Table Manners

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Shelley gets revenge on the woman who tried to steal her man.

"You have reached 555-7833. We can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number after the tone, we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Shelley listened for the message as she kept stirring her surprise dinner for her special guest.

"Hi Shelley, its Eileen. Just letting you know I'm looking forward to tonight. Glad you're not mad at me any more. See you later."

The answering machine clicked and hummed as the taped rewound back to the beginning, ready for the next caller.

'Why should I be mad at you?' Shelley thought. 'Roger came back to me after you got tired of him and dropped him for the next man you saw. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.'

Two hours later Shelley was straightening out the table cloth and looking to make sure everything was ready. The doorbell rang. "Its show time," Shelley mumbled as she walked to the front door.

Eileen was dressed in a summer dress with a flowery pattern. Her white sandals matched her white purse. Her long blonde hair hung down around her shoulders, catching the summer sun. She smiled as she lifted a box with silvery wrapping paper and a bow.

"Thank you so much for having me over."

Shelley reflected on her black shoes and blue dress, and tried not to feel outdressed in her own home.

"I figured since there's nothing for us to be mad at each other over, why not bury the hatchet." Shelley said, taking the present as Eileen entered.

Pulling off the bow and paper, Shelley opened the box to find a budda clock. The clock was in the middle of budda's belly.

"How nice," Shelley said trying hard not to sneer at the gaudy gift. "I know just where to put it."

Shelley walked over to the mantel of the imitation fireplace between the living room and bedroom walls, pushed aside a flower vase already occupying the center, and put the clock in its place. She took a moment to swallow at the ridiculous figure looking at her before turning back to her guest.

Shelley brought out a silver tray with a tea on it, then spent the next half hour putting up with Eileen's innuendoes, left handed compliments and 'accidental' insults.

"Oh, no thank you," Eileen said as she put her hand over her cup, keeping Shelley from pouring a third cup of tea. "It'll spoil my appetite."

Shelley smiled as she thought, 'Not enough sugar for another cup anyway.' Instead, she simply stood, smiled, and motioned to the dining room.

Shelley led Eileen into the dining room, and pulled out the captain's chair at Eileen's end of the table.

"Thank you," Eileen smiled, not seeing Shelley stick her tongue out at her as she helped push her chair in.

Eileen shifted in her seat to get comfortable, and kicked something under the table. As Shelley went into the kitchen she looked under the table cloth she saw a tall, circular metal canister holding up the table.

As Shelley came back into the dining room with a covered tray, Eileen asked, "Did your table have an accident?"

"What?" Shelley asked, more afraid that her plan might be discovered than asking for more information.

But Eileen was having too much of a good time embarrassing her host.

"It looks like we're eating on top of a kiddie pool or something," Eileen continued.

"Oh, that." Shelley was sure sweat was beading up on her forehead. "A screw fell out of one leg, and my father removed all of them rather than put something under just the one and put whatever it is under everything."

"Excuse me?" Eileen was looking at Shelley, trying hard not to laugh.

Shelley put the serving tray on the table and lifted the cover, exposing two steaming soup dishes.

"Mmmm," Eileen mewed, as Shelley placed the dish closet to Eileen in front of her, then placed the opposite dish to her place setting. "Smells good."

"Thank you," Shelley said to the first genuine kind thing Eileen had said all evening. "Its a special recipe."

Eileen had her eyes closed, savoring the aroma of her dish as she shook open her napkin and placed it on her lap.

"May we be truly thankful for what we are about to receive," Shelley prayed.

Shelley interrupted Eileen as she reached for her soup spoon. "You might want to use your fork."

Eileen smiled, put her soup spoon down, and picked up her salad fork. "Will this do?" she asked.

"That should do just fine," Shelley smiled as she replied.

Eileen poked the fork into the soup, swept across the bowl, and came up with what looked liked a long brown noodle. Seeing Shelley had a fork full of brown noodles, she twisted the noodle around her fork a couple of times, then lifted the morsel to her mouth. Shelley held her breath as Eileen took another moment to savor the aroma of her treat before opening her mouth and depositing it, at which time Shelley took a deep breath of relief and let it out nice and slow.

"Mmm-mmm! This is delicious!" Eileen said as she sucked up the noodle like a long strand of spaghetti. Shelley continued to fork out small bunches of noodles from her dish.

"Mmm-mmm!" Eileen continued as she drew up the long noodle. She went back and forth from twirling it on her fork and hooking it on her fork for almost three minutes. Then she finally realized something was not right.

"Uh, Shelley?" Eileen whispered as she slurped up a length of the noodle. Still no sign of the end of the noodles end. "Excuse me, but something seems a little strange here," she continued, trying to find the end of the noodle as she spoke. Alas, more noodle appeared as she did so.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you its impolite to talk with food in your mouth?" Shelley teased.

"Yes she did," Eileen replied as she continued to pull up noodle length after noodle length. "And please don't misunderstand, this is really, REALLY good," and took three more mouthfuls as if to confirm this, "but where does it end?"

Shelley calmly put her spoon in her bowl, stood up, and walked over to her dinner guest.

As she bent over and said, "I'm sorry?" in her most congenial voice, she noticed that the noodle like strand had slowly increased in diameter to where it was now the size of a #2 pencil.

"Its just that this doesn't seem to be right," Eileen continued as she sucked up a couple of lengths of 'noodle'.

"Oh my!" Shelley said in mock concern and waited for Eileen to suck up more of her 'soup'. The bowl was now less than half full. "I didn't realize I had given you such a small portion."

Eileen sucked up more of the broth as she watched Shelley pull the table cloth off the table, sending dishes, glasses, and silverware flying across the room. What was revealed was a normal two piece extendible table top.

"I would never want anyone to say they left here hungry," Shelley said in a less than hospitable tone.

Still trying to find the end of her noodle, Eileen watched as Shelley pulled the two table leaves apart. Beneath, the container supporting the table was filled with the same soup-like substance as her bowl.

Shelley picked up Eileen's bowl and dropped it, bowl and all, into the new batch.

"Enjoy," Shelley mocked.

Shelley grabbed Eileen's purse from beside the captain's chair and threw it into the living room. Eileen tried to push herself away from the table, but Shelley had her foot behind the captain's chair.

"You aren't leaving so soon, are you?" Shelley mocked into Eileen's ear as she stepped around behind her guest. "Around here we were taught to clean our plates before leaving the table."

Eileen reached up to pull herself free from whatever it was Shelley was feeding her. She wrapped both hands around the now clothes line thick cord hanging from her mouth and pulled. Her hands slipped down the gooey substance, so she wrapped it around her index finger once and pulled.

"Ow!" she cried at the pain from deep with in her.

"Now, now," Shelley said. "We mustn't do that again. We might hurt ourselves." Shelley patted Eileen on the shoulder as she walked around to the side of the table and faced the woman who had caused her so much pain.

"You think a few kind words can make up for what you did to me?" Shelley asked. "You think a smile can rebuild bridges? You think 'I'm sorry' makes up for everything you do?"

Eileen sat, unblinking at the wild woman standing before her. She suddenly found herself inhaling another long length of the delicious noodle.

'I have to be careful,' Eileen thought. 'She's almost over the edge.'

Shelley suddenly took a deep breath, then another, and the redness left her face as she forced herself to remain calm.

"I suppose," Shelley continued, "that, aside from taking Thomas away from me, you would like an explanation."

Eileen simply nodded her head. Then, without warning, she sat up straight as more of her delicious dinner made its way into her mouth.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Shelley said as she went back to her own chair and sat down. "It has something to do with digestion. But I'll get to that later."

"You know my father is a chemist, right?" Eileen nodded and gulped again. Shelley smiled, knowing she had her adversary right where she wanted.

"He's been trying to find a way to bind sugar together and make it a strong polymer."

Eileen showed no sign of understanding. She just looked surprised as she swallowed another portion of food. She wanted to dislike it, but couldn't.

"He's found a way," Shelley went on, "to bond glucose at the second, fourth, and sixth carbons."

Eileen looked at the noodle, which had now grown to the diameter of a garden hose, as she realizes what she was eating was pure sugar! And for some reason, as she involuntarily swallowed another larger portion, that she couldn't help herself from swallowing. Expecting the onset of an upset stomach, she reached down to her tummy. She was distracted from her concern for indigestion when she brushed past her breasts.

'Were they bigger?' Eileen thought. Then immediately doubted her sanity. How could they be bigger. Besides, she had more important things to pay attention to than her imagination.

"Hey!" brought her attention back to Shelley. "This is for your benefit, you know!"

"Now where was I. Oh yeah. Dad was trying to come up with a polymer strand that could be used in textile."

Eileen swallowed again, against her will, and felt her breast push out against her elbow. Her eyes opened wide as she realized she was getting bigger with each swallow! And whatever the stuff was, was getting thicker and thicker with each 'bite'. It wasn't her imagination! It was really happening!

"Unfortunately," Shelley said, kicking the table to get Eileen's attention back, "the stuff doesn't store very well. Not in its finished form. You mix up a batch, and next day its worthless."

Eileen was not listening. She was feeling. She swallowed. Her breasts bulged. She swallowed, her breasts bulged. She tried not to swallow. No use. She still swallowed. Was she swallowing faster?

Eileen's breasts started pushing against the table. She moved her captain's chair away from the table, and Shelley jumped to her feet as she thought Eileen had found a way to make a break. Then settled down when she knew Eileen wasn't going anywhere.

"If you leave it in a bulk container, it solidifies. If you draw it out as some sort of string, rope, or cord it not only binds itself into one big blob on the spindle, but it gets moldy to boot. Overnight!"

Eileen had become quite uncomfortable. Her breasts were growing. She could see where the 'rope' was deeper between her swelling mounds.

Shelley smiled as she watched Eileen squirm. "Serves you right!" she said outright.

Swallow after involuntary swallow was all Eileen was focused on. Her flesh was starting to push up out of her dress. She lifted herself up to relieve the upward pull on her dress.

"Seven years of his life! For nothing!" Shelley raved.

Eileen looked down at the vat of sugary slime. It had gone down about a quarter of the way. She looked at her billowing endowments, and shuddered at the aspects. She lifted herself up out of the chair to relieve the pull on her dress again. This time, when she sat down, the only thing between her and the captain chair was her panties.

"So he looked into the possibility of using it as a confection."

Eileen looked up at Shelley. Not because she was listening, but because, between swallows, she was trying to think of something to say.

There was no more material under her to relieve the pull against her dress. Now, as she expanded with each swallow, the material lifted. Whatever it was going into her was taking up more space than was really available under her dress.

"That didn't work either!" Shelley was flailing her arms in the air.

Eileen suddenly realized she should be on the highest sugar rush of her life. But that wasn't happening.

As the liquid in the vat continued to drain into her, blowing her up like a human blimp, her dress was pulled up to where the hem was just under her erect nipples.

A creaking of wood followed by a loud crash distracted Shelley from her ranting. The legs of the captain's chair had collapsed under Eileen's new bulk. The seat had survived, and the picture of Eileen with her gigantic boobs, and a long cock-sized rope protruding from her mouth almost made Shelley laugh. The comic thought was replaced by something else. Shelley licked her lips and she felt a twitch down in her pussy. Shelley actually started to rub herself at the sight of Eileen deep throating what looked like the biggest cock she had ever seen!.

Eileen let out a groan as the material of her dress was pulled to the limit. She could no longer see into the vat to see how much of the mystery substance was left. The material between her boobs was bunching up in areas where it had stretched beyond anything it was meant for.

"I... I... Dad.... He..." was all Shelley could mumble as she reached over and started to stroke the long shaft from the vat to Eileen. But, as it was the wrong texture, she was able to snap out of it. Still, the giant breasts which now lay before her brought forth new, strange sensations.

Shelley walked over and, as she continued her rhetoric, started fondling the huge, growing orbs. Eileen tried again to retreat from Shelley's unwanted attention.

The material was tearing where it had been stretched too far. Way too far.

"He made up several batches," as she pinched the now cork sized nipples.

Eileen cried out with surprise and tried to move away, but her new size, and the thick limb she was swallowing, kept her from getting anywhere.

"..and fed them to lab rats." Shelley's tone had softened to that of a lover as she palmed first the left, then the right dinner plate aureole.

Eileen's looked like she had a one liter bottle in her mouth as she swallowed with each breath. And her breath came faster with the attention her giant melons were getting!

"The male rats just got fat."

Shelley was now running her palms over Eileen's big boobs like she was applying suntan lotion. Eileen was making some sort of noise, but nothing understandable as she shuddered under Shelley's hands.

"I think you know what happened to the female rats."

The tears in Eileen's cleavage had grown into one large rip, threatening to give way at any moment. Eileen shivered as Shelley bent to kiss the exposed cleavage.

Shelley was back at her end of the table, still massaging Eileen's expanding breasts as she was slowly backed into the corner near the kitchen door.

The dress ripped itself into a hanging shred of rags as the material gave up its fight against the onslaught of Eileen's breasts.

Eileen was shocked as she felt something slap her knees, then slide up toward her private area. She realized it was the end of her meal as it slid across her boobs, dipping momentarily down into her massive cleavage before disappearing down her throat.

She still had to swallow several times to clear her throat.

"And for some reason, once the polymer gets past the stomach into the intestines, it seems the body somehow initiates peristalsis and pulls it in."

Shelley stood as Eileen, her mouth empty for the first time in an hour, started shouting obscenities that would have made a sailor blush. After a few minutes she started to lose steam until she finally broke into tears.

"Why did you do this to me?" She wept.

"I had to teach you a lesson about stealing other women's men."

"A lesson?!? You've ruined my life!" Eileen shrieked.

"No problem there. All you have to do is find a guy that like big boobs."

"Are you kidding? These aren't large! They're humungous! They're TOO-OO big!"

"They won't stay that way for long," Shelley said in an almost comforting voice.

"Really?" Eileen asked through her tears.

"Sure. Those lab rats I mentioned?" Shelley paused to see if Eileen was paying attention. She was.

"It seems the sugar has to unravel itself before the body can digest it"

After a moment, Eileen realized what Shelley was saying.

"That means I'm going to triple in size!" she shrieked.

"Not that," Shelley went on. Eileen was listening to see if Shelley was going to console her with good news, or if she was about to drop the other boot.

"But it seems the body deals with the polymer differently than it does with normal sugar."

Eileen closed her eyes tight and brought her hands up to her ears. She was reacting like a scared child. She figured if she didn't hear what Shelley said, it wouldn't happen. Right?

"The body converts it directly to H2O and carbon dioxide."

Eileen had heard.

Now she was hearing something else.

She was hearing a low hiss from somewhere.

Eileen took her hands away from her ears to see where the sound was coming from. Without her hands against her ears she couldn't here it. But she knew it was there. And she knew where it was coming from. It was coming from her two new busts. It took a moment for the sound to become audible again. Once it became audible, it got louder and louder.

Eileen also started feeling something. Her boobs started to tingle. Like a thousand hands fondling her boobs all over. She started to giggle as the tingle spread to other parts of her body. The tingle turned into a warm sensation. She screamed with delight as an intense orgasm shook her from head to foot.

And the tingling, and the warmth, only got more intense.

Shelley watched as, faster and faster, Eileen went from orgasm to orgasm. This surprised her. If the female lab rats had experienced this, they had kept it to themselves.

Shelley was soon aware that Eileen's boobs were growing again. She didn't know if Eileen knew it. She didn't know if Eileen knew anything at this point. Screams of delight, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and "O my God!" were the only things coming from Eileen as she writhed from side to side.

Shelley turned and opened the French doors behind the dinner table. Eileen's boobs had been filling out, and up. Now they were almost as as the French doors.

'Have to hurry.' Shelley thought. 'If she gets too big, I won't be able to get her out the door.

Shelley reached around Eileen's gigantic tata's, but couldn't get any kind of grip where she could pull her towards the doors.

'The rats were less trouble,' she thought. Then realized the rats had also been much smaller. And had tails. She finally decided on the only hand holds that presented themselves and grab Eileen's nipples.

The cry of bliss was almost deafening. Shelley was afraid the neighbors would call the police. Fortunately the creation of the gas inside Eileen made her lighter and easier to move. Still, by the time she dragged Eileen's ever expanding pillows around the table to the French doors she could only pull one boob through. First the left boob. Then, in the midst of her ever increasing orgasms, Eileen bodily. Then, with a lot of grunting on Shelley's part, her right boob.

'She's gotten bigger on the bottom as well,' Shelley noticed.

Shelley watched as Eileen's boobs grew and grew. In the cool night air the warm gas inside Eileen slowly lifted them up off the ground.

They reached the second floor windows as they slowly lifted Eileen, wildly thrashing from orgasm to orgasm, to her feet.

Then her feet were no longer touching the ground.

Eileen watched as the twin balloons slowly gained altitude and disappeared over the trees into the night.

"We'll have to do this again sometime!" Shelley called as Eileen's writhing form disappeared from sight.

Two weeks later Shelley was vacuuming when the doorbell rang. She gasped as she opened it and saw before her a slightly bustier, definitely more voluptuous Eileen.

Shelley winced as Eileen's hands came up. She was holding a small box with silver wrapping paper and a bow.

"I forgot to thank you for having me over," Eileen said.

"I hope we can do it again."

'Are those tears in her eyes?' Shelley wondered.

"Soon?" Eileen pleaded.

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