felt, though.

As they reached Haley's room, Haley had one request for Taylor, "Can you PLEASE take a picture of me?"

"Why?" Taylor asked, guessing at the answer.

"I wanna see what I look like all big and blue like this."

"You like it, don't you?" Taylor asked, snapping the photo.

"NO!" Haley said in defense. Taylor jumped up on the bed, and brought the cmera to Haley's eyes level.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so fat!" Haley said to herself.

"Please," Taylor said, jumping off of the bed, "don't say that again."

"Say what? I'm so fat?"

"Yes," Taylor replied, turning her head away as she did.

"Why? Does it turn you on when I do?"

Taylor shook her head 'no'.

"Oh yes it does! You love hearing about how big and fat and helpess I am!"

"Please stop!"

"Gosh! I can't even move! I'm as big as a house!"

"Stop it!"

"OH, and then there's my boobs!"

Taylor turned around and pushed her friend onto her back in playful anger. She then began making her way to the door.

"So, you're going to juice me in the morning, right?" Haley asked, somewhat enjoying the situation.

"We'll see, good night," Taylor said, clicking off the light.


The next day, Haley awoke in the bathroom; her jacket unzipped and Taylor squeezing juice out of her boobs into the tub.

"You know, I really don't mind you touching my boobs as much as I thought I would," Haley stated, still a little sleepy.

"Good," Haley replied, "Because you must have had a lot of juice in you to blow up that big. It'll take me a while to get it all out."


About an hour later, all the juice had been squeezed out of Haley's body. As she put on the change of cloths Taylor brought for her, another workout outfit with a white shirt, she noticed that her body was different than what it was befor she blew up. Sure, she was still blue, but the pants had to be fought with in order to streatch across her now ghetto-sized booty and hips, and her shirt was so small, her now DD-boobs barely fit in it. On top of that, she could only get the sweater to zip up about half way.

"I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that," Taylor said as the two sat back down in the living room.

"It's alright.... It was.... fun," Haley replied, examining her bloated boobs.

"So I was thinking," Haley said, drawing Taylor's attention, "maybe tonight YOU could be the blueberry, and I can roll YOU around."

Taylor's face lit up in a big smile, "I would like that."

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Taylor is me in a nutshell.


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Taylor is me in a nutshell.