Still some issues?

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Still some issues?

I wonder if anyone else is still having technical issues with this site....

I'm on a fairly new (=fast) computer and a high speed internet connection (and I'm NOT going through a third party service like AOHell), running Mozilla Firefox browser, and I STILL find the pages on this site to load extremely slowly, and I STILL get server timeouts frequently. I haven't seen a terrible lot of improvement over the old site in this regard, except that after enough attempts at re-clicking a link or re-loading a page I usually do EVENTUALLY get it to load. It's rather frustrating. :(

With all due respect LVK, I absolutely love this site and I'm glad it's seen some improvements, but the main issues I saw from the old site haven't improved much for me. What can be done?

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Still getting timeouts? Hmm...

I know some people on dialup are having problems, but people on broadband should be OK. I'll see what I can do to make things better.