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Ally got off the Stairmaster and grabbed her towel. She mopped the sweat from her neck and face, then went over to the nautilus machines. Ally drew a few glances from the men in the club, but not as many as she would have liked. She knew why, too. Although she was in very good shape, her figure was very much on the slender end of the spectrum. Her chest was barely an A-cup, her butt was as flat as a tabletop, and there was only a slight hint of flare to her hips. She was no Kate Moss, but to Ally, who would rather be in the Anna Nicole Smith range, she may as well have been. She looked like the typical fashion model. As it was, Ally was a fashion model. She figured as long as she couldn't do anything about her figure (which she couldn't, as she had tried), she might as well use it to her advantage. If Calvin Klein and Francois Girbaud wanted to pay a stick woman like her a six figure salary to wear their overpriced clothes, Ally wasn't about to stand in their way.

The machines Ally preferred to use were the Kaiser machines, which used hydraulic air pressure for resistance. She sat down on the seated fly machine, the first station in her routine. This particular machine had foot pedals to adjust the resistance, and, since it was currently at zero, Ally pressed down on one of them to increase the resistance. She heard the hissing of the air move through the hoses of the machine, but the needle on the pressure gauge didn't move. She frowned a puzzled frown as she watched the gauge, wondering when it would start to move.

Ally then noticed a pressure in her chest. She looked down and what she saw made her jaw fall open in amazement. She had breasts! They looked to be a bit bigger than a B-cup. As shocking as that was, Ally was even more shocked to discover that they were getting bigger! In the short time since she first looked down, they had moved into the C-cup range.

As Ally sat, staring at her growing breasts and wondering what was going on, the sound of the air in the hoses of the exercise machine broke her trance. She remembered seeing the needle on the pressure gauge being stuck on zero, looked at it once again to see that it still hadn't moved, and, in a flash of enlightenment, speculated that maybe the air from the machine was somehow inflating her breasts, although she had no idea how that could be happening. Regardless, she took her foot off the pedal and watched her breasts to see what effect this would have.

As the hissing stopped, so did the growth in Ally's breasts, but not before they had reached what looked to be a very full D-cup. It was difficult to estimate their size, as the snug fit of her leotard squished them into her chest. Whatever size they were, they were a far cry from what they had been just fifteen seconds earlier.

Ally continued to stare at them, breathless with excitement. She still had no clue what had just happened, or how, but it was a dream come true. She noticed that although they felt full on her chest, they didn't feel nearly as heavy as she would have expected them to. She surmised that if they had, in fact, been filled with air, they wouldn't be very heavy. She wondered if they would move or feel like real breasts. She shook her chest, causing them to jiggle ever so slightly. They didn't seem to shimmy quite as much as breasts that large should - though the snug fitting Spandex of her leotard may have had something to do with it - but Ally was glad to see that they didn't behave like balloons, as she was worried they might. Wanting to know how they felt, but not wanting to look like a pervert, Ally rubbed her left breast with the side of her right hand, as though she were scratching an itch. She discovered, to her happiness, that they felt soft and fleshy, as though they were completely natural.

An idea began to form in Ally's head. She was on the chest fly machine, which was designed to build a bigger chest, and somehow the air from the machine had found its way inside her chest, inflating it. Would any other machines have the same effect? She decided to find out, but first, she wanted she'd make her breasts just a little bit bigger, so she pressed down on the pedal once again. As before, the air hissed through the hoses, and her breasts began to grow. When they looked to be a DD-cup, Ally took her foot off the pedal, and both the hissing and the growth ceased.

Ally wanted to see if she could add some fullness to her hips, so she went over to the hip machine, which worked the outer thigh muscles. This machine had buttons on the handgrips, rather than foot pedals, to adjust the resistance. She sat down and took hold of the handgrips. Watching her hips anxiously, she pressed the button to increase the air pressure. She heard the air hissing through the hoses, felt a pressure in her hips and thighs, and, to her delight, saw them begin to fill out under her Spandex tights. Again, Ally had no idea how this was happening, but she was elated that it was. When it looked as though her hips were about three inches wider on either side, she took her thumb off the button, stopping the air flow and her growth. Ally observed that the growth hadn't merely made her hips wider on the outside; her thighs had become proportionately fuller all around.

Ally rubbed her hands along her hips. Whereas before her hands would have followed an almost straight line from her waist to her knees, they now traced a delightful curve out and away from her waist - still a wasp-like 23 inches - before rounding back in above her knees. What's more, they felt soft, but not fat.

Ally got off the machine and went over to the mirrored wall to check herself out. As she walked, she noticed for the first time that her peripheral vision wasn't used to seeing such a large bust on her chest. Instinctively, she looked down, even though she knew what was there. She smiled to herself; her new chest was going to take some getting used to, but she didn't mind.

As she looked herself over in the mirror, Ally noted with satisfaction that the extra inches in her hips and thighs didn't make her look fat. Instead, they made her look voluptuous. Except for one thing: her butt. Despite the added curves in her hips, her butt was still flat. Ally decided that she would have to remedy that problem, so she went over to the leg curl machine, figuring that would do the trick.

Ally got on the machine, laying down on her stomach. Her chest, which before today had always been as flat as the padded bench she was lying on, now was pushed away by her breasts, which were squished between the bench and her body. Ally loved how it felt as her large, soft breasts were pressed tightly against her chest, so she raised her chest off the bench and lowered it back down again, pretending to adjust herself on the bench. She did that a second time, enjoying the feeling, then grabbed the handgrips and prepared to do away with her flat behind.

Ally was glad that this machine was near a mirror. Otherwise, laying on her stomach, she wouldn't have been able to see her butt, and would have had to guess at how much bigger it was getting. She didn't want a flat butt, but she didn't want it too big, either. For the first time, Ally wondered if trying to decrease the resistance in whatever machine she was on would cause the corresponding part of her body to become smaller. She decided to find out. First things first, however. Watching her butt carefully in the mirror, Ally pressed the button on the handgrip. The hissing started, as did a now familiar pressure, this time in her butt. Ally watched as her butt began to grow. It only took a few seconds until it was the size she wanted it to be, and Ally took her thumb off the button, again stopping the hissing of the air and the growth of her body.

Ally got off the leg curl machine. She took a moment to sit down, wanting to see what it would feel like. Her butt felt a bit cushiony, as though there were a down comforter between her and the bench she was sitting on. Smiling, she got up and walked to the mirror for a closer look. She had judged the size perfectly; her butt was nice and round and sexy, a perfect complement to her full, curvaceous hips. Ally was amazed at how different her body had become. Curves that had once been nonexistent were now plentiful.

Ally went back to the leg curl machine to find out if she could decrease the size of her various body parts. She got on, watched her butt in the mirror, and pressed the button on the other handgrip, the one that decreased the resistance. The hissing began, but lasted only about a second. In that second, Ally watched her butt completely deflate back to its former flatness. She was a bit surprised at how quickly it had happened, but decided that it made sense; it's quicker and easier to deflate something than it is to inflate it. She pressed down on the other button, and the hissing began. She felt the pressure in her butt once again, and watched as it grew back to the size she had made it earlier.

Smiling, Ally realized she wouldn't be able to use the Kaiser machines for her workout anymore, but that was no big loss. They had already given her the body she had always dreamed of, and besides, there were other machines she could use.

Ally decided to skip the rest of her workout and go home. As she walked toward the locker room, she passed the abdominal machine. She smiled as she considered making her stomach bigger. The feeling she had gotten as she increased various parts of her body had been somewhat addicting, and she found herself wondering what it would be like to have a beachball-sized stomach - at least for a little while - without it being fat and saggy and gross, and without having to carry so much weight around. She noticed that despite the inches she had added to her body, she felt as though she were only a few pounds heavier. The club was a bit crowded, however, and, while no one had seemed to notice what she was doing so far, what she was considering would probably attract too much attention. She decided to wait for another time, when the club was less crowded.

Ally grabbed her purse out of her locker, then went over to the sink. As she washed her hands, she admired her figure in the mirror. She went to grab a paper towel, but the dispenser was empty. Ally frowned at the thought of having to use the hot air hand dryer. She often wondered what engineering school dropout invented that miracle of modern technology. She punched the square metal button and held her hands underneath the nozzle. The high-pitched, jumbo jet whine pierced the air, but no air came out of the nozzle.

As the pressure Ally had felt back on the exercise machines started once more - in her breasts, hips, thighs, and butt, all at once - she was overcome with a dreadful sense of deja vu. Her eyes went wide as she looked at her reflection in the mirror to see that not only were all those parts of her body growing larger, but at a faster rate than they had previously. Panicked, she grabbed her purse and ran for one of the bathroom stalls.

By the time she had shut the door behind her, her breasts were already slightly large than volleyballs, her hips were about three inches wider on either side, and her butt, which had grown fuller and rounder, looked as though she had split a basketball in half and stuck it in inside her tights. And she was still growing! As the wail of the hand dryer continued, Ally wondered how much longer it would be before it shut off, and how much bigger she would get. She was thankful she was wearing Spandex, as she watched her body continue to grow. She wondered if everything that caused a flow of pressurized air would have this effect on her, and she hoped that the exercise machines would be able to reverse the effect, since there was no reverse button on the hand dryer. She didn't want to think about what she would do if she couldn't get her body back to the way it had been. Barely audible above the sound of the hand dryer, Ally could hear the faint rustle of the Spandex as it stretched to accommodate her continually increasing curves.

After what seemed like an eternity, the hand dryer finally shut off. By that time, however, her breasts had grown to the size of basketballs, her hips had grown another five inches wider on either side, and her butt looked like two halves of a beachball inside her tights. At their widest point, her thighs were each as big around as a basketball. As she looked at her lower body - which was hard to do with her massive breasts in the way - she saw that she still didn't look fat, just huge. Her hipline, however, looked as though it would measure a full five feet around. Her bustline appeared to be about 60 inches, as well. Between her bust and her hips, her 23 inch waist would have to look pencil-like in comparison. Ally had no idea how her leotard and tights had stretched so much without ripping, but she doubted they could have taken much more. If it weren't for her leotard, her tights would probably have slid down over her butt. The bad news was that the back of her leotard had bunched together and was wedged between her gigantic butt cheeks, causing a bit of discomfort.

Despite the concern she felt over the possibility of being stuck this way, her super-curvaceous body gave Ally a measure of enjoyment. After being pretty much a stick woman all her life, it was nice to have a voluptuous figure, even if, at the present moment, it was more comical than natural looking. Ally ran her hands over her body, rubbing and pinching and squeezing to see what it felt like. Amazingly, it still felt completely natural. As firm and round as her breasts were, they were still soft and fleshy. Although she couldn't see them, Ally noticed when she felt her nipples that they had grown to the size of wine corks, and her aureolae had grown to the size of compact discs. Her hips, thighs, and butt felt fleshy, but firm, like they did when she was 13, before she lost that womanly layer of baby fat and acquired the thin, boyish physique she had as an adult. If, as Ally desperately hoped, there was a way to reverse what had just happened, she decided that it would be a lot of fun experimenting with her body.

When she came out of her reverie, Ally realized that there was no way she could go back out into the health club without everyone noticing her. She had to, however, if she wanted to find out whether or not the exercise machines could reverse the effects of what had just happened. She decided to make a break for it. If she moved quickly and tried to act as natural as possible, she might draw less attention than if she tried to sneak around without anyone seeing her. With her hand on the door latch, Ally tried to calm herself, then, in one quick motion, opened the latch and the door, and darted out into the locker room.

And almost ran headlong into one of the cleaning staff. When Ally had ducked into the stall, she had been the only one in the locker room. Over the din of the hand dryer, she must not have heard the other woman come in. Doing a quick sidestep to avoid her, Ally tripped on an electrical cord that hadn't been there earlier. As she fell, she saw what it was attached to: a vacuum cleaner. Instinctively, Ally put her arms out to brace her fall, and, by some amazing coincidence, hit the power switch on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. It roared to life as it toppled to the ground next to Ally.

The locker room employee quickly came to Ally's side. "Oh my god, are you o..." her voice trailed off as her gaze moved from Ally's face to her body. Ally, after confirming that she hadn't hurt herself - her extra curves must have helped cushion her fall - looked up at the woman by her side, then followed her gaze down to her own body. Her eyes went wide and then a relieved smile spread across her face as she watched her mammoth curves getting smaller. Then, as if noticing the sound of the vacuum cleaner for the first time, she glanced over at it, and the connection was made in her mind. If the hand dryer, designed to force air out, had increased the size of her body, it made sense - at least, as much sense as any of this made - that the vacuum cleaner, designed to suck air in, would have the opposite effect of decreasing the size of her body.

"What in the world?" the locker room employee wondered aloud as she watched Ally's body shrink, rather quickly, back to its former skinny self.

Ally reached over and turned the vacuum cleaner off, then picked herself up off the floor. "Thanks," she told the locker room employee with a smile, then picked up her purse and went back out into the health club. The locker room employee could only stare at her, dumbfounded. As she walked, Ally noticed that her leotard and tights didn't fit quite as snugly, after having been stretched out so much. She wasn't concerned, however; she could easily remedy that situation. As far as Ally could tell, any device that either forced air from one place to another had an effect on her body, which meant that there were a number of things she could experiment with. Her smile grew wider as she thought of the different things she planned to do to her body...

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