Berry on Vacation

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BB stopped and listened - and heard only the wind and the birds. Her group went too far away. She was lost.


BB took a decent inhale. The air was brewed on herbs and fresh apples. She observed landscape lit by the sun. Golden field of buckwheat, a road curving around deserted apple garden. A village of log houses, a ribbon of birches mapping the bed of unseen river, hills and rocks on the other side to the horizon. The wristwatch showed 3 pm.

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Girl Power

- This is the prize; - A woman with double chin opened a suitcase and showed the packs of currency inside. Then she put it on the bar stand, and carefully closed both locks. – The winners will divide those between them. I love inflation movies! The public loves inflation movies. I know your kind, so if the feed is cut off - no prize for anyone. See you in 100 minutes. – She lifted the suitcase, turned and walked out, there was a sound of a car driving away. The two guards stayed though.

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