Donna's New Look, Part 1

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Madame Dubois poked her head into the dressing room. "Have you seen Donna around? The show's about to begin, and I can't find her anywhere."

Vanessa shrugged. "Maybe she overslept," she offered.

"Overslept? Overslept! For the Grandenberg account? She'd better be dead if she misses this show!" She left.

Vanessa smiled to herself and sat back in a chair in her dressing room and picked up the remote control. Well, it wasn't really her dressing room, but the sudden and suspiciously convenient appearance of several rather large rats had persuaded the rest of Madam Dubois' models to use the main dressing room exclusively. Despite their warnings, Vanessa had told them that privacy during preparation had been one of the keys to her success in the industry.

And it was. After all, it wouldn't do to have people inquiring why her hairdresser and makeup artist, Gertrude, had dragged an air tank into the dressing room. She pressed 'play'.

The image that came on screen was that of a distinguished, older gentleman in an expensive suit standing outside an extravagant hotel. "Hello, my name is Nicholas Grandenberg, owner of Grandenberg's Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos. Many years ago, when I was planning my first hotel, an architect told me 'Putting up a building that high just isn't possible!' Do you know what I said? 'You're fired.'"

The scene shifted to the same man in a flashy, glittery, neon-filled scene outside a Vegas casino. "An accountant once said to me 'Do you really expect to fill a casino this size?' Do you know what I said? You're fired.'"

The scene shifted to a fantasy-like poolside scene at a tropical paradise with beautiful tanned people swimming, lounging, and sipping from drinks with little umbrellas in them. "One of my marketing execs once told me 'Six is enough. Another swimming pool won't bring in any more business.' Do you know what I said? You're fired.'"

Back at the hotel. "I've spent my life creating fantastic places where people can have fun and relax, never cutting corners, never compromising..." The commercial went on a bit more, but Vanessa had already reviewed enough tapes on Nicholas Grandenberg to know exactly what kind of man he was.

Grandenberg, Inc. was looking for woman to use in their next advertising campaign. Mr. Grandenberg was big on doing his own commercials, and when he did use models or spokespersons, he handpicked them himself. And he was very particular. This was why this show was so very important. Apparently Grandenberg avoided using modeling agencies, but had been persuaded this time to allow several organizations the opportunity to present their models to him. So all of the top models from the Dubois Agency had been called in to model swimsuits in a private showing for Mr. Grandenberg and his marketing people. Nobody was being paid for this show, but it was a million dollar contract for the girl who got picked and the Agency got a cut, so Madame Dubois had taken personal interest in this one. Money matters aside, the exposure alone would be incredible: The First Modeling Agency Good Enough for the Great Billionaire Nicholas Grandenberg.

And Vanessa had planned on being the First Model Good Enough. She was strikingly beautiful, with deep blue eyes, high delicate cheekbones, and jet black hair. Her lean, slender form was very popular with most of their European customers, but Nicholas was a Texan by birth, and Texans like a little meat on their bones. But Vanessa wasn't known as "The Chameleon" for nothing.

Vanessa had a secret. Quite a few in fact. There was a rather reclusive man living out West who, in exchange for a share of her earnings and the occasional sexual favor, kept her supplied with what she needed to keep her competitive edge. You might call him a wizard, of sorts. At any rate, he provided Vanessa with various potions, creams, and other such things that allowed her to make dramatic alterations to her appearance. By studying potential client's past presentations, she could determine their preferences and change herself into whatever she thought they wanted. Her dramatic transformations had amazed those who worked with her, and until recently had made her Madame Dubois' top model.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a small bottle. Her supplier had assured her that the fluid inside would make her body elastic in all the right places. She would need a more voluptuous figure in order to get Grandenberg's attention. She had to be curvaceous, but not extremely so; if she was reading Nicholas Grandenberg right, then he loved his buildings above all else. His model had to be attractive, but too big a bust would distract the audience from his beautiful creations, which would probably upset him greatly.

The music started outside, meaning the show had begun. No worries, there were quite a few models, and Vanessa was second to last in the show. She would have been third to last, and Madame Dubois probably still thought she was. Donna, the Dubois Agency's newest top model who had been scheduled as a grand finale, was the only one who stood a chance of beating out Vanessa for this assignment. But Vanessa had arranged it so that airhead couldn't possibly make it to the show today. She was almost ready, hair and makeup done, red bikini on. It hung a little loose on her right now, but she wanted to save the final touch for the last moment to ensure that she surprised everyone and held on to her reputation as The Chameleon. She was just about to uncork the bottle when Getrude flew in.

"Donna's here!" she gasped.

"She's what?!"

And just then, Donna rushed into the dressing room. "Make room folks, I don't have much ti-- Where is everybody?" Miraculously, she looked ready to hit the runway, already made up, with her long blonde hair combed out straight and lustrous. And Vanessa just knew that, under that overcoat, she was probably wearing the silver one-piece that would win her the approval of Grandenberg, Inc.

Vanessa quickly stood in front of the air tank, pulling a towel to cover it behind her. "There were rats in here. You should probably go to the other dressing ro--"

"Nah, back on the farm I saw vermin that'd make your hair go white. A couple o' rats won't bother me, besides, I don't have time. But thanks for lookin' out for me."

It took every ounce of Vanessa's self control to keep from showing her rage. Not only would she not be able to keep Donna out of the show, but she wouldn't be able to use her potion until she left. And since Donna was the last model...Damn that little bitch!

Donna had joined the agency only six months ago, but had already established herself. She was an innocent, naive farmer's daughter from the midwest, but she had a natural look that was perfect in every way. Golden blonde hair, large blue eyes set in a face that was never touched by a blemish. Measuring 36C-24-36 and almost six feet tall, this farm girl had quickly surpassed Vanessa. She'd tried to sabotage Donna's career on many occasions, but luck seemed to follow that girl around wherever she went. And dumb as she was, she still thought Vanessa was one of her best friends in the business.

"You wouldn't believe the time I had gettin here," Donna went on, oblivious. "First, all three elevators were busted so I had to walk down twenty-three floors.." She took off her overcoat, revealing her sleek, shimmering swimsuit and started primping herself. "Then, when I get downstairs, my car won't start. The pay phone in the lobby's broken, so I have to go all the way back upstairs to call a cab. Wouldn't ya know it, my phone's dead too! And I'm all messed up and sweaty from all that running, and I figure I'll never make it here in time to get all dolled up. I was ready cry, cause I was gonna miss the most important show of my life, right? So I go across the hall to borrow their phone, and you won't believe it, but little old Mrs. Binkley used to run a salon! As soon as I told her my story, she got a plan together, said she could get me all done up herself. I showered and changed over there, and Mrs. Binkley called a cab for me. I told her I couldn't go down all those stairs without ruinin my look. Lucky for me, her hubby's one of the maintenance men, so she got him to work on one of the elevators real quick. By the time she was all done with me, Mr. Binkley had an elevator going and I got downstairs just in time to catch my cab. They haven't called for me yet, have they?"

"Of course not, you're the last model in the show," Vanessa grumbled. She couldn't change while Donna was there, but even that wouldn't matter in the least unless she could keep Donna from making it into the show.

"Oh great! What's that air tank for? We got balloons here?"

Vanessa cringed. Then, noticing the silver fabric of Donna's swimsuit, she got an idea. "Hold on a sec, Donna dear." She went over to Gertrude and whispered, "Leave and come back in about ten minutes to call me out. Pretend it's real urgent." She turned back to Donna, her best smile plastered on. "I'm so glad you made it, Donna! The tank is for something very special. It's why I took the dressing room all to myself, I wanted to keep it a secret. But since we're both the best models around here, I guess I can let you in on it. Do you believe in magic, Donna?"

"Sure, I guess."

Vanessa took out the bottle and explained its effects. "You see, I have it on good authority that Mr. Grandenberg likes his women -- how shall I put it -- well endowed. The bigger, the better, if you know what I mean. The problem is, none of Madame Dubois' models is busty enough to please a man of Mr. Grandenberg's tastes. And since this contract would mean so much to the Agency, and Madame Dubois so very much had her heart set on it, I was willing to try any means necessary to get it for her. I was counting on you showing up, but with you not around I figured I was only possible choice."

"I still don't get it. What about the tank?"

"That's how the magic works. Once I drink it the potion, I still have to fill myself up somehow. And so..." She gestured to the tank. "And now that both Madame Dubois' most sought-after models are here, we can both do it! Grandenberg is sure to like one of us!"

"Do you really think this'll work?"

"Of course it will! You've seen me perform miracles almost as spectacular than this, haven't you?"

Donna nodded in agreement, remembering the Paris show. "But isn't this kinda like cheating?"

Vanessa put her arm around Donna's shoulders. "Donna dear, I'm not doing this for me. If I was, would I be sharing it with you? I get plenty of assignments, I don't need this one, and I really don't care who gets it as long as its one of us. It's just that all the girls would benefit so much if one of us got this contract. The Dubois Agency would get so much publicity, we'd all have more work than we could handle. And Madame Dubois would be so happy. Remember it was her that made you the model you are today. I know it seems a bit underhanded, but wouldn't you do this one little thing, just once, not for yourself but for Madame Dubois?"

Donna bit her lip and thought for a moment. "Ok, I'll do it for her." She hugged Vanessa. "I'm so glad to have a friend like you. How does this work?"

"I'll go first to show you. I just need you to run the tank. First you drink from this..." She took a gulp of the thick, bitter mixture. "Wait about a minute..." She could feel the tingling as the effect spread through her body. "Then it's time to get pumped up!" She took the hose from the tank and inserted it into her navel. What she didn't mention was that nozzle on the hose had been specially made for this purpose. "Turn on the air. Carefully."

"Okaay," Donna said, still a bit wary. She turned the knob on the tank, and the hose stirred a bit as air rushed through it, hissing softly. Vanessa felt the nozzle lodge into place as the air flowed into her. Donna's jaw dropped as she saw Vanessa's hips and bust begin to slowly expand. "Holy cow, it's working!"

"Yes," Vanessa said, grinning. Her thighs fleshed out nicely as her hips widened while her stomach and waist were completely unaffected, just as she had been promised. Her modest B cup bosom swelled, becoming fuller and fuller, taking up the slack in her bikini top and beginning to bulge out of it as her breasts approached the size of large grapefruit. Suddenly she started waving her hands frantically. "Stop! Turn it off!" Donna did, and Vanessa's shoulders sagged as her face fell in disappointment.

Donna did. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't plan well enough," she sighed. "This bikini won't stretch, so if I get any bigger I won't be able to wear it. But I'm still not anywhere near big enough to impress Mr. Grandenberg. And it's the only suit I have!" Her head snapped up as she eyed Donna's suit. "I bet that swimsuit can stretch a lot. You could get huge! Maybe even big enough to win over Grandenberg for us! You still want to try it, right? You're our only hope!"

"Sure. Gimme a drink of that stuff." She took a big gulp from the bottle and made a face. "Tastes pretty yucky. Oooh, it tingles, though!"

"That means it's working." She waited a bit. "Ready?"

She shifted nervously. "Ready."

Vanessa slipped the hose in through the back of the swimsuit and inserted the nozzle deep into Donna's navel. Then she turned on the gas.

Donna let out a little squeal as the nozzle wedged itself into her belly button. "This feels weird!" Vanessa had remembered that the suit Donna was modeling was designed to be extremely form fitting, but to get the effect the designer had to make it out of a very elastic material. Just like Vanessa, her hips, thighs and breasts were filling out with air, but Donna had a lot more to work with. The suit easily stretched and held to every curve as her legs and buttocks plumped up, gaining bulk. Her breasts inflated as well going from her C cups swelling up and out, until the front of her suit was pulled skin tight across a bosom that had surpassed double D. "Look Vanessa, I'm even bigger than you now!" Donna marveled at her new body.

"That's nothing new," she mumbled to herself. "How much more can that suit stretch?" Vanessa asked. Not that she really cared.

Donna hooked her thumbs under the shoulder straps and pulled up experimentally. "Oh, this thing's amazing, we got plenty of--"

"Good, we need to hurry this up."

Vanessa turned the knob some more and the hissing grew louder. Donna's swelling increased in speed. Soon her breasts were approaching the size of twin basketballs, her thighs had nearly doubled in size, and her butt had puffed up so much the back of her swimsuit was riding up like a thong. "You think this is big enough for him?" Donna asked, sounding a bit concerned.

Vanessa looked her inflating companion over appraisingly and had to suppress a chuckle. "Oh, you're doing just fine, almost as big as his first wife."

Donna raised her eyebrows. "Almost?"

"Right about there now. Yeah, rumor has it he left her for his mistress. She had even bigger tits. Come to think of it, I think he dumped her after a while, too." A little smirk leaked out of her. She was making this stuff up as she went along!

"Ok, we'll go just a little bit bigger then."

Getrude called from outside. "Vanessa, I need you right now!"

"Coming, Gertrude." Donna had turned at the sound of the voice, and Vanessa took the opportunity to wedge a nail file under the knob on the air tank. She jerked down abruptly, breaking off the tip. "I'll be right back, Donna, don't go anywhere." Little did the poor girl know that the nozzle was designed to stay in place as long as there was air flowing through it. Vanessa laughed softy when she was clear of the dressing room.

"Hurry," Donna called, more than a little concerned now as she felt the pressure begin to build inside her. The suit was holding up remarkably, but she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Her breasts were huge now, bulging out the low cut front of the suit. The pressure of the air inside them had caused her nipples to harden and swell up to several times their normal size. The two plump, prominent bulges stood out from her breasts and poked at the taut cloth of her swimsuit, which was now riding up quite uncomfortably between her enormous buttocks. As the shoulder straps began to dig into her skin, she glanced towards the door looking for Vanessa.

Outside she heard the music and Madame Dubois at the microphone announcing the next model. "Presenting the ravishing Raquelle!" Inside she just heard the ominous hissing of the tank.

She looked down at her burgeoning, ever-deepening cleavage and decided enough was enough. She'd lost sight of her own nipples beyond the broad horizon of her breasts, her cleavage was only about an inch from her chin, and though she was standing normally, her thighs pressed tightly against each other. "Darn it, big-titted mistress or not, this had better be big enough for old Mr. Grandenberg." She reached for the knob and twisted. It didn't budge. "Uh oh." She tried to pull the hose out, but that too was stuck. "Vanessa!" she called. No response. "Vanessa where are you? I need some help back here!"

In the mirror she could see she her body was rapidly becoming an exaggerated parody of a voluptuous female form. The amazing thing was that she as still quite well formed, just enormous. Her calves had swelled just slightly leading up to massive thighs and unbelievably wide hips. Her body then narrowed phenomenally to less than a quarter that width to what, on her present form, seemed to be an impossibly thin waistline. But her slender torso only continued a few inches before being hidden behind two humongous, distended orbs that were straining the silver fabric like overinflated beach balls until it was near the breaking point. And she was still growing, the pressure still building. Donna struggled desperately with the hose and the air tank trying to free herself. "Vanessa, help me!" No response, only the loud music in thebackground, the soft hissing of the rushing air, and then the tight pinging was stitches began give along the sides of the suit. She started to panic as she felt her firm, tight bosom brush against her chin. "Anybody, help me! I'm gonna pop!" Suddenly, the hissing stopped and the hose fell out. The tank was out of air.

Donna sighed with relief. "Vanessa must know how to fix this," she said to herself. "Where did she go?" Donna walked towards to doorway, only to realize with dismay that her bust and hips were far too wide for her to pass. She turned sideways and attempted to squeeze through. It was a tight fit, and she had to press her bosom down with all her might, but she managed to get about halfway through. With her boobs pressed down by the doorway, they bulged up alarmingly and came dangerously close to smothering her. Just then she heard Madam Dubois on the microphone: "And now gentlemen, I present to you one of the Agency's top modeling women, the lovely Vanessa!" One more model, then it was Donna's turn! Though she was afraid she might pop her breasts if she put any more force on them, she put forth one final, colossal push, and with a soft cork-like pop she was out of the dressing room. Jiggling quite a bit as she walked, she hurried to get behind the stage.

Vanessa reveled in the soft gasps she heard from the men as she entered. Scantily clad in her brightly colored bikini, her new knockout figure drew looks of lusting admiration from the dozen men in seated in the audience. Nicholas Grandenberg was there, cigar and all, and he was smiling with a pleasantly dazed look on his face. His marketing executives seemed to concur. As Vanessa strutted out on the runway, she saw a man next to Mr. Grandenberg whisper to him. It looked like he said, "I think we've found our girl." She smiled her million dollar smile and after a few minutes of strutting and posing returned to the backstage area as Madame Dubois announced the next model.

Donna was there to greet her, looking relieved. "Thank God I found you! The hose got stuck, and I got way overinflated."

Vanessa couldn't contain her laughter this time. Standing before her was a pumped up, comically overendowed version of the Donna she was accustomed to seeing. "I'm surprised you got out of the dressing room!" Actually, Vanessa had planned on her being to big to get out.

"So am I, it was a really tight squeeze. You know how to get the air out, right?"

There was a very quick and simple way to deflate, but Vanessa wasn't about to reveal it. "I'm sorry Donna. The magic is very powerful--"

"You mean I'm stuck like this forever?"

"No, of course not. After a few months, the potion's effects will fade and you'll gradually return back to normal, just like I will."

Tears began welling up in her eyes. "I can't model looking like this. I can't go out there!"

Vanessa smiled evilly. "No, you can't."

Donna blinked her tears away and shook her head in amazement. "You planned this, didn't you? You never wanted me to be able to model for Mr. Grandenberg!"

"Oooh, you're a smart one, Donna!"

Outside they heard: "And now for our grand finale, I present to you the Dubois Modeling Agency's most elite model, a bright new face in the fashion world. Gentlemen, I present to you the delightful Donna!"

Vanessa giggled. "Go ahead Donna, they're playing your song."

Donna stomped her foot, sending jiggling tremors throughout her titanic curves. "Momma always taught me that screwin' up is better than givin' up. I'm goin' out there!"

Vanessa's jaw dropped as Donna pulled back the curtain and strutted out onto the runway. The reaction was immediate. Gasps of appalled amazement as this ballooned blonde figure, this hyper-voluptuous phenomenon jiggled and bounced her way down the runway. The audience found themselves gawking at her enormous proportions, her incredibly tiny waist, and almost a yard of cleavage that was bursting out the front of a swimsuit that looked as though it might explode off of her at any moment.

Madame Dubois was aghast. "Donna! What happened to you?"

"What is this?" "This is your most elite model?"

"Who is this freak?" Everyone in the audience was responding quite vocally except for Mr. Grandenberg. His chief marketing executive spoke up.

"Madame Dubois, you promised us one of the world's finest models, and you show us this blimp girl?"

"Please sirs, I apologize--"

"She's your greatest model you say, but we can't use her for an ad campaign!" He turned to Mr. Grandenberg. "Look at her, Nick, she's belongs in some twisted porno! There's no way we can consider her, she's just too -- too big!"

Nicholas Grandenberg slowly stood, taking a leisurely puff from his cigar. The whole time he never took his eyes of Donna. "Winston," he said.

"Yes?" the man responded.

"You're fired."


"I don't fucking believe it!" Vanessa screamed, throwing the crumpled magazine to the floor. Donna was the centerpiece of the Grandenberg ad campaign, posing as a Las Vegas showgirl at the casinos, in skimpy, custom made swimsuits at the resorts, dressed in lingerie lying seductively on a hotel bed. They used ad lines like "Grandenberg, where we do everything to excess," "Where there's no such thing as too much of a good thing," "Where nobody does bigger better," and so on. Donna had told them that her 'condition' would fade away, so they shot all the ads and all the commercials in three months. And according to Mr. Grandenberg, they'd probably be playing them for years...

Author's Note: 

This was the second story I ever posted way back in 1995. I wrote it in a single day when I was home sick from work. It's still one of my favorites.

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