Welcome to the New BodyInflation.org


The site is dead, long live the site.  The rebuilt BodyInflation.org has finally arrived.

Here's a breakdown on some of the things that have changed.   Yes, it's long, but please read it.  It has lots of nifty info.


Your usernames and passwords still work.  You don't have to register again.  However imported avatar images don't seem to be working, so you may need to re-upload your picture.



You can now comment directly on most content types. In the previous site you could comment on pictures and news items, and that was pretty much it. Now you can add comments to pictures, stories, links, etc.



The Search function now indexes everything on the site. Pictures, stories, articles, everything. You can also filter by a number of criteria. If you want a list of stories written by Luther Kane that feature breast inflation but no popping, you can do that. Honestly, this is one of my favorite features on the new site. While it was under construction, I'd use this to answer various "I'm looking for a story" requests in the forum.



There's a tab in the lower righthand corner of every page titled Feedback. Please use it to report any pages that are in need of correction.  For now anyone can use it, but I'll likely limit access to registered users in the future.


Image Gallery

  • The Image Gallery now supports sub-folders. This comes in really handy when you have to organize 4000+ images.
  • The gallery now contains some nudity, but these pictures are only visible to registered users.
  • All Artists' Galleries are only visible to registered users.
  • You can submit a picture either by selecting Upload Content -> Submit Picture from the main menu, or by going to the Upload Gallery and selecting add an image.


Now it's possible to tag any item with keywords to help classify its content. This is still a work in progress; I've tagged a bunch of things, but not everything. Everyone will be able to see any tags you add, so you should try to be objective and relevant. When adding tags, your main criterion should be "What would I search for if I was trying to find this?" If you want to add subjective judgments or criticisms, then use ratings or comments.


The Library

The story archive has received a fairly massive upgrade. Some of the new features:

  • More stories. The Library currently has over 700 stories in it. I recommend sorting by date and checking out some of the older stories. There are a bunch that, as far as I know, haven't been available anywhere online in years.
  • You can filter by author, inflation type, and popping. It's pretty basic and not nearly as sophisticated as the full Search function, but it covers some of the more common use cases.
  • The Popping field in the story header is grayed out and the tag is hidden unless you mouse over it. Note: This doesn't work in browsers with crappy CSS support. Like all versions of Internet Explorer before IE9. Firefox, Chrome, and IE9 work fine.

Ratings and Content Recommendations

This part is the most confusing and difficult to explain, but I'll give it a shot.

  • You can give stories, pictures, and web links a rating from 1 to 5 stars using either the "Rate This" block in the right sidebar, or the "Your Rating" widget near the bottom of a page. You can change your vote at any time.
  • Don't feel obligated to be objective when rating something. The only factor you should consider when rating something is "Do I want to see more stuff like this?"
  • The site doesn't display any item's average rating, so don't worry about hurting an artist's feelings by rating something low. You're the only person who can see your ratings.
  • The Recommendation System (RS) looks at how you've rated content and compares it to how other people have rated the same content. It then generates a list of things that those people have rated highly, but you haven't rated at all. It will then recommend things based on these votes.
  • A horribly simplified example: Anna, Bob, and Charlie have all given high ratings to The Pageant, The Brush, and Virtuality. Anna and Bob have also give high ratings to The Brush. The RS will recommend The Brush to Charlie.
  • Once the RS has enough data for a given user, the "Recommended" block will appear in the right sidebar. It will display up to ten links to things that the RS thinks you might like. It only displays content that's of the same type you're viewing. So if you're reading a story, the RS will recommend other stories, when viewing images it will recommend images, etc.
  • The RS will never recommend something that you've already rated. If you want to remove something from the list of recommendations, give it a rating.
  • The RS recalculates its recommendations once per hour.
  • The more things you rate, the better the RS' recommendations will be.


The Old Site

The old site is still around for now.  You can access it at www.bodyinflation.org:7819.  The only reason I've left is up is so people can access private messages, since I wasn't able to import them into the new site.


Take a look around. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or problems, please post a message in the Site Issues forum or drop me a line.


Wooot GREAT I'm new and im allready loving the site

Breast Expansions/Inflations FTW



One thing thats kind of

One thing thats kind of annoying right now is that I can't search the forum, gallery and library seperately, I've never been a fan of general search unless there's a way to also specifie what area I want to search if need be.

LutherVKane's picture
Narrowing seaerch

Once you search for a term, you can narrow it to a single content type using the "Filter by type" block on the right.

deleted_20180328 (not verified)
PMs gone too

I had a private message notification on the old forum, now it's gone, so I have no idea what that PM was!


Edit: illy me, didn't read! Old forum still available.


Yay!  Looks really good and i'm sure there are loads of useful features, judging from the beta.  Thanks for putting in all the work and time.



Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to import profile information? I've noticed that its all pretty much gone, contact links are gone, as well as comment history too.

LutherVKane's picture
I was only able to transfer

I was only able to transfer basic profile info.  It's not likely that the rest will ever make it over.

Comment history will be added in the near future.


Luther Kane