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Bikini Season

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The morning sun shone through the blinds as Joyce stood in front of her bathroom mirror. Summer had come, and with it bikini season. She stood clad in her red bikini, running her hands over her body. An exercise regiment had done wonders in slimming her down, but it had also left her top a little less full than she liked. Joyce wasn’t at all disappointed however, as she had a talent for solving such problems.

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Blimp 3

On Shania's suggestion I decided to spend some time away from the beach.  She recommended a spot just a few miles out of town, a plot of wide open undeveloped land, away from power lines and airplane flight paths.  It wasn't visited that often, she said, but when I arrived there was already someone there.

She was a blonde wearing a black unitard with a blue stripe running down either side.  You know, before I got into this I didn't even know that was what you called leotards with legs.  If nothing else it's been a learning experience.

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