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Hey Luther,

How do you protect your identity/personal life while running a site like this?

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It hasn't been all that hard really. Before I put out my first inflation story, I figured I'd need a pen name. I've been Luther Kane ever since.

Remaining anonymous as an author is easy. Remaining anonymous as a webmaster is a bit trickier. One of the reasons I run the site off of my own server is that there's less exposure. ISPs usually don't concern themselves with what flows over their pipes unless you're doing something illegal or eating too much bandwidth. A web host might ask more questions.

I'm the only one here who knows how to work the router, so I pretty much have my run of the network. The line's upload speed (what the server's most concerned about) is far more limited than the download speed (what my roommate's are concerned about), so the site traffic never actually hinders people from using the line. The only time it was a problem was when I was featured as the Awful Link of the Day on