Autonomous Sensory Inflationary Response

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The email couldn't have come at a better time. The client had moved their deadline up, so the firm was making Lily and her team working later to get their new logo out. Two sixty-hour weeks were starting to show in her face, her eyes sunken and slightly darker, as well as her blonde hair, which had lost its healthy sheen and showed signs of frizz. Though she loved her job, it was the routine crunch before the end of their projects that was its most tiresome aspect. Her usual habits of listening to ASMR videos at her desk were progressively becoming less effective as well.

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You’re feeling so sleepy… Very sleepy…

Inflation Types:

“Hey Billy.” Rob greeted his flatmate with a sigh. “Move up, you’re taking up all the sofa.” Billy huffed and budged over to let his friend sit down.

“Where have you been?”

“My hypnotherapy class.”

“You’re still going to that?” Billy took a swig of beer. “Thought you were going to give up?”

“It beats sitting around here with you, wearing… what is that?”

“A dragon onsie. What does it look like?”

“Yeah. It beats that.”

“What did you try to learn tonight?”

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