Tales from the Bra 2, To Air is Human

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"Dementia! Come here! I want to show you something!"

"What do you want? I'm busy!"

"I just wanted to show you a project I've been working on."

"What are you up to this time?"

"You won't believe me if I tell you. Here, let me demonstrate."

"What's this? It looks like an ordinary locket."

"Go ahead. Put it on."

"I don't have time for this. You know I'm still getting ready for the Halloween party tonight." Dementia had been working on a devil costume and was wearing bright red long-underwear and a thick black belt.

"It'll just take a few minutes...I promise."

Ordinarily, Dementia wasn't interested in her sister's hobby, but for the first time in months her sister was genuinely enthused about something. Besides, she had an awful earache and was looking for an excuse to take a break.

"Okay okay."

"Wear the locket next to your skin."

Dementia put the chain on over her head and let the locket slide down the front of her costume. Her sister began to tap away at one of her many computer terminals. Various pieces of strange looking equipment made whirring noises as they powered up. Dementia crossed her arms and stood impatiently tapping her right foot. For the next two minutes her sister did nothing but look back and forth at her and the computer screen. She wore a large grin that widened every time she turned back to look at Dementia. Finally, Dementia had had enough.

"Well...are you going to do something or not?"

Her sister couldn't help herself any longer and burst out laughing, "Bahahaha...Oooh!...I'm sorry Dee Dee. Just one more thing. Could you please have a seat on that stool over there?"

Dementia was upset. She desperately needed to get her costume done in time for her party later that night. Some friends from college were coming over, and she was trying to think of something that would make this party special, so that no one would ever forget it. Not only was her sister delaying her progress with this nonsense, but that obscene snickering was driving her nuts. Dementia angrily stomped over to the stool and flopped down on top of it, but something wasn't right. She felt the hard wood of the stool hit her ass much sooner than it should have.

"What the..." Before she could begin to ponder why her seat wasn't feeling right, she realized that for some reason her butt didn't even want to stay put where she placed it on the stool. Her rear slid off the edge and she hit the floor, where the situation became even more bizarre - for when she landed, instead of a THUD, she heard a hollow sound as if she had landed on top of a rubber ball. In fact, she even bounced several inches above the floor after impact and continued into a series of small diminishing bounces until her body finally settled down.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Dementia thought maybe someone had stuck something underneath her as she was about to sit down, but looking back she saw that whatever she sat on was actually INSIDE her costume. It appeared that two buttock-shaped 12 inch party balloons had spontaneously inflated inside her outfit. "But how?" she thought. Then, reaching back to grab hold of the balloons she realized, "Oh my God!" Dementia quickly rose to her feet and began pushing and pulling and kneading the balloons with her hands, trying to work them out of her long-johns, but they were firmly attached. There was no denying what they were.

"My butt! What have you done to me?!"

"Isn't it great?!" She seemed totally oblivious to her sister's panic as Dementia gripped at her swollen rear, apparently trying to squeeze out whatever was in them. Since she was using her good thermal underwear as a costume, she had neglected to wear anything underneath it, and her swollen buttocks were bulging out of the backflap, threatening to pop the two buttons holding it up. "Using this equipment, I can control the shape of your body! For example, I can make your legs match your bottom."

Before Dementia could shout "No!" her hips widened so that her bulbous butt didn't look quite so outlandish in comparison as both

her legs ballooned to matching proportions, audibly hissing as they were pumped full of...something. Her thighs each were at least 30"

around. Even standing with her feet far apart, her inner thighs still touched each other.

"You see, it makes you pull various gases out of the air and into your body. So basically, you can have any shape you want by

inflating yourself like a balloon!"

Dementia's sister watched as she, still slightly panic stricken, moved her hands from the thick belt where her still narrow waist was. Not really looking, or wanting to look, her hands explored her inflated lower body. Her sister had gone too far this time. "I'd better kill her now before any more damage is done." She found walking difficult, however, as she attempted to approach and strangle her sister. Being full of air, it seemed her legs did not want to bend at the knees, and she was forced to pivot her hips to move one leg forward and then the other.

"With my invention, I can inflate any part of your body..." In the middle of her sentence, she noticed Dementia teetering on one leg, and paused for a second. As with her butt, Dementia felt the ground a lot sooner than she should have as she fell forward, only this time she actually saw her breasts rapidly inflate to the size of basketballs - like her legs, audibly hissing - just in time to break her fall. Her hands instinctively grabbed at them. They squeaked loudly in protest as they rubbed together. The sound startled Dementia and her hands instantly shot away. Her bust held her at an acute angle with the floor, her wide hips stopping her from rolling over onto one side or the other.

"I can still kill her if I can make it over there," thought

Dementia, and with new determination she began clawing at the carpet, dragging her inflated body inches closer to her sister, who

was still totally oblivious to her escalating rage. It was difficult going for Dementia since her breasts held her almost too high to reach the floor. But she made steady progress, her breasts squeaking all the while.

Her sister continued "...In fact, I can even inflate all of your body at once." The going got even rougher as Dementia realized her arms would no longer bend at her elbows. In a few seconds she could do little more than stiffly hold her arms straight out at her sides. Her torso inflated slightly as well, her large belt restricting her waist. She was beginning to look like some sort of overly voluptuous parade balloon. This apparently gave her sister an idea.

To Dementia's horror, the hissing continued. Within a couple of minutes her arms, legs, and hips expanded about an extra foot in circumference and her breasts grew to the size of large beach balls.

"Stop! Stop! Whoa! What's happening?!" Dementia cried as her body slowly rose and came to settle, hovering about five feet above the floor. Her body had somehow absorbed light gases from the air.

The sight of Dementia all puffed up and floating several feet above the ground was impressive enough to finally make her sister realize how bizarre this scene was. She walked around the balloon girl, poking her here and there - her finger sinking into her sisters puffy breasts and then her puffy legs. At every touch, her sister would groan, "Stop that! Let me down!" and kick her swollen legs a little. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled underneath Dementia. Rolling over onto her back, she got an amazing view. She imagined that she was a tiny parade watcher looking up at her gigantic inflated sister. Appropriately, the air-conditioner clicked on at this moment, blowing Dementia slowly across the room.

Meanwhile, Dementia's eyes darted back and forth searching for her sister. She was still whimpering and squeaking, "Get me down!"

every once in a while. Her arms waved as much as she could move them, her hands grasping at air. "It only takes one hand to choke someone," she thought, "if only she'd walk past my arm she'd be a dead woman." Unfortunately, Dementia's arm waving had the effect of turning her torso a couple of inches, which invited her left breast to seek a higher altitude. Eventually its upward lift was enough to flip her over so that she was looking up at the ceiling. This development startled her and she somehow found the strength to kick her legs and wave her arms wildly. "Let me down from here! Make me normal again! Get the air out!" Her sister was still in a trance, feeling the wonder of what her invention could do.

That trance was broken by uncontrollable laughter, however, since Dementia's over-enthusiastic kicking caused her over-inflated ass to burst out of the back flap of her over-stretched long underwear. The sight of Dementia's enormous buttocks bulging out at her was so hilarious that tears came to her eyes and she pounded the floor and kicked her feet as she laughed. But at last, Dementia got her revenge after all. For some reason, at that moment, she spontaneously deflated - hovering in mid air for a second like a cartoon character before the inevitable fall. Her sister's laughter ceased abruptly as the bare ass she had found so amusing a moment ago came crashing down on top of her along with its owner.

As her sister lay on the ground coughing, Dementia sprang to her feet - her hands exploring her body to make sure that she was back to normal. "What the hell did you do to me?!"

"Cough cough...I told you already...cough...I used this equipment to inflate you."

"But how?"

"You see the locket I gave you?" Dementia lifted the locket up and looked at it. She watched as her sister lifted the chain around her own neck, revealing a locket identical to hers.

"That," pointing at Dementia's locket, "is the receiver and this," pointing at her own locket, "is the transmitter." As her sister continued, Dementia quickly removed the cause of all her trouble. "This locket reads my thoughts. I just imagine what I want your body to do, and it sends a signal to..."

"The other locket?" Dementia interrupted.

"No, to the equipment. The equipment then sends a signal to the locket that you are wearing, which in turn, tells your body what to do."

"That's amazing! But you could've warned me before testing the thing out on me!"

"Well, I originally planned to test it on myself, but I figured, hey, why should I embarrass and humiliate myself when I have you to pick on," she said with a sly grin.

Dementia wasn't amused. "You're the essence of evil, Demoniaca!"

Her sister's sly grin slowly faded into sputtering and slobbering. Dementia wished she could take back her words. Her sister looked as if she was about to do a scene from the exorcist - head spinning, projectile vomiting, all while spewing obscenities. None of this happened, but the display that followed was equally menacing, if not more so. Demoniaca clenched her fists so tightly her fingernails drew blood from her palms. Her whole body trembled, a breeze from nowhere whipping her thin black hair around as if it had a life of its own. Her teeth were clenched so tightly it looked as if they might crack. She seemed to be straining when her mouth finally did open and she managed to bellow in deep piercing tones, "I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!!!!!"

Demoniaca reached her bloody hands toward her sister's neck, but then withdrew them and placed them against her temples as if

she was trying to stop horns from sprouting. "I've got to get out of here before I do something you will regret!" She rushed past Dementia grabbing her coat. She turned as she opened the front door, "...and if you touch my equipment it'll be HELL to pay!"



"I'm sorry, Grimaldi." ************************ Dementia was genuinely concerned. It wasn't good to be on Grimaldi's bad side. She had learned that on a number of occasions. And calling her by her first name could mean a fate worse than death. But still, she wished she could teach her a lesson - teach her that she can't always have her way.

Then she thought about the machine. "I know! I could smash this thing to bits! This'll be the last time she turns me into a balloon!" She grabbed the first handy blunt object - a steam iron - and raised it high above her head. Just as she was about to bring it down, a sparkle caught her eye. It was Grimaldi's locket.

She then looked down at her own locket and thought for a second, "I wonder what would happen if I wore both lockets?" She set the iron aside and slid the chain of the transmitter locket over her head.


"Shit! They're here!" She felt a chill and realized her butt was still out, and there were no buttons to close her back flap. "What am I gonna do?" She went through her sister's closet and found a shiny red catsuit, apparently made of some sort of stretchy lycra material. She couldn't find a zipper on it, so she tried to yank it off the hanger. She kept pulling at the thing, stretching it all the way across the room until finally it slid off the hanger and smacked her in the face.

"Ow!" she said rubbing her nose, "This must be some sort of prototype outfit for victims of that inflation machine."


Well, at least it's the right color. Dementia slipped it on with little problem and it fit as if it was molded for her body. She then put on her devil horns and her black belt and went to greet her guests.


"Took ya long enough. Where's the beer?"

"Hi Cindy...Muffy...Spud...the rest of you." Cindy, Muffy, and Spud were really the only people she had invited from her

school, Podunk College in West Bejeezus. Cindy was dressed as the Toxic Avenger. Muffy was dressed as Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD. Spud was dressed like an Amway representative. The rest of the people didn't really matter to Dementia.

"Please come in. The kegs are on the balcony."

The four friends were nearly trampled as the crowd stampeded to the balcony.

"You guys come with me. I have something to show you."

They went back to Grimaldi's room. "What the hell is all of this?"

"This is one hell of a party game, that's what this is."

"What does it do?"

"Well, if I can get it to work I'll show you."

Dementia sat at the terminal and switched it on. Various pieces of equipment began to power up one by one. Finally the

machine spoke. "Give name for voice-print analysis."

"Uh oh...Um...Grimaldi Decant."

"Analyzing..." the computer suddenly took a more friendly tone, "Hello Grimaldi...your Shaper program is now ready."


"Hey how did you do that? I mean, fake your sister's voice?"

"I didn't fake it. It IS my sister's voice. We're identical in every way, remember? Besides, it's a really crappy security program. I could've cracked it if it hadn't let me in." She would rather not have, however. No telling what booby traps Grimaldi had put in the system.

"So now what?"

Dementia thought for a while, trying to come up with a suitable demonstration. Surely wearing both lockets would give her control of her own body, but what would she do with that power -- more importantly, how could she spice up her party with it.

She then got an idea. But would it work in the next room?

"I wonder what the range on this thing is?" She thought to herself.

"Maximum range: a radius of 66.338 miles."

"Wow," she thought, "this thing really does read minds."

"Let's all go to the next room. I'll demonstrate there."

When they walked over there, they found a group of people bobbing for apples. She approached the tub and waved everyone aside. She then unbuckled her belt, got down on her hands and knees and plunged her head deep into the water. Slowly, a hush fell over the crowd as they watched her belly begin to bulge. Soon the only sounds in the room were the loud gulps from Dementia as gallons of water poured into her stomach. It hung beneath her, audibly sloshing as she shifted positions to follow the rapidly falling surface of the water in the tub. At first, it looked like she was going through a rapid pregnancy, her bloated belly passing through all the stages within seconds - but soon it far surpassed the gut of a woman nine months pregnant. Because of the position she was in, her stomach quickly reached the floor and began to spread in all directions. As she neared the bottom of the tub she simply flopped down on top if it, bouncing and wobbling as waves passed through her. When she reached the bottom there was an enormous slurping, and then a sound like a vacuum cleaner choking as she sucked down the apples that were left over.

After some effort, she managed to push herself back to a sitting position, with her enormous stomach resting on the floor between her widespread legs. Dementia had drunk 30 gallons of water. She scanned the shocked expressions of the crowd, and held her throat as a loud gurgling sound came through her bulging abdomen. She silently picked out a few targets and proceeded to projectile belch whole apples at them.



"Ow! Hey!"

"Sorry, Cindy."

Everyone still seemed to be astonished and completely at a loss for words. Before them was a little red devil with an enormous belly full of water. Dementia squeezed at the sides of her stomach and started some enormous waves going back and forth as she thought about her situation.

"This is a disaster. I didn't want them all to go blank like this. I've got to do something. And how am I gonna get this water out of me?" She thought for a while more, then it hit her.

She concentrated her thoughts, and felt the water begin to leave her stomach. Gasps came from the crowd once again as suddenly, her breasts began to swell. Slowly, her stomach shrank as her bust siphoned the water from it. Dementia moved her hands from her stomach to her breasts. They were now as big as the balloons she'd put out for the party, and they were steadily growing. She put her hands underneath them. Her belly supported her bust for a while, but as it diminished, the new weight on her chest was slowly dragging her upper body downward. Her hands sunk deeply into them, trying to support the weight of her bloated bosom as her breasts grew larger than basketballs. As her stomach faded away, she closed her legs together and brought her knees up to support her breasts. When she felt the last few drops of water trickle into them, they were each almost as large as bean-bag chairs. In fact, aside from the sloshing sound and the occasional wave that went through them, the bright red outfit made them look very much like bean-bag chairs.

Dementia then carefully planned her next move. With her breasts propped up on her thighs, she reached forward and aimed each of her nipples at a couple members of her audience. Then she thought to herself, "Okay...Purge!"

To their amazement, two small streams of water shot through the fabric over Dementia's nipples and began to soak various unsuspecting party goers. "Wow, I feel like a human squirt gun!" thought Dementia as she proceeded to drench various people in the crowd. Eventually, the crowd decided to take the nearest exit as an escape route, the glass doors leading to her patio.

"Trying to get away eh?" When Dementia had drained her breasts enough that she could stand up again, she proceeded to chase various guests around her house, giggling as she drenched them and their costumes. She stopped laughing, however, when she realized that she could no longer find anyone.

"What the hell? They all LEFT? I can't believe it! This is awful! My party is ruined!" She pouted, moping around her living room as the last few drops of water trickled from her breasts. She noticed that one of her breasts was bigger than the other, so she pounded on her chest, coughed up an apple, and then proceeded to cry.

"Dementia?" Dementia looked up. It was Cindy, Muffy, and Spud. "Bitchin' party, Dee Dee!"


"Your sister's invention rocks! Don't worry, we didn't even really know those other people anyway. Hey, what else can you do with that thing? Can we give it a try?"

Maybe her party hadn't been such a disaster after all. "I'm afraid I'm the only one that can use it. It's designed for my sister. The only reason it works on me is 'cause we're twins."

"Well, the night is still young. Let's go out and see what this thing can really do!"

Dementia's outfit was completely soaked, so she tried to grab a coat as her three friends dragged her outside, but all she managed to get hold of was her thick black belt.

****************** The first place they visited was a bar. Spud was a bartender there, so she talked the bartender on duty into taking a couple of hours off. They called everyone over to watch as Dementia stood behind the bar, guzzling beer from a hose. At first the people were simply amazed that she could drink so much without taking a breath, but many dropped their glasses in shock when they saw where all that beer was going. As beer poured from the tap, through the hose, and down her throat, Dementia's breasts began to fill up.

"This is so much fun!" thought Dementia, as she held her breasts up with her hands and began to dance seductively. When they became as large as volleyballs, she alternately raised and lowered them as if she were juggling. The crowd cheered her on. Their eyes focused on the jiggling breasts of the bright red devil.

Spud turned up the tap, and a minute later her breasts were large enough to set on the counter in front of her, each of them larger than beach balls. Spud took this opportunity to move around to counter to the front and held a mug underneath one of Dementia's breasts and tweaked a nipple.

"Hey!" She soon got the idea and released the beer from inside her until Spud let go of the nipple.

"Attention everyone! Come and try our Red Devil beer! Milked fresh from our own naughty demon! Just remember to fill your mugs from both tits!"

Dementia's breasts sloshed violently as a dozen men rushed to her nipples, all of them stealing a grope as they filled their mugs. "I'm a human beer cow!" thought Dementia. Her breasts continued to fill slowly, even though hoards of thirsty perverts were draining gallons from her within minutes. Several men tried to hit on her, but she couldn't speak with all the swallowing she was doing. Eventually the crowd settled, and Spud turned the tap off. By then, her breasts were each slightly larger than bean-bag chairs. She tried to hug them, but they were wider than her armspan. Since her bust was resting on the counter, the huge red mass filled her entire view. She imagined that her nipples reached well beyond the opposite side of the countertop. The only way she knew to release beer was the sensation of someone grabbing her nipples on the other side.

For 45 minutes, she simply sat leaning against her immense bosom, giving beer whenever someone gave her a squeeze. Apparently she wasn't immune to the alcohol's effects, however. Whenever a man would hit on her from the other side of the counter, she'd take a deep breath, shout "Moo!" and squirt whoever happened to be standing there.

After an hour, she heard the police come in, mumbling something about an ordinance, and that alcohol can't be served in the presence of nudity. She heard Spud say something about there being no nudity, just huge tits. Then the police said something about being thirsty, and that they were now off duty. A few seconds later she felt a tug at her nipples and gave a good squirt.

Halfway through the second hour, Dementia was beginning to get bored. Her boobs had been drained down to the size of beach balls, so she decided to go around serving people at the tables. Her already damp outfit now stunk of beer, but she was having fun playing a waitress/human keg. Her breasts sloshed violently with every step, and she had to support them with her arms just so she didn't topple over. Everything was going fine, however, until a small earthquake hit. She managed to stay on her feet, staggering back and forth, making several men happy by clobbering them with her huge bust. She seemed okay after the tremors stopped, but then she noticed a fizzing sound coming from inside her. As her arms began to move apart she realized the carbonation in the beer was inflating her breasts. They continued inflating until they were the same size they had been when they were sitting on the bar.

Thankfully, they weren't as heavy, but she had two enormous red balloons looming in front of her. Since they were just full of foam and no beer, her friends let the other bar tender go back on duty and squeezed Dementia out of the double doors and drained her outside in the parking lot. Then Muffy had an idea.

The three girls took their balloon buddy to the mall, which always had various activities for children on Halloween. They talked Dementia into playing a joke on a friendly clown who was blowing up helium balloons for children. Dementia removed her belt and then the four girls approached the clown.

"Excuse me, Miss! What happens if something gets stuck in there?"

"In where?" The clown asked confused.

"In here!" Dementia stuck her finger into the nozzle of the clown's helium tank.

"Oh no! I'm stuck! Get me out!"

The clown tugged. "It won't budge!"

"Well maybe it'll pop out if you turn the air on."

The clown did as Muffy suggested, then the three girls backed away, giggling.

A crowd of children began to gather around, watching as Dementia's arm filled with air. The helium spread across her chest to her other arm and then into her hips, butt and legs. Dementia looked terrified, but she was doing her best not to burst out laughing. Her body puffed up the way it had when her sister inflated her, but soon her waist began to bulge out as well. As her feet left the ground, her torso continued to inflate until it was as round as a ball, engulfing her arms out to her elbows and her legs down to her knees. The clown simply watched in shock, her mouth gaping open. Muffy then turned off the helium. With her spherical torso and her puffy arms and legs stiffly sticking out, Dementia looked sort of like a big inflated four-fingered glove.

She maintained her look of terror as Cindy tied a ribbon around her foot and the trio carried her out of the mall. The clown still stood in the same position, mouth gaping. Kids were tugging at her sleeves, begging for a balloon like the one she gave to those girls.

They took Dementia into the parking lot and she deflated herself. They rolled on the ground laughing hysterically - the women were still drunk from the scene at the bar. Cindy came up with a new plan for mischief, so they piled into her car and went back to Dementia's neighborhood.

The four of them decided to go trick-or-treating. They stopped at the first house and yelled, "Trick or treat!" The old lady opened the door and gave them a nice large amount of candy which, to her surprise, Dementia gulped down right in front of her, wrappers and all. "More please!" The confused old woman went back inside her house and slammed the door. They did a similar performance at several houses - each time Dementia's gut was a little bit bigger. Eventually, her stomach was as large as it had been at the party, and she could no longer stand up. Her friends were having too much fun to stop, however, and rolled her to a couple more houses before loading her into the car and driving back to her house. Her friends went inside, trying to figure out a way to get her through the door. As Dementia lay on her back in the middle of her lawn, she heard small footsteps approaching.

"Hey lady, you have a big belly."

She looked up at the trick-or-treater, "Yes, I do."

"I bet you can't eat all this candy though." The child held up a large sack. She'd made an impressive haul for the night.

"Yep, I can eat it all."


"Can too."

"Let me see then!" She proceeded to dump her bag of candy into Dementia's mouth. She easily gulped down the entire bag, adding a few more pounds to the contents of her stuffed stomach.

"Wow! How'd you do that?"

Dementia couldn't answer. She was feeling the full effects of the alcohol she'd consumed earlier, and had passed out completely.

She didn't even notice when a group of kids gathered around her - and she didn't feel the garden hose being shoved into her mouth.

Spud came out and was puzzled by what she saw. Several children had gathered around what appeared to be a bright red Volkswagen parked on the lawn.

As she chased the children away, she saw what they had been watching. "Dee Dee! What did they do to you?" She yanked the end of the hose out of Dementia's mouth and then began pushing against her enormous belly, which completely covered her body except for her head. Pushing on her stomach turned out not to be such a good idea as she spewed wet candy all over the front yard.


They put her belt back on and dragged her to the back of her house. In an attempt to revive Dementia, her friends threw her into her backyard pool. It worked. "What the hell? Are you guys trying to drown me?"

"Hey, you're awake aren't you? Now get out of the pool so we can think of another way to have fun with your sister's invention."

Dementia was nearly to the edge of the pool when she suddenly stopped. Her breasts were trying to float to the surface. In fact, when she stopped swimming, they did just that. She didn't even need to tread water to stay afloat.

"Dementia! Stop playing around and get over here!"

"I'm not playing around! My breasts just inflated by themselves!" As she spoke she heard a faint hissing, and they inflated a little more, now bigger than melons and easily holding her afloat. She swam to the edge and pulled herself out.

"Muffy! Go get the notebook computer out of the other room. It's linked with my sister's system." Muffy did as she was told, but when she got back, Dementia's breasts were bigger than volleyballs. Her friends looked over her shoulder as she tapped away at the keyboard. "Oh no!" she shouted, slamming the notebook computer shut. Just then, as she explored the program, her breasts had another growth spurt and inflated to the size of beach balls - startling her friends and making them back up.

"What?! What's wrong?" They were on the verge of panic.

"It's the lockets! I shouldn't have gotten them wet! They're malfunctioning!" They inflated again until they were bigger than bean bag chairs, forcing her friends to back away even more. Their bottoms were level with her knees and she could barely see over the top of her air-filled bust. "OOWW! There's something wrong!"

"No kidding!"

"No! I mean...it feels different. It's like my breasts are inflating, but the skin isn't stretching enough. I think...I think I'm going to explode!" Her breasts rapidly inflated again, only this time, it didn't seem that they were going to stop. "Ow! It hurts! Help me!" Dementia's body disappeared behind her breasts as the enormous balloons swelled toward the three women. They were backed against the wall with the enormous breasts rapidly approaching them. They imagined what the scene would look like - Dementia exploding, blood and gore flying everywhere. Her pals decided it was time to make a hasty retreat. They ran around the house and piled into their car, listening for an explosion as they drove away.

Meanwhile, Dementia's breasts had stopped. "Suckers!" They quickly deflated back to normal. "I never thought I'd get rid of those three!" They had caused enough trouble for one night, so she had decided to scare them away. "I guess I'd better clean up everything before Grimmy gets back," said Dementia as she turned to go into the house. "I'd be in deep shit if she found out that I had...GASP!" As Dementia opened the door, she saw her sister standing there, hands bandaged, arms folded, tapping her foot.

"Grimaldi! I...uh...I can explain!"

Her sister stepped outside. Dementia backed away. "No need to explain. In fact, I'm happy with what you've done. You've tested my invention in ways that I would never have thought of. I must say, the thing you did to that poor clown was very rude - although you probably boosted her business."


"That's right. I saw everything. You see, there's some details about my invention that I forgot to tell you." Grimaldi pulled out a small pocket computer. Dementia looked at it, and realized that the images from her own eyes were somehow projected onto the little screen.

"But how..."

"You see, Dementia, one night when you had taken sleeping pills, I came into your room and surgically inserted an implant behind your right ear." Dementia tugged at her earlobe. It felt sore. "It allows my computer to see everything you see. It also acts as a receiver for this," said Grimaldi, punching some buttons on the pocket computer. Slowly, Dementia's breasts began to inflate once again. In fact, she could feel her entire body swelling very gradually. She snatched off the receiver locket but it had no effect. "That won't do you any good. It's just an ordinary locket. So is the other one. The real receiver is inside your head, and the real transmitter is this little control unit. Up until now, you've been able to control your body using your implant, but I've just switched off that particular function."

Dementia thought about making a lunging grab for the minicomputer, but instantly her bust, arms, hips, butt, and legs swelled an extra 10 inches in circumference.

"I wouldn't try anything if I were you. It'll only make you inflate faster."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"Hmm..." Grimaldi tried to think of a fitting punishment for her sister. "I think grounding you for a day should be sufficient."

"Whew!" thought Dementia, "that's not bad at all."

"You are not permitted to leave this house for 24 hours. If you do, each of your breasts will inflate to a circumference equal to the distance you are from the house."

"That's horrible!"

"Yes it is. Especially since you happen to be standing thirteen feet away from the door right now."

"What? Oh no!" With a loud hissing sound, each of Dementia's breasts each bulged out to a diameter of four feet. They tugged upward on her body with tremendous force, making her lose her balance and stumble even farther away from the house.

"This isn't fair! Make it stop, Grimmy! Help!" Soon Dementia's feet left the ground and she rose higher and higher into the sky. Her breasts growing larger and larger until, finally, she disappeared into the night sky. A minute later the torn remains of a red outfit fluttered to the ground at Grimaldi's feet.


"I wonder where she'll end up," thought Grimaldi. "The range on this control is 200 feet, and beyond that she will stay the size she is until her chip burns out...Oh well. I never liked her anyway." She tossed the minicomputer into the pool. "No point keeping up this hobby now that my guinea pig is gone. Maybe I can find another toy to play with."

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