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Amy was in a new store. This wasn’t just any ol’ store though. If it was, then it wouldn’t be worth mentioning. It was a magic store. Not the kind of magic that involves rabbits and sleight of hand. This was a real magic store. The kind of magic that involves eye of newt and caldrons. (Actually eye of newt is an ingredient used in less than 1% of all potions and spells. Witches often speculate on why it is so well known.) To Amy though, it was just any other store. She didn’t believe in hocus pocus. In fact, she went beyond being a mere skeptic and usually downright made fun of it. Amy often made of things though, and often in a malicious manner. One could attribute this to Amy’s parents completely spoiling her since day 1. Or, one could just say Amy was a bitch. Either way, she was cruel to everything but the kitchen sink. (Unless you counted the time she told her mom dinner sucked and broke the garbage disposal while dumping the meal down the drain. Poor sink…)

Most people couldn’t stand to be around her, and by most I of course mean all. Except for Violet. Violet was the reason Amy was currently in the magic store. Unlike Amy, Violet was completely into the study of witchcraft, voodoo, etc. She wasn’t a goth; she just liked the study of all things obscure. However, most people still avoided her. Therefore, both girls had reason to be forced to be friends with the other.

“Where is the shop keeper”, asked Amy, picking up some foreign object. “I can’t believe you believe in this shit Vi.” Violet looked half angrily over at Amy crouched over some strange object. She couldn’t help but notice and be jealous of Amy’s curvy butt pressing into her soft blue jeans as she crouched. Amy was stuck-up, but not completely without reason. She was hot. No doubt about it. Medium-length blonde hair, thin, but with curves in the right places. Her outfit was completed by a small belt, a pink tank top that said princess on it. “Don’t play with that stuff Amy,” Violet tsked. Just then the store owner came out.

“Hello my dears,” the rotund woman beamed, “and welcome to Madam Brown’s.”

Amy laughed, “Brown? Not Zumestra or Salandra? Some witch name you have. And what’s up with the Madam? It that like a requirement for you people?”

“My dear, it is not the name that makes the witch, but the person and the faith. And the Madam is a title of respect; perhaps you could learn to use a little.” Amy crossed her arms and huffed while Madam Brown came from around the counter with surprising agility and walked up to Violet. She figured from Amy’s attitude Violet was the prospective customer. “And what may I help you with, my dear?”

“O, umm, I wasn’t exactly looking for anything in particular. I’m just interested in this sort of thing and I was just looking around.”

“Well don’t be shy, my dear. Look all you want. Perhaps I could interest either of you in something to help you do better on those pesky tests in college, or a lust potion to attract the boys. It doesn’t exactly lead to a husband or even a guaranteed night of fun, but it does give a nudge in the right direction,” and with that she gave Violet a small wink.

Much to Madam Brown’s and Violet’s chagrin Amy spoke up again: “Actually witch, unlike you, I am thin and damn good looking. I don’t need any help with the boys. Let’s get out of here Vi.”

“My dear,” Madam Brown grated out, obviously not thinking of this girl as a dear at all but stuck with her way of speaking, “I take my pagan belief with a sense of pride and do not appreciate you calling me a witch in such a tone. You treat me as though I’m some barn animal, yet you are the one acting the ass.”

“Yeah, well I’m still not a blimp like you so I guess that makes you the cow.”

Seeing the tensions rising Violet spoke up, “maybe it’s time for us to go Amy. I’m sorry for all this Madam Brown. I’ll come back some other time by myself.”

“O don’t worry my dear, the next time I see you, I’m sure your friend will be with you.” Violet heard Amy mumble don’t count on it witch. Suddenly Madam Brown whipped out a blue candy as if from no where and Violet thought she saw an evil glint in her eye, but it was gone just as fast as it was there. She must have imaged it. “I am sorry to see you go my dear. To remember my store, please take this complimentary candy. It tastes divine and I only give it to my nicest guests.” With that she held the candy out. It was strange because even though she said the candy was for Violet, it almost looked like her hand was closer to Amy. Violet reached for the candy when suddenly there was a blur and Amy had it in her hand.

“Well if it’s for the nicest, then I guess it’s for me.” With that she popped it in her mouth and swallowed it. “Come on Vi, let’s leave the witch to her potions and spells.”

As the girls left, Madam Brown smiled. “Being seeing you soon…my dear.”

Chapter 2

2 Hours Later

The girls were at Violet’s house, studying for a test they had the next day.

“I can’t believe you acted like that today, Amy. I mean that woman did nothing to you and you treated her like shit.”

“Eh, so what. It’s not like I’ll ever see her again anyway,” Amy sneered as she adjusted her bra again.

“Whatever, and will you stop moving your bra around, it’s getting annoying.”

“Well I’m sooo sorry. I’ve been feeling weird since we left the mall though. My body keeps getting tinglier and I feel a little bloated.”

“It’s probably just that time of the month. Besides, you deserve it, after your performance earlier.”

“O, will you get off that and….” Suddenly Amy stopped and sat staring ahead with a strange look on her face.

“And….and what Amy? What’s the matter with you anyhow?”

Amy burped very loud and yelped, “That funny feeling is suddenly getting really strong.”

“Now that you mention it, your skin is kinda a funny color. Almost…blue.”

Just then Amy moaned. She could feel the tingling increasing and her halter top felt weird. She reached down to adjust it, when she felt something strange. Her boob seemed bigger. She looked down to notice they were in fact slightly bigger. “What’s happening to me?” Vi could see Amy’s shirt tightening as her boobs started to push out. Amy could feel her bra getting more confining and her boobs started to push out her shirt. “What the hell, why are they growing?” She could see her cleavage deepening as she felt her boobs touch each other as they grew. She felt like she had a very full bosom now, but it was still growing. The strap of her bra started digging into her back as there was less and less space within her tightening bra. Finally, it stopped.

Amy looked shocked. “What just happened?”

Violet looked equally shocked. “I have no clue, never seen anything like it.” Amy felt her breasts. They where slightly firm and warm to the touch.

“Do you think we should call the hospital” Violet asked.

“Eh, maybe. I mean, now I’m just sexier with larger breasts. It’s kinda nice. I mean I like the rest of my body, but I’ve always wanted bigger boobs. I was probably going to get plastic surgery eventually anyway. Now I just got it for free!”

“Umm, I guess. But I mean, shouldn’t we be concerned by the fact your boobs just grew for no reason at all.” They sat there for a couple minutes in wonderment, when Violet remembered, “what about that strange coloration to your skin though?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Amy smirked, while squeezing her full bosom. “I wish that tingling feeling would go away though.”

“Amy, I’m not making it up, you skin looks weird. Actually, I think, o my, yes, you just got a little bluer. It’s definitely a blue color.”

“What?!” Amy looked down to see a definite blue sheen to her skin as the tingling rose again.

"O no, that weird feeling is back!” She started breathing harder and grabbed the edge of the table. As Violet watched with horror, Amy’s boobs started to push out again. Suddenly, Amy hopped, and put her hand underneath her butt.

“What is it?” Vi stood up and stared wide eyed at Amy’s growing lap. Her legs were plump and getting rounder, and her hips were spreading in the chair.

“What the hell is happening to me now? I….I’m getting fat!” Amy could feel her butt growing rounder underneath her hands. She could feel her hips flaring out into her jeans. She looked down and saw her growing thighs. She could feel her legs getting fatter and felt as they grew into each other and started to push her legs apart. “O my god, my figure is going to hell. My ass is getting huge.”

“Your blowing up like a balloon, and your worried about your image?” Amy looked up and was about to say something, when she felt her hips begin to push into the sides of the chair.

“I need to get out of this chair, I’m getting too wide for it.” She stood up and as she did the swelling stopped. Vi could see just how large her butt had gotten. It was shoved into the seat of her pants and very plump. Her hips flared out going down to a small waist. Amy had her legs slightly spread due to her large legs. Amy could feel her butt stuffed in her pants. Her belt was getting very tight. Her chest had grown more and her bra was barely holding on. “My bra is ready to burst. Why am I becoming a blimp?”

“It seems to start when you get bluer. But why are you getting bluer? O my, I think it’s related to the magic store.”

“Not the candy?”

“I think so, we better get there quick before…”

“Before I start bloating up again,” Amy finished. She started to walk to the car, her large butt swaying with each step and her legs rubbing together. “O man, I’m waddling.”

Chapter 3

They were halfway to the mall when Amy got angry. “When we get there, I’m going to kill the stupid witch.”

“I think that’s the attitude that got you into this in the first place actually.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to get her to reverse this, then shove one of those candies down her throat. Not that it would make much difference, her being such a blimp.”

“I don’t think you have much room to talk there Amy,” Violet sneered looking over and noticing Amy’s wide hips pressed into the car seat.
Amy flushed with anger and started to yell. That’s when Violet realized she wasn’t flushing but it was her skin going from light blue to an actually blue.

“O crap Amy, prepare yourself.”

“Not again…eeeeggg” she grunted as she started to fill out again. She quickly started to fill up the car seat with her expanding butt and hips. “O no.”

“What”, vi looked over worried. She saw the concern. Amy’s belt was restricting a now growing stomach. Amy could feel the pressure of her stomach growing into her belt and shirt. She felt full and large. Suddenly, there was a succession of pings as her bra finally burst and her breasts surged out. Her doming belly was putting more and more pressure on her belt. Her stomach continued rounding out and her crouch started filling out under the belt.

“I have to get out of the car. I’m blowing up to big.” Violet squealed in to the parking lot and Amy scrambled out as fast as her swelling body would allow and started for the store. She lifted her now tightening shirt and saw her belly rounding out into her waistline. Vi poked her belly button as it pushed into jeans. Her stomach felt very warm and bouncy. Her finger sunk in and rebounded back out.

“Don’t touch me. This is embarrassing enough without you feeling my bloating middle. Ooo man, everything is getting so tight. This belt is cutting me in two.” She could hear the belt creaking as she felt her wide hips flare out more and more. Suddenly her arms started to rise because her hips started pushing them up. Her panties were now completely visible under her skin tight jeans. She put her hands on her swelling ass and felt is still rounding out. She couldn’t even put her hands all around it. “Ahhhhh….” And with that her belt blew off, her waistline shoved out, and her pants started to creak and with that it stopped again. “I feel so full. I am way to fat.”

“Yeah, I think we better hurry. I don’t think we want another swelling.”

“You don’t think I’ll pop, do you” Amy asked as she shambled her bulk through the shop door.”
Another voice answered besides Violet’s though. “O yes, I do. I see my candy worked well,” Madam Brown said.

“You bitch, it was you!” Amy screamed.

“Ah dear, and here I thought you might have come to apologize, but I see you still have the attitude that got you into this mess. Well, don’t worry, now that it looks like you went through the phase of swelling up your middle, the finale will come quickly.”
As she spoke Amy started turning a deep, deep, blue, almost purple. “Ahhh, I see it will start any second.”

“Why am I blowing up like a balloon?”

“A balloon? No no dear. Although I can see the mistake since you are becoming quite round. But your becoming a blueberry,” she smiled as Amy’s pants started to creak again.

“Ahhh, it’s stronger than ever, I’m getting huge everywhere now.” Amy was right, as violet looked her whole body started to fill again. Amy could feel her large domed stomach in front of her digging into the top of her pants. Then there was a bang and her stomach was free. The button blew open on her pants.

As Amy felt her fattening stomach push down the zipper revealing her pink panties, she heard Vi shout “we have to get that air out of her quick.” Amy felt her butt get rounder and rounder. Suddenly her huge ass could no longer fit in the seat of her pants and they exploded revealing her large spherical caboose stretching out a tight shimmering pair of panties. She started spreading her legs more and more and they swelled, rounded, and pushed into each other more with each second. She was almost spread eagle due to her hips pushing her arms out to a diagonal.

She felt her shirt ripping as she heard the lady say, “There’s no air in there. It’s juice. She’s becoming a nice round blueberry.”

“What?! I don’t want to be a blueberry. Oo, I’m getting too big, I….” she couldn’t finish her sentence as her cheeks swelled up. Violet could she the fear in her eyes as her arms stuck almost straight out and her panties started moaning.

“We have to call a doctor, she’ll pop.”

“Well that’s the point dear.”

“Mmmmm” Amy moaned as her panties finally exploded off. Her body pushed out in all directions. She started flapping her arms, but less and less as her arms started growing into her still swelling body. As her tree trunk legs spread as far as they could go her crotch started pushing down, swallowing up her legs. Violet couldn’t look away as ever her back was pushing out. Amy was working on becoming a complete sphere.

“So she’s really gonna blow?” Violet asked as Amy finally became an orb of juice.

“I’m afraid so dear. You see, we witches have a nasty habit of revenge. Amy moaned and flapped her hands. Her body was pulsating and with each pulse she became a little larger. Her skin was becoming glossy and she looked very tight. Come my dear, I don’t think we’ll want to be in the room in a few seconds.

Let’s go in the back. Are you terribly mad at me for exploding your friend? I do hope not.”

“Actually, she was kinda a bitch.” With that they laughed as they walked through the door.

Amy couldn’t believe it. As she felt her skin start to creak she saw Violet and the stupid witch walk into the back. It must not be long now. She knew what happened to her clothes when they started to creak. Stupid witch!! Suddenly Amy felt bad. Maybe she had been too harsh with the woman. Violet was right, Madam Brown was nothing but nice to them at first. Why did she always have to ruin everything? She always realized she was a bitch but never really cared. Her body suddenly felt too full. Too bad…”


As the two in the back room heard juice slam into the door Madam Brown shook her head. “They always learn their lesson. Too bad it’s always at the last second. I wish they would learn it a little sooner so I could reverse everything.”

“Do you regret what you did Madam Brown?”

“O no dear, she only would have gotten worse as she got older. She probably regretted it sometimes, but she wouldn’t have changed. I was just regretting the terrible mess I have to clean up now.

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