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Rob was on his way home from the NASA facility he often frequented. The reason for Rob’s loitering around such an important area was simple: he worked there. He was a research scientist. But of course, he wasn’t just working on any normal project though. Who ever does? He was the lead of a group of scientists attempting to find better ways to store food on the shuttles. (You know, the ones that go to outer space.) NASA was planning on beginning longer expeditions since space was the final frontier and the amount of food they would need to sustain the astronauts would not fit in the shuttles. Therefore, Rob’s team was working on making food an astronaut would eat and it would release liquid at set intervals for a month which would give him/her the required vitamins and nutrients while also making him/her full. Therefore, a person would only have to eat a small tablet of some sort once a month.

However, they were still only halfway done with the project. They were able to create the food/tablet, whatever they wanted really, that could hold the large amounts of liquid, but they had yet to work out releasing it at regular intervals. If a person ate it at the current stage, basically a months worth of food (in liquid form) would be released into them very quickly. Rob was currently experimenting with sticks of gum because they were the easiest to experiment on. (I don’t know why. If you want the answer, ask Rob! It’s top secret though, so good luck.) He was feeding the gum to lab rats to make sure it wouldn’t harm them in any way. They were never harmed; however, there were very strong side effects. Such effects were often the rats filling with juice and sometimes changing color. They would never swell too much; usually to about twice their weight.

Rob was very pleased with these side effects though because he had a slight inflation fetish. Rob was especially pleased on this ride home because it was birthday and that meant invoking the promise his wife and he made each other when they had married 4 years ago. Said promise was that on each other’s birthday, the birthday person could do whatever they wanted. As long as it didn’t involve being mean to or hurting the other person of course. While his plans are most likely blaringly obvious, here is what Rob planned on doing. He was going to feed his wife a piece of the gum he had been testing so rigorously. She knew nothing of what the effects would be, but that was half the fun of it.

He had arrived home with the gum in his pocket; blueberry was the flavor he chose. Obviously he had prepared a more potent piece than he fed to his rats, because he needed a strong enough dose to affect a human. As he walked up to the door it opened and he was greeted by his wife, Kayla. He was very glad to see her, especially looking as she was. She was wearing a fashionable pair of blue jeans just tight enough to show off her curvy hips and round backside. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t a stick figure. She had enough curves to be considered a female; which was good for Rob since he wasn’t gay. Her top half was covered with a low cut dark red T-shirt that said SEXY across her large breasts and Rob had to agree with the pronouncement. She instantly wrapped him in a tight embrace and greeted him, “Hello my sexy birthday boy. Glad to be done with work for the day?” Her medium length brown hair brushed his face as he kissed her hello.

“Of course I am. I’m glad to get home every day as long as you’re here.”

She smiled, “why thanks hon, but no reason to be so nice. After all, it’s your day.”

“Right you are, and unlike last year when I had nothing in mind except a nice dinner and sex, I have a special event planned.”

“Ooo really, well then I can hardly wait. So then no nice dinner?”

He laughed, “Well, you can make me my favorite meal. However, make dinner just for me. None for YOU!” He smirked.

Kayla looked hurt, “Not gonna let me eat huh?”

“No no, I have something special prepared for you later on.”

She punched his arm playfully. “Goofball, it’s your birthday. I’m supposed to cook for you, you’re not supposed to cook for me.”

“Just trust me. Remember, like you said, it’s my day.”

“Yeah, yeah, alright. Well I better get your meal going.”

With that Kayla went into the kitchen and spent the next hour making a great meal for Rob. He could hardly contain his excitement for the night’s festivities. Soon it was dinner, and they had a very romantic meal, although he felt kind of funny eating by himself. However, he wanted to make sure the gum had no reaction with anything. It was a very adaptive chemical they had invented and if the gum reacted with certain substances in the stomach there were strange results. The worst was milk. Even a small amount could double the effect.

“Well Rob, dinner is over. So what’s the big mystery?”

“Well, let’s go into the bedroom and see.”

“Haha, it’s sex again isn’t it? Not that I don’t like that.” She smiled as she rubbed his crotch and smiled even more when there was movement from said region.

“Just wait,” Rob said as they entered and he closed the door.

“Well, let me make myself more open for the experience,” Kayla said as she was about to take off her shirt.

“Oh no my dear, leave it on. It’ll make this more fun and it won’t on soon anyways.”

Kayla looked at him half confused and half anxious. “Well, this is going to be interesting isn’t it.”
“O yes. Now, just stand in front of me and I will sit on the bed here.” Rob sat down with his wife’s stomach in front of his face; her boobs were sticking out above him. “Now my dear,” he intoned in an intelligent manner as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to his lap, “what I have here is a fantastic little device that I think will make this night…how did you put it?...ahh yes, interesting.”

With that, he whipped out the piece of gum and handed it to her.

“What’s this? It looks like a piece of gum.”

He laughed, “well it better, because that is precisely what it is. All you have to do for my birthday…is chew it.”

Kayla suddenly looked very bewildered and perhaps a bit disappointed. “Awww, and here I was excepting something grand. Alright then,” and with that she popped it in her mouth.

She chewed for awhile and suddenly her eyes popped open. “Wow, this is very good and extremely juicy. I can feel a mouthful going down my throat with every chew.”

“My, it sounds like a lot of juice.”

“Heck yeah! Were did you get this, it’s actually making me full. I’m glad I didn’t eat dinner.” Kayla held her hands to her stomach. “O wow, I feel like I’ve eaten a whole meal. I think I’m going to spit it out now.”

“No no, just a little more, it’s about to get fun,” he soothed as he saw her skin start to change slightly blue.

She was about to ask what he meant when suddenly she groaned. “If you say so, I’m actually started to feel a little bloated though. Not just in my stomach though, all over.” Rob could feel her skin becoming warmer underneath his hand and he knew it was only a matter of sec….

Suddenly Kayla shot up to a standing position again. She looked down in horror and Rob saw why. Her boobs were slowly getting rounder and the rest of her body looked puffy. “Rob, o my god, what the hell is happening.”

He quickly reassured her, “Don’t worry hun, it’s the latest project at my lab. It’s gum that releases a lot of juice at once and somehow causing swelling effects.”

“I would say so.” Kayla watched as her boobs continued to grow rounder and close in on touching each other. Rob reached up and put his hand in between her cleavage and felt her warm boobs grow into his hand. Suddenly her cleavage was pressed tightly against itself and deepened as her boobs began to push out. While her boobs seemed to be the object of attention for the juice, she could also feel jeans grow a bit more tight and felt her stomach begin to push against her shirt.

“Don’t worry hun, it’s the chewing that is doing this. I hope you don’t mind the surprise, but this is probably the perfect time to tell you I like the thought of expanding girls.”

“Well, you sure have made a statement,” she smirked as her bra started to cup her growing boobs tighter. (Luckily for Rob, even though he already knew this about Kayla, she was a very open person to new and crazy experiences. In fact, she reveled in them.)

“So you’re not mad?”

“Will this hurt me?”

“No, it’s been tested, you won’t even get that big.”

“Well in that case,” Kayla said as she placed his hands on her breasts, “enjoy.”

Rob could feel her twins growing in his hands. They were pushing out above his head now as he reached behind her and felt her bra digging into her back. He was about to help her off with it when she suddenly yelped.

He looked down and saw her hips rounding out quicker. “Hips too huh? I thought maybe you just liked the breasts, although the slow tightening of my jeans was suspicious.”

“Anytime it’s too much for you, just spit the gum out.”

She looked up worried. “I swallowed it from the surprise of the initial swelling.”

“O,” he chuckled, “don’t worry, it’s only enough to make you about twice your size.” With that he watched her hips flare out as he placed his hands on them. He could feel his arms spreading as he rotated her growing hips back and forth. Soon she became to sway them on her own as her thighs grew plumper.

Rob traced his finger around one thigh, taking longer each time due to their circumference growing, until her could no longer get his finger through due to her thighs beginning to touch. He put his hand down where her thighs weren’t toughing and ran it up to her crotch as he felt her legs pushing into his hands more every second.

He placed a hand on her rear and felt it too was growing as he watched her stomach push into her jeans. He turned her around and massaged her butt as her checks grow rounder and pressed into her jeans. Just as her clothing began to groan, she stopped swelling.

“Wow, I became quite the fat girl didn’t I,” Kayla smiled as she jiggled her butt in his face.

Actually, it’s not fat, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is those clothes are probably uncomfortable. I anticipated that, so I bought a larger outfit for you.”

“Why do I need to put clothes on?”

“Because it’s so much fun to take them off you,” he chuckled. With that he went to his car to get the clothes and came back. He watched as she unbuttoned her jeans and her stomach pushed out. It took both of them to peel her jeans off over her rounded rump. Finally she redressed her inflated figure. He looked at her and approved. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a pink blouse that was so low cut it basically only covered her stomach. She also wore a pair of dark blue lounging pants that were made of a smooth vinyl type material. The outfit was completed with a pink cloth belt that she tied in front.

“Sexy enough for you?” she asked modeling herself.

“O yes.”

“I’ve been so caught up in the swelling, I was meaning to ask, will this odd blue coloration to my skin go away?”

“Yeah, when the effect wears off.”

She walked up to him, about to jump on him when she stopped. “I feel really funny suddenly.” Rob watched as her skin began to darken considerably.

“Kayla, you didn’t eat right?”

She smiled guiltly, “well I admit I did have some cookies while making dinner.”

“Well that’s ok. That’s all?”

“Well of course I had a glass of milk with the cookies. I mean you know I love that.”

“Oh no, not cool.”

“What do you mea…” before she could finish she began to swell again.

“Milk increases the effect by a lot, and if you drank a whole glass…”

With that put an arm around her ass to feel the extent of her new ballooning and found her caboose was already tightening her new pants. He could see her stomach pushing out in front of his face.

“Stop this Rob, I don’t want to pop.”

“O hun, I thought I told you, sorry. I don’t know how big you’ll get, but the chemical will never pop you. You’re safe. Trust me.”

“Well, I suppose you know more about it than me.”

He stood up and wrapped his arms around her and could feel her growing. Her stomach was pushing into his. He looked down and watched as her butt began to push the seat of her pants to the limit. Kayla moaned and Rob stepped back. She was getting quite large and round as her buttons started to groan. Kayla reached down and grabbed her large stomach. She felt as her blue skin began to show.

“Sooo, tight. I just keep filling with juice.”

With that the buttons on her blouse popped off one by one and her stomach pushed out more. Her pants started to groan as her butt grew even larger. She started spread her legs as her thighs were growing larger. Her legs looked like over stuffed blue sausages inside her pants. Suddenly her volleyball sized boobs snapped her bra.

“Uhh, this belt is beginning to hurt.” Rob looked down and saw Kayla’s hips curving out underneath the belt and her stomach pushing into it more with each second. Rob pulled the knot to the belt to relieve her. Instantly, he hips and waist sprang forward and jiggled with the sudden freedom. Rob reached in and pressed her bellybutton as it popped out. He watched as her stomach finally burst through her pants and unzipped them. He walked behind her when her heard her pants groan and suddenly her butt ripped free. Her hips gave a large swell and burst off the rest of her pants as her arms began to rise.

Once her boobs pushed through the last of her shirt Kayla looked at Rob and laughed, “Too bad, that was a new outfit too.”

“I’m surprised you’re joking at a time like this.”

“Well I’ll admit it’s unexpected and strange, but you assured me no harm would come to me.”

Kayla’s arms rose until they were horizontal and then they began to fill with juice also. At the same time she could spread her mammoth thighs no more and her crotch began to swell down toward the floor.

“Well I’m glad you’re ok with this because it looks like you drank enough milk to become a blueberry woman.”

“I bet I’ll be the first one.” She couldn’t speak very easily after that though because her cheeks slowly bulged out. Her arms were large cones now and her legs had almost completely grown together. Even her back was swelling out as she came closer to being a large ball. Her little fingers and toes became pudgy and the juice continued to fill her as her body slowly became an imperfect ball. A few seconds later she had no female form left and Rob watched as her body finally became a sphere.

“It’s stopped Rob, I can’t feel myself filling anymore. Man, I feel so full though.”

“Well, you are full. I’m sorry that this went a bit further than planned.”

“A bit further huh? I’m a ball! O well…no harm came of it. By the way, how do we get this juice out of me.”

“Out of you? Ummm….”

Kayla looked horrified, “Rob, you can’t be serious…”

Rob couldn’t help it as he burst out laughing. “No, actually I wasn’t serious.”

“If I had legs right now, I would kick you.”

“Hey now, no need for that. To answer your question though, it’s just like you drank a whole bunch. In a little while, you’ll have to take the longest pee of your life. After that you’ll be completely back to normal.”

“Thank goodness. Well, Rob, I must say you lived up to your promise.”

“How so?”

Kayla laughed, “Tonight was definitely interesting.”

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