Change is Good


Having received some feedback, I've made a few changes.  Read More for details...

  • The main navigation menu now has 2 new links:
    • Recent Posts, which lists the newest articles and stories that have been posted to the site.
    • Recent Pictures, which displays a page of thumbnail images of the newest pictures that have been uploaded to the site.
  • You can now hide some of the sidebar blocks if you're so inclined.  Go to My Account -> Edit and you'll find a section for Block Configuration.
  • Polls are back.  In the Forums, you'll find a shiny new New Poll button next to the New Topic button.
  • I've added a second content recommendation block (Suggestions From Similar Users) which while not as accurate seems to work better with a smaller data set.  One you've rated enough stuff that the server decides you're similar to someone else who's rated a bunch of stuff, you'll see a block in the left sidebar titled "Stuff You Might Like" with a list of links.

I think that covers it for now.


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Cool tweaks. Thanks!

Cool tweaks. Thanks!