New Beginning, A

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It was all over the news. For a small town anything tragic made headlines. “Amy Sommers is presumed to be dead. It was a month ago since she went missing…”

And “blah, blah, blah” thought Vi as she smiled to herself and turned off the TV. Of course, she knew what had happened to Amy a month ago. She had been there when the poor lass had swelled up into a giant blueberry and exploded all over Madam Brown’s store of magic paraphernalia and occult doodads.

At first, she had been slightly upset over the whole ordeal. She realized a person had just died and she would never see Amy again. As she had thought about it though, she realized she did not really care she would never see her “friend” again. Lately, she had been coming to the conclusion her companion was a bitch.

Once she had come to terms with the situation, she realized she was in awe of Madam Brown’s powers. Madam Brown, sensing potential in the young Violet, had asked her if she wished to learn the arts.

Now normally, Vi was only interested in witchcraft only so far as to be interested. Never had she wanted to actually become a witch. However, she was not the most popular girl at college. In fact, you might just say she was about the least popular person there; except for Sebastian De La Crovax. He was the least popular. (Mostly due to the fact that he had seven fingers on each hand and he often bragged about how he picked his nose with each one. Also, they thought his last name was ridiculous.) However, upon seeing Madam Brown’s display of magic, she realized it would be a great way to finally get revenge upon the people of her dorm.

Basically, she had spent all of the previous month learning the ways, the methods, the tricks, the means, the techniques, the processes, the manners, the routines, the approaches, the procedures, and even the styles involved in witchcraft. All in all, she had a decent amount of knowledge. About 3% of everything there is to know according to Madam Brown. (You may think 3% is very small given all the things Vi learned as mentioned two sentences ago, but then, what do you know about witchcraft compared to Madam Brown?)

Which brings us to the present of Vi lounging in her dorm room (now a single room, due to the oh so tragic disappearance of her roommate) turning off the news. She was feeling especially happy because today was the day she would begin her revenge. “Actually”, she thought to herself, “the revenge won’t begin till tonight, not today. So really, tonight will be the night. Although…day has more than one meaning. It could imply just the time it is light out, or it could apply to a 24-hour period! Wait, why does this matter?”

You see, Vi had a happen of over-analysis. But anyway, her plan was this. She had over-heard three girls talking and found out they were going to get drunk in their room that night. So using her new found knowledge, she decided to make a very special alcohol, just for them. Now obviously, she could not just waltz into the room with them, they hated her like everyone else apparently did. That is why she needed Joseph Barnsby.

Joe was also not too popular. Still, he was much higher up on the social ladder than Vi. He had actually been the one to start much of the ill-will directed toward her. He had seen her in an occult store once from the street. Immediately he started the rumor that she was a witch. This led to most people avoiding her all because of a misunderstanding. Ironically, she was becoming a witch to get revenge for being called a witch. “If you can’t beat the insult, become it” she often mused to herself.

Now our friend Joe would kill for a chance to get drunk with the aforementioned girls. They were all cheerleaders from the same high school. He actually had a crush one of the girls, Julie. It couldn’t have been her magnetic personality so Vi figured it was her blonde hair and curves. So Vi left her room and walked to Joe’s room.

She lightly rapped on the door. The door open after a second, “Hey, what’s goin…o, it’s you.”

“Hello Joseph, how are you today,” Vi cutely spat out. And she was able to do it cutely. Despite her bad reputation, she was not unattractive.

“What do you want witch?”

Vi somehow overlooked the rude greeting and continued, “O, I just overheard that Julie, Tammy, and Sam are drinking tonight and I was going to join them. I was just wondering if you wanted to come.”

“Of course I want to go, but what makes you think I want you there. How do you ever expect to get in anyway? They’ll just kick you out.”

“Well,” Vi stammered as though oblivious, “I remembered that Julie’s favorite dessert is blueberry pie. You know, since she always gets it at the cafeteria.”

Joe almost laughed. “What the hell does that have to do with them allowing you to drink with them?”

“Well, I was in France the other day,” she lied, “and found this blueberry flavored vodka that can only be bought over in France. I snuck it back over and I’m sure Julie will let me in for a taste. Of course I’ll tell them it’s for a grand finale. That way I can drink with them all night.”

Now Joe could put two and two together. Unfortunately for him, he always got five. This is why he realized the only way he was going to get in with the girls was if he had that vodka. He failed to notice the evil glint in Vi’s eye though.

“Why your right Vi,” he exclaimed, suddenly kinder. “I didn’t realize you were so intelligent. Sure, I’ll go head over there with ya tonight. Let me see that stuff that’s getting us in. I’m intrigued.”

“O, sure thing Joe. Man, this stuff is so good, it’ll probably only take five shots for everything to be perfect.” Vi was pretending to be completely excited, but she knew what was coming.

The second Joe had the bottle he slammed the door in her face. “O, hey thanks Vi for this ticket inside their room. Sorry to inform you though that it will be a non-witch party. Sooo…umm…no witches allowed!”

“O my Joe, what a witty retort,” Vi thought as she walked away trying not to laugh.

So Joe prepared for an evening of fun. Around ten, he headed on over to Julie’s room with drink in hand. (Actually he had it in a sweatshirt since he was underage. Like Vi and the three girls, he was only 20.) He knocked on the door with high expectations. (Not the Charles Dickens book. It was his state of mind.)

Sam opened the door. Sam wasn’t his crush, but she was still hot. She has long red hair and was prepared for a night of relaxing in a pair of matching hot pink sweatpants and top. It was apparent they had already begun drinking some. “O, ummm, hey…..uuhhh..Jack?)

“Joe, actually.”

“O, ok, John, sorry bout that. So, whatcha want?”

“It’s Jo…nevermind. I’m here for the festivities.”

“O, like, I’m sorry Jim, but you were so not invited.”

“What’s going on here?” Julie walked up with a questioning look on her face.

“Oh, hey...Julie,” Joe managed to squeak out when he saw her walk up in a pair of curvy jeans with a brown belt and sky blue T-shirt.

“Julie,” Sam stated matter-of-factly, “Jacob here thinks he’s going to drink with us.”

“I believe his name is Joe, Sam, and what makes him think such a thing?”

“Well, there is the small matter…..of THIS!,” and with that Joe released the bottle from his sweatshirt with a dramatic swirl.

Julie sneered, “although the presentation was very impressive Joe, I think we have enough alcohol without your supply.”

“Alcohol? This isn’t just any alcohol. This is special blueberry alcohol only found in France.” With the mention of blueberry Julie eyes lit up. She pretended not to care too much though.

“O really, blueberry huh? That’s kinda inte….odd. Let me see it.”

Joe, remembering his own masterful trick upon Vi, was not so easily duped. “Only a smell for now. This, being a very special and expensive brew, will be the grand finale.” With a flourish, he unscrewed the cap and waved it under Julie’s nose. The smell was intoxicating! Julie knew she needed this.

“Well, I guess it would be more interesting than the usual stuff we drink. Alright Joe, come on it.”

“WHAT?” Sam exclaimed shocked.

“I said it’s alright Sam! Besides, aren’t you tired of green apple and raspberry all the time?”

“I guess,” she mumbled.

So Joe walked in victorious. He saw Tammy on the couch, apparently more drunk than the other two. She had on a loose red shirt that came to her knees and button up red blouse with her medium length brown hair in a pony-tail.

“Hey Tammy, this is Joe, he’ll be joining us tonight.”

“O, like sweet and stuff, haha,” Tammy replied not caring.

So a few hours of drinking passed. All three girls got far more drunk and Joe did a wonderful job himself of catching up. Eventually as they got close to their limits, they began making fun of Vi.

“O guys…I mean, haha girls. Cuz the three of you are girls, not guys!” Joe laughed.

The girls all laughed. “You’re right Joe,” Sam laughed. She finally got his name right when wasted. “We are all like girls, except for you. That’s great.”

“Yeah, yeah, anyway, so Vi..” Joe began.

“Wait Joe,” Julie interrupted, “before we smake…I mean smake..haha…you know what I mean. Before we make…there we go…fun of Vi some more…hows a like about that blueberry…shit?”

“O, o right,” Joe relied pulling it out form under his chair. “I suppose it is somewheres about the time for…such endeavors. Is that the right word?

“WHO CARES!” Tammy yelled. “LIKE, umm” she got quieter, “pass that shit around. Whoohoo, more alceyhol!”

With that Joe opened the bottle and poured a shot for each girl. Not liking blueberries himself, he passed on it.

“To special blueberry shit” Julie laughed and with that all they all downed their shots. Immediately, they all began ranting over the drink.

Tammy jumped up, “That is the…bestest damn shiat I have ever had the pleesure of cunsuming.” Julie just sat on the couch apparently in a state of bliss.

As Joe watched though, it almost seemed as though they started to turn a slightly blue color. After a minute or two they definitely seemed a light shade of blue. He figured he must just be drunk. The girls never noticed because they were too drunk and excited over the drink to care.

“Joe!” Julie suddenly demanded coming out of her moment, “more!”

So Joe immediately lifted the bottle and filled each shot glass again. Sam raised her glass and yelled, “to the best damn stuff ever.” There was general agreement and then the shots went down. Once again the girls were amazed. The talk became a little different this time though.

“Ya know, I’m like drunk and stuff, but like…this stuff makes funny, haha, makes me feel funny somehow………..”

“Differently,” Julie finished for her. “I know what you mean. I even feel kinda bloated. How much have I had.?”

Joe got tired of their convo and went to the bathroom. When he got back however, he had to take a double take. Not only did the girls seem even bluer, almost a real blue now, but something else was strange. Were they fatter? No! But on closer inspection…maybe. Tammy’s blouse buttons seemed a little strained and Julie’s pants seemed maybe a bit tighter. He decided he might be imagining things. He decided he would watch closely after the next shot. He didn’t have to wait long. The girls, apparently still oblivious (was the drink at fault for this?) were demanding more.

He wiped out the bottle and poured three more shots. They didn’t even wait to toast this time. As soon as the glass was full it was down the respective girls throat. This time Joe watched closely.

“Wow, I afeel even more…strangeness. This is crazy shit,” Tammy thought aloud.

As Joe watched them talk he realized he couldn’t be imagining things. The girls skin changed till is was completely blue. He knew he was right we Tammy said, “hey, you guys…I mean girls, right joe?...hahahaa.” They all giggles. “Anyway, you look like green…opps. I mean blue.”

“Haha, now that you like say that, kinda true. We are so drunk!” Julie laughed.

“I am not drunk,” Tammy protested. “Watch me walk around.” With that she got up and walked in circles. The other two girls were in their own world, but Joe watched. Her ass seemed almost a little bigger and he still though her buttons looked tighter on her shirt. Suddenly, she started to moan a little as she walked and her skirt started to become tighter. Suddenly, it wasn’t so loose anymore as her thighs began to take up more room and her butt curved out some. Her blouse was definitely strained as her stomach stretched it out more. Even the buttons over her breasts groaned as they were pressed out from her growing cleavage.

What Joe didn’t see was the similar situation on the couch. Sam suddenly grabbed her stomach and saw her hands being pressed outwards. With shock she watched as the outline of her growing belly became slightly visible under her very loose sweatshirt. She knew her boobs must be growing also because she could feel her nipples rubbing against her bra.

While Tammy had it spread a little everywhere and Sam’s stomach was not faring well, Julie was having a more hourglass experience. At first she felt her cleavage deepening and her bra growing tight. She looked down and was surprised to see much more boobs in her face than normal. She was normally a C but they looked like D’s now. She put her hands on them and felt them rounding out. As she was feeling them she suddenly felt the armchair of the couch pushing her. She was confused since she hadn’t moved when she realized she was moving…outward. She put her hand down to her hips and felt them widening into the armrest. She also noticed her thighs were growing together and gout feel her butt filling as well. As soon as it started though, it stopped.

Due to the drink though, they immediately forgot their plight and didn’t realize anything was wrong. To Joe’s horror, the girls suddenly were demanding more of the wonderful drink. He tried to argue with them, but they started to get angry.

“Alright, fine, if this will make you shut up have some more. Just don’t get mad at me when you wake up tomorrow.”

With that they downed a fourth shot. Joe waited for the effects. Sure enough, the girls eventually deepened to dark blue. He watched for what would come next.

Tammy was sitting down again and she felt it first. “O my gawd, there’s the feeling again…” With that she began filling again. Joe could see her chubby blue legs inside her skirt and they began fillings more. He watched as blue flesh connected with blue flesh and suddenly they could grow no more. There was no stopping the growth though so Tammy felt her skirt begin to stretch around her legs. Soon the skirt make a V since her legs were growing so round they were two mountains squeezed into the stretchy skirt. Her skirt’s crotch was also being stretched by her expanding stomach. The buttons on her blouse were groaning even more as blue flesh began poking between the spaces. Even her hips were widening, pushing into Sam.

Sam was not having a better time. She looking in horror as her sweatshirt began tightening more. Even her boobs were beginning to push out. Her stomach continued to round out and it started to become a large dome that was increasing in size. She could feel her belly button deepen as the elastic band on the sweatshirt was lost as her belly began to grow unto her lap. Her boobs were beginning to get pushed into her face as they rested upon her doming stomach. Julie didn’t notice any of this though.

She had many problems of her own. Her bra was becoming painful as her boobs were also growing. They were outdoing the other two as they passed any size a normal woman would have. She could feel herself becoming wedged in-between the arm rest and Sam. This was due to the fact that her hips were flaring out even further. She wanted to spread her legs because they were growing so round they were trying to push away fro each other. She realized she had to stand up before she was stuck. She tried to stand up and couldn’t, realizing her butt must have been larger than she thought. She readied her self and gave a large shore, springing up. She flung herself across the small room and caught herself on the opposite side, her swollen bottom wobbling from the momentum. She put her hands on her rump and realized how completely huge it was. She looked back and saw her underwear pressed firmly to her jeans and he checks continued to push out. Her posterior was growing so large he belt began to hurt. She walked back to the middle of the room, waddling. She spread her legs out as they filled out further. Suddenly there was a loud ping noise as Tammy’s breasts burst through three of her buttons. She has deep cleavage jammed into a tight red bra.

Just as suddenly as before, the growing stopped. Joe was speechless. What the hell was happening. Why were they girls getting fatter before his eyes. Although, it didn’t look like fat. They almost seemed firm, like a ballon. Looking at them, he just knew they wouldn’t ask for m….

“Hey Joe, any of that shit left?” Julie asked walking toward him, her huge hips swaying.

“Alright, I don’t care what you think,” Joe yelled as he dodged around Julie. “I’m taking this stuff and leaving. I am officially cutting you off!” With that he turning around and made to walk out of the room and almost walked right into Vi, who was standing in the entryway.

“Why hello Joe. Are you enjoying the party?”

Joe began backing up. “You, you did this. What the hell is in this drink!”

“No Joe,” Vi said as she swiped the bottle. “You did this. You and all the awful people that live in this dorm…hell, in this whole world!”

“Why you..” with that Joe lunged at Vi. She immediately held up her hand and Joe flew backwards in the wall past all the bloated girls. He realized he was frozen there.

“Now watch Joe as revenge is carried out.” Vi turn to the girls, who looked like something was missing from their world. “Who wants drinks?”

“WE DO,” they all exclaimed.

Vi poured the fifth shot for each of them, laughing evilly the whole time. The girls eagerly snatched the drinks from Vi. “No, stop, don’t drink those or you’ll get even bigger,” Joe tried to warn them, but it was too late. They had already downed the drinks with astonishing speed.

“Now the real fun begins,” Vi cackled as the girls drank the last shot. Finally, after the fifth shot had be taken, the girls snapped out of their stupor, completely sober now.

“Holy shit,” Julie screamed, “I’m fat as hell.” She took a few stepped looking with horror at his absurd figure shaking. “I can barely walk with my thighs so huge.”

“Who cares about your thighs,” Sam screeched, holding her massive stomach, “look at the size of my gut. I can’t even put my hands around it.”

“Well I’m big all over, but there’s another problem. Why are we all blue?”

All three girls looked at each other and suddenly there skin began changing again, now to a blue so deep they became purple.

“O my god, what’s happening to us now?

“Well my dears,” Vi interjected, making her presence known, “you’re entered the final stage of your change into a blueberry.”

With Julie all over her face Julie lunged at Vi. She stopped midway though, holding her stomach. “OOooo, I suddenly feel real strange. O shit, it what we felt like before we swelled befor…”

Before she could finish her sentence she groaned and her stomach poofed out slightly. “OOooo noo..” she turned her bulk to she her friends in a similar situation.

Sam’s stomach began rounding out again and the stitches on her shirt began to protest. However, her posterior began to inflate as well. With her crotch and legs having no where to grow with her large stomach on top of them, her swelling forced her to stand up. She seemed to be inflating faster than her friends. Her midsection was becoming so large, it began to swallow her legs and arms as her back started to swell as well. “Help, I’m becoming a ball.” Her sweatshirt burst of her and he boobs sprang out since her bra was long gone. Her books also began to get swallowed by her growing midsection.

She had to raise her arms as they were now half consumed by her stomach. Her legs were just cones now, rapidly disappearing. Her sweatpants were quickly blown off.

“What the hell is happening to her,” Julie screaming, watching her friends panties explode off as she became a round purple ball.

“Why Julie, she just finished the transformation into a blueberry. Something that will soon happen to you and Tammy.”

“No, this can’t be happening,” Julie whimpered as she fought back another strange feeling washing over her and her stomach poofed up a bit more pressing into her belt. Her arms also became a little rounder.

“Help me!” Julie and Vi looked over to see Tammy standing up expanding out in all directions. Her arms were growing rounder as her ass and legs began stretching her skirt. She inhaled and with the exhale her stomach shot forward and burst through the rest of her blouse with many loud pings. Her red her breasts swelled out and the red bra was gone. As her top half swelled up more and more, her skirt continued to hang on for dear life. Her legs plumped up more and she needed to spread them out to stand properly. However, her skirt held them fast and she began to tetter. With a scream, she tottled over onto her side. Her large stomach caught her fall, but the pressure of falling cause her legs and butt to rip the skirt to shreds. With a whimper, they watched as her ass grew into the air as her back began to swell. Her red panties could only stretch so far and ripped in half completely exposing her flesh. With nothing holding her back, she finished becoming a blueberry.

“Joe and Vi turned back to Julie,” who was grimacing, holding back the expansion.

“Go ahead and fight it Julie, it just makes for more entertainment. It so interesting. I hadn’t realized everyone expanded in different ways. Yours reminds me of a friend I once had.”

Julie shuddered and her stomach puffed up more. Her stomach began to push over and under her belt and her belly button was peeking out from under her shirt. She heard a groan from behind her which meant her rear had expanded some also. “Vi, get this air out of me.”

“Air? Haha, No Julie. It’s juice. Like I said, you’re becoming a blueberry. You’re doing a great job of fighting it, but you’re slowly getting bigger. The juices are building up pressure inside you. Soon, you’ll be just like your friends.”

“Fight it Julie!” Joe yelled from across the room. He could see she was losing though. Her body was beginning to pulsate, and she grew a little larger with each pulse.

“EEErrrggg, I can’t stop it,” Julie said through gritted teeth. “I can’t feel myself slowly ballooning out. Her stomach began to peek out more and more with each pulse and her crotch and hips were groaning under the belt. After a few minutes the belt was singing her waist in.

“This belt is cutting me in two.” However, Julie fight was soon to be over. The belt began to groan as her stomach pushed out a little more each second. One final pulse and BOOM! The belt flew off into the wall and her stomach shoved out into her skin tight jeans. The rush of juice was too much for Julie and she began expanding freely.

“Somebody, somebody help me. I’m becoming a blueberry!” Her shirt rode yp her stomach as every heard her bra snap. Her pants curved around her belly as her bellybutton pressed into the fly of her crotch. Her legs were still growing and she went spread eagle. Her arms began to rise as her hips pressed into them and as her arms began to round out. Her jeans were beginning to hold back the juice and her cheeks puffed up like a chipmunks.

Julie could only look with terror as her growing stomach burst through her fly. Her blue panties were barely visible over her jeans zipper. One second later and they were very visible as her zipper broke. Her stomach pushed into the V of her jeans. Vi walked around Julie just in time to see her large rump split her jeans right down the middle. Her panties were shiny spread skin tight over her widening butt. The rip in her jeans grow by the second as more and more panty clad ass pushed through. Her shirt began to tear as her whole body began to swell. She could move her tree trunk legs no further and her crotch began to push down as her jeans fell apart. Her arms and legs Became cones as her body began to become a giant blueberry.

She could only mumble as her crotch reached the floor and her body expanded out to her hands and feet.

“All done. Well, almost all done.” Vi chuckled.

“What do you mean,” Joe asked wondering how this could get any worse.

“Why Joe, do you think I would let them go. To tell the world what I did. O no, they have to pop.”

“No, please don’t give them any more,” Joe pleaded, eyeing the last quarter of vodka.

“O don’t worry Joe,” Vi declared picking up the drink. She patted one of the girls and she was tight as a drum. “I’ve already given them enough. They just need time for the juices to build up pressure. However Joe, I’m not a wasteful person.”

With that she pulled a funnel out of her purse and shoved it in his mouth. He could only mumble hysterically as she poured the remaining quarter down his throat.

“You see Joe,” she mewed, stroking his arm, “we witches have a nasty habit of revenge.

With that Vi picked up her purse and left the scene of the crime as one very frightened college boy began to turn blue.

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