The Replacement


Women begin inexplicably swelling up, with terrifying results.


Fear, Part II

Carrie fought the urge to look at the man that she knew to be staring at her.

It was just another creepy guy getting his kicks she guessed. She got it all the time, but never let it get to her. She knew she had what guys wanted, but she used her feminine powers for good.

"That'll be three fourteen please," the man behind the counter said.

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Fear, Part I

It was a beautiful day, Lesile had decided to call her friend Elizabeth to go into town to go shopping. Lesile was already at the meeting point, only living a couple of blocks from the main street of town.

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Charlie's Chocolate Factory

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Charlie watched Crystal examine the machine. They always did, there was just something drawing about it. The sheer mechanical nature of the thing made it a thing to marvel at, without even knowing its purpose. Giant presses, pipes, gears, and pneumatic filled the whole room. The machine used to be smaller, but Charlie had refined it, expanded its functions. He took pride in his work, ten years worth.

“Wow, what does this thing do,” Crystal asked.

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