Waking Up With Balloon-Breasts

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Tori woke up, stretched and decided she would spend the whole day lying in bed relaxing. The past couple of weeks had been very stressful and now she just wanted some time to herself. She rolled around a bit when she noticed a funny squeaky sound. Where was it coming from? She moved around a bit more and noticed the sound again. All of a sudden, she was wide awake: The sound was coming from her breasts. She quickly started feeling them with her hands. “What is going on,” Tori asked out loud. Her breasts felt different, somehow rubbery. She quickly took off her nightgown.

“Oh my God, what’s happened to me?” Her breasts no longer looked like breasts and they were much bigger. She had two pink balloons sticking to her body instead of them. Suddenly she recalled a dream she had had that night: She was dancing at a party and trying to act as sexy as possible to attract attention, but everyone just kept staring at her friend Megan, who had huge tits. All she had to do was wear something that showed her cleavage nicely and then let her boobs bounce a bit: She had them all hooked. Scenes like this were in fact very common in actual life and Tori often envied her friend. As the dream continued, she stopped dancing and was soon approached by a young man. But he didn’t seem to be interested in flirting with her either. However, he asked her what her biggest wish in the world was. Tori laughed and grabbed two balloons, which were suddenly hovering beside her and seemed to be some sort of decoration. “I want these babies to be my breasts, then I can blow myself up to be a sex-goddess,” she proclaimed in her dream.

“But dreams like that can’t come true,” she said out loud. She examined her new breasts and quickly discovered that instead of her nipples, she had the two mouthpieces of the balloons. “Should I…,” she wondered, looked around her room shortly – she was all alone – and then pushed up her breasts so that she could take one of her “nipples” into her mouth. This alone gave her a strange rush of pleasure: She actually had breasts that were so big that she could take them into her mouth!

For a moment she paused with one of her breasts held in her mouth. Then she slightly blew into it. It was an unbelievable rush. She blew into her breast several times, then carefully let go. “Now it’s your turn,” she said to her other breast, which now paled in comparison to her huge ballooned tit. She blew up the other breast to match the first one and then looked at herself in the mirror. “Yes! Look at these babies! She pressed her hands onto her new breasts and the feeling of them being pushed onto her body gave her a warm, exciting feeling everywhere, especially where they came down onto her skin.

“Move out of my way, Megan,” Tori called and stepped out of bed. “Oh my, I have never seen anything this sexy or felt this sexy before in my life!” Tori started flirting with her mirror image, blowing kisses and playing with her breasts for herself to see. But soon she could feel a powerful urge from deep inside her.

“More air! More air! I want to be huge!” She ran to get the pump she had for her bike and attached it to one of her breasts. She took the other one into her mouth in order to blow them up at an equal pace. All the while, she watched her tits expanding more and more. They looked so beautiful and they were not even nearly fully inflated.

Suddenly, Tori got an idea. Her urge to inflate her breasts even more was difficult to suppress, but she had to forget about it shortly in order to attain what was sure to be an ecstatic feeling later on. She searched through her clothing and finally found a top that was stretchy enough to contain her new size. “Oh my, am I the horniest balloon-babe, or what?” She called out as she saw herself in the mirror again: Her top was close to ripping, fully stretched out because of her cleavage. She bent forward a bit and was amazed by the view: Those wore some sexy balloons alright!

She quickly left the house and drove to the party store a few blocks down. She didn’t even bother to find a parking space, she just stopped in front of the store – she couldn’t hold back her urge to blow up her breasts enormously huge. “Helium, I need helium now,” Tori screamed as she barged into the store.

“I’ve got it all prepared,” came a voice from behind the counter. It was the young man from her dream. But she didn’t even bother to figure out what was going on. She grabbed the two hoses the man was holding and attached them to her breasts. “Get going, get going!” Tori could hardly believe she was doing this, but as she felt her breasts expand again, she concentrated only on this rush again. They were incredibly huge by now and Tori suddenly started kissing them and rubbing them over and over again. The feeling of her rubbery breasts, the entrancing hiss of her breasts blowing up, it was all too much for Tori as she came and came again.

As she moaned and relished in her excitement, she noticed the man had stopped inflating her breasts. “We don’t want you to pop, do we,” he said and Tori looked at herself. She had the hugest breasts in the whole world, only that they were actually two balloons. She noticed that her top had burst off long ago and that she was so inflated that she could hardly move. The man took her hand. Tori tried to say something, but she could not speak; she was still recovering from her experience. The man opened two huge doors to the back of the shop – it was a good thing they were so wide, otherwise Tori wouldn’t have fit through. Though Tori didn’t know where she was being brought, she didn’t resist. She loved her new shape, her new ballooned body.

“You sexy balloon-girl,” came a familiar voice. Tori had difficulties seeing because her boobs blocked out some of her view. Then she saw Megan, whose breasts were also larger than usual, though they were not half as big as Tori’s. “You sure wanted a lot of air! I felt full much earlier. Don’t you love being a balloon-girl?”

The young man shut the door and left the two girls alone in the room. Tori finally managed to speak again: “What’s going on?” She felt completely light-headed. “We’re balloon girls now,” Megan answered. “I’ve been one for quite some time, ever since I met Martin – that’s the name of the guy who owns this place. It’s great to be with him. He inflates your breasts for you and he also knows how to deflate you again so that you can still lead a “normal” life.” Both girls giggled. “It turns him on as much as it does us. And believe me, it’s even better to have sex when you’ve got inflated breasts!” Tori’s eyes widened with lust. “But how did I get into all of this. I never knew I wanted to have balloon-breasts.” Megan laughed. “I guess you can think me. Martin and I both said that we wished we had another balloon-girl we could both play with and I immediately thought of you, Tori. Last night, we came to your house and Martin prepared everything for your transformation. He even injected a special dream-sequence into your brain designed to serve as a simple explanation for what is going on. It’s just so that you don’t panic too much at first. After a few moments, the pleasure takes over anyway and explanations don’t matter anymore.”

A few moments later, the door opened and closed again. Martin was back. “So girls, who wants to get blown up again,” he asked upon entering. But Megan and Tori were already going at it, blowing each other’s ballooned breasts up. “Well, I guess we got ourselves the perfect playmate,” Martin smiled as he got ready to join in on the fun.

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