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It had been 16 days since the incident. At first, Vi had loved hearing all the gossip about what had happened that Friday night. Not that anyone knows exactly what took place anyway, she thought wickedly to herself. She was sitting with a group of friends at a cheap diner next to her college campus along with a couple of her friends, Harry and Kayla. And they were STILL talking about that night! She just couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t get over it. So a blueberry juice soaked room was found and 4 people were missing. It’s college, crazy stuff happens right?

Her thoughts were broken when she heard Harry say, “I mean, people go missing, that’s not all that strange. But what’s with the blueberry juice and torn clothes? That’s what I can’t figure out.”

Vi tossed her long brown hair behind her shoulder as she dug indulgently into her juicy…..salad. Man diets sucked. But now, with some of the popular bitches out of the way, Vi figured maybe she could start rising in the ranks. A little voice in the back of her head was trying to tell her she was already beautiful and was ironically beginning to act a lot like her old friend Amy, who had met her tragic end not so long ago. However, that voice was becoming quieter and quieter as Vi began to lose herself more everyday in her revenge against society.

“Maybe,” her ditzy friend Kayla relied, “it was some sorta, like, ya know, consp, contip…”

“Conspiracy, Kayla, con…spiracy,” Vi snapped as she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, that. Maybe it was, like, one of those to kill, like, Julie and them and they, like, did something that needed to be, like, washed away so, like, like, the blueberry juice.”

Vi rolled her eyes. “Yeah Kayla, because anytime I want to wash something away I always use gallons of blueberry juice. You know, from all those fresh blueberries I just bought and squeezed myself. I would never use, o, say, water! From the tap. As much as I want. For free. That would just be stupid.”

“Alright Vi, leave her alone,” Harry responded when he saw Kayla looking hurt. “Besides, what would they even wash away? And it doesn’t explain the torn clothes.”

Vi was tiring of the conversation. “Look, they found a whole bunch of empty alcohol bottles. They probably got drunk, had a bunch of blueberries for who the hell knows what and they got out of control and made a mess. Then they got horny, ripped off their clothes, screwed each other, went outside, and got murdered in the woods. I mean every theory is so ridiculous. Who cares? They’re gone, good riddance.”

“They weren’t the nicest people Vi,” Harry said shocked, “but that’s just cold.”

Vi stood up. “Whatever, I’m leaving. I’m sick of this salad anyway. See ya.”

That night Vi was working on a new mixture in her room. Before with the alcohol, like with the candy in Madam Brown’s store, it was the product that made the person swell. What Vi wanted was a clear liquid that could be added to any drink and produce the same results. Vi had become obsessed. After years of teasing directed her way and the years spent with Amy tormenting her, Vi hated society. After Julie, Sam, Tammy, and Joe, Vi decided she didn’t want to just punish the people who were mean to her. She wanted to punish all the popular jerks who thought they ran things. What Vi didn’t realize was she was slowly slipping into madness.

Now she could have used any of a number of means to have her “revenge”; fireballs, shrinking, freezing….you name it, Vi could either do it or learn how to do it. Blueberries were something special to her though. With watching Amy swell out and explode, it had become her preferred means of torture. And she was just finishing off the final touches on her new blueberry serum.

‘What will I do with this?’ she thought in bed that night. ‘Amy and the others were all alone with they had their “episode.” But what would make the situation even worse. They’re popular. These people hate to be embarrassed. What could be worse than turning into a blueberry in front of your peers?’ She chuckled ominously. ‘Wait,’ she thought again, ‘no…really, what could be worse? I’m interested…ah well, another time perhaps to perfect my plans. For now, the blueberry serum will do. Tomorrow’s going to be a blas…no, I mustn’t think stupid puns. Tomorrow is going to be a….hell of a time.’ With that she drifted into a blissful sleep.

Shirley Brown sat down at a lunch table in the campus cafeteria. She had just finished buying her typical Greek salad, low fat dressing of course, and a carton of white milk, skim. Her friends would be along soon. She pulled her jean shorts down some. She contemplated her look. She had tried a new style she came up with that day by wearing pink stretch stockings under a pair of soft blue jean shorts. She decided she liked the look considering the pink matched her pink T-shirt. She even had a pink falligator belt. She started laughing to herself about her own word, falligator, which was a combination of fake and alligator, and didn’t realize her friend Monica had come up.

“Hey Shirley….Shirley….SHIRLEY…”

“O, hey Monica. Sorry, I was just thinking.”

“Since when do you do anything like that?” Monica asked with a sneer as she sat down with her lunch (Also a salad. The lettuce companies of the world love cheerleaders).

“Play nice girl,” Shirley replied looking at Monica’s outfit which was similar to hers, but without the addiction of the pink under the shorts. ‘Pssh,’ Shirley thought, ‘way to keep up with the style Monica. Only wearing shorts was so yesterday.’

“You know I always do,” she answered as she noticed Shirley’s new style. ‘When did she start dressing like that? Is this a new style? Damn-it. I am such a scrub now…, no, I look good. Shirley is just trying to set a new fad. It looks terrible.’ “By the way, Shirley, I love your new style.”

“Awww, thanks hun, but it’s nothing.” ‘She is such a fake. She is so jealous of my style. I just know it. I hate salad.’

Shirley and Monica were cheerleaders for the college. Their popularity was nothing to be trifled with. Whatever they wore, others wore. Whatever they ate, others ate. Whenever they took a shit, others….ok, not that far, but the point is clear. Now normally Shirley loved her popularity and the attention is brought. She was always extremely self-conscious, as is the case for many college women, and the attention made her feel better. At least she told herself it did. She was still just as self-conscious with the attention as she was without. However, there is one person Shirley would’ve wished she had never drawn the attention of. From across the cafeteria, Violet had spotted her first test subject.

Shirley dug into her meal with as much gusto as she could muster and chatted with her friends as they slowly arrived. What she didn’t realize was that this was no ordinary day and as Shirley raised her milk to her lips the unusual came out of the cosmos and hit her with a


“What the hell…” Shirley yelled out.

“O my, I am so extremely sorry. I was lost in my thoughts and wasn’t looking where I was going,” Violet fumbled as she recovered from having just accidently ran into Shirley, spilling Shirley’s milk all over the floor.

“What is wrong with you dummy. Why don’t you..” Monica began, but was interrupted.

Shirley interjected, “No, stop Monica. It’s fine…uhhh, I don’t know your name..”


“Well, it’s fine Violet. I get lost in my thoughts too sometimes and the milk didn’t spill on anything but the floor. Just watch out huh??”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry. And I wasted your milk. Let me buy you another?”

“No, it’s fine. Don’t bother.”

Violet wouldn’t be detoured though. “I feel bad though. Well, here, just take mine. It’s unopened. I’m not really thirsty anyway.”

“Is it skim?”

“Of course,” Vi smiled, watching the bobber being pulled under the surface.

“Alright then, sure. Thanks.”

Violet handed her milk over while pulling back on the pole. She apologized again and walked away, each step feeling like another click of the reel.

The rest of lunch passed uneventfully except for Shirley’s milk tasting somewhat strange. She was parched though so she drank it anyway. All the friends parted ways except for Shirley and Monica who took off to their class. They both had algebra together. It was a boring class and they usually whispered to each other or sent text messages the whole class. While Monica was probably going to fail due to her untimely socializing, Shirley was actually good at math and had taken the class just for an easy gen ed A. They arrived a couple minutes late and snuck to their usual spots at the back of the room.

“What was up with that dumb bitch….Violet, wasn’t it?” Monica whispered to Shirley once they had settled in.

Shirley flipped her long, straight brown hair over the back of her chair and checked her blue eye shadow using her pocket mirror. “She wasn’t a bitch, Monica. It was just a mistake. She gave me her milk anyway.”

Speaking of that milk, Shirley was beginning to feel kinda weird. Almost bloated. She wondered if it was due to that gross milk. ‘I shouldn’t have drank all of it. O well, too late now,’ she mused to herself.

“Well if she’s not going to try and fit in, then she should just stay out of our way completely,” Monica snapped back. Someone ssshhhhed her and she told them where they could put their head. She looked back at Shirley who looked kinda strange. “Are you ok?”

“What do you mean? I’m fine.” Shirley was anything but fine though. She felt more bloated than before and there was a building pressure in her. And for some reason her legs felt tingly.

Monica was annoyed with her friend and watched the teacher talk about numbers or something like that. She got sick of it thirty seconds later and turned to talk to Shirley again. Monica almost gasped. Shirley’s legs seemed plumper. She couldn’t understand it and Shirley, who was listening to the teacher, didn’t seem to notice. She looked back at Shirley’s thighs and they almost seemed bigger than the last time she looked. That couldn’t be possible. As she watched though her thighs grew even thicker. She didn’t believe her eyes, but as she watched, her friend’s legs grew rounder stretching out the pink stockings. Her legs were beginning to grow into the edge of Shirley’s shorts and she was about to say something when the teacher called on Shirley to come to the front to do a problem.

Shirley heard her name and started to get up. Why was she feeling so odd. Her stockings felt tighter than when she had first put them on. About halfway to the front she felt the inside of her legs begin to rub. ‘What the hell she thought. I need to lose weight. My legs shouldn’t rub.’ She spread her legs a bit to compensate and started to do the problem.

The class wasn’t oblivious though. Some who knew her started to whisper.

“Do Shirley’s legs look fatter? She needs to watch herself. Wait, it almost looks like they’re still growing.”

As the class watched Shirley do the problem, her legs continued to plump up.

“Something’s wrong with her. Her legs are getting fatter. O my god, her ass is looking bigger too.”

It was true. Violet’s serum was taking effect and blueberry juice was beginning to pump up Shirley’s legs and ass. Her small butt checks began to soften and then to round out. The class watched as her butt became more heart shaped and softer. Her legs continued to fill and started to touch again. She now had the legs of a chubby girl.

She finished the problem and walked back to her seat. As she did the class noticed her stomach was poofy as well and was pushing into her belt.

As Shirley walked back to her seat she could feel her legs rubbing almost more with each step. Her shorts were beginning to feel tight as well. What was wrong with her?

She sat down feeling more cushion than usual. She turned to Monica who was already staring at her agape. Some others were too. She waited for them to look away as people began to think they had to of imaged it all and class continued.

“Monica, I feel really strange. Something’s wrong.”

“Are you retarded Shirley. Look down at yourself.”

Shirley looked down and almost screamed, but she managed to hold it in. She saw her thighs looking like sausages stuffed inside her stocking. Her legs were pressed tightly into her shorts and were beginning to grow around the edges of the shorts. Wait! Grow?!

“What the fuck. My legs are growing.”

She realized it was more than that though. Her seat started becoming smaller as she felt her butt and hips flare out. Then she felt a pain and the pressure increased and her belly began pushing into her belt more. Her T-shirt started stretching over her widening stomach. Her boobs began to tingle and soon they were swelling inside her bra. It was too much to hide from the others.

“She IS growing!”

“What’s going on? Shirley is getting fatter.”

The teacher could only stare in shocked silence.

“What is wrong with me. I can feel my body pushing into my clothes. I’m spreading out.”

As her hips pushed out they began to push into the bar of the chair. Her butt continued to take much of the force and as it began pulsating bigger, Shirley was being raised up in her seat.

“She’s getting taller too,” someone yelled.

“She is not. Her butt is getting so wide it’s pushing her up.”

“She’s outgrowing her chair.”

Shirley realized this too as her butt shoved into the back f her seat, her hips pressed tighter into the bar and her potbelly surged into the front. She slid out as her round stomach began pressing around the desk. She stood up and the growing slowed somewhat. Her butt was completely full and beginning to push into her shorts as it jutting out. Her legs were completely pressed together with her thighs muffin topping over her shorts. Her hips were wide enough to lift her forearms up a little and they were continuing to push out. Her stomach was full and heavy as it shoved into her shirt and belt.

“She is so big. What is going on?”

“Wait, it she changing color?”

Shirley looked at her hand and saw it changing. Her whole body began turning a light blue and the blue was slowly darkening. As this happened Shirley could feel the pressure building again.

“Help me,” she shricked, “the feeling is growing again. Someone do something before I gro..”

As she said this her breasts blew up like twin blimps and continued growing at a new rapid speed. Her bra tightened and eventually snapped.

“I have to get out of here. I need help.” Shirley began to waddle across the front of the room when she felt the rapid pressure built in her lower body. She pressed her hands against the blackboard to fight the growing pressure with her wide butt to the class. She couldn’t fight it though and her skin deepened even more.

Her butt pulsated once and then filled up rounding out bigger and wider. It began to become the biggest thing on her as she continued to fill stretching her shorts to the breaking point. Her panties became outlined as her rump grew larger with each second. She had to spread her large legs as they too began swelling. Her hips started widening more and her belt finally burst off her allowing her stomach to put more pressure on her shorts. Her T-Shirt began riding up revealing her blue belly button.

“Someone call 911. She’s going to explode is this doesn’t stop.”

Hearing this Shirley straightened up and faced to class to cry for help when her cheeks filled out and she could no longer talk. Her legs were pressing out around her shorts so tightly the shorts edges both popped at the same time and began ripping along the seams allowing more pink clad legs to come spilling out. Her butt began growing into the wall. Shirley waddled forward and the stress on her shorts caused her butt to explode out of her shorts. This caused too much damage to the shorts and her whole constricted body burst out of the rest of the shorts and T-shirt causing her to expand out in every direction.

“Holy shit, we need to get out of her. She’s growing faster than ever and is going to pop.”

Shirley could only watch in horror as the class began to run as she felt herself filling with more and more liquid and she began to round out. The room was emptied quickly and she could feel the stocking popping seam by seam as Violet walked in the room to a blue panty clad Shirley. She tried to muffle for help, but Violet only smiled.

“You see bitch, this is what happens to those who let their heads get too big for their shoulders. You should have rethought your lifestyle. If I believed in second chances, it would be too late anyway. Once a bitch, always a bitch right?”

Shirley could feel her legs growing together and her panties, her last article of clothing, disappeared. Her arms began to fill and lift to her sides. She was becoming a ball!

“However, I don’t believe in second chances anyway! O, I had a friend just like you. Always a whore. Pushing people around. How many strikes did I give her? Too many, that’s how much. Did she change? HA! She only got worse.”

Shirley was terrified as her body began to round out and become tight.

“She was a pain in the world’s huge ass right to her very last second. And now we’re free of her. You see, Shirley, I’m a hero. So in your last seconds, think about what I said. After all, what else do you have to do?”

With that Violet walked away laughing, closing the door on another victim. ‘Man,’ she thought to herself, ‘this is too easy. At this rate, the janitors will have their hands full for a long time to come.’ She smirked evilly as she left the building, happy in her scheming.

Little did she know someone watching through a crystal ball was aware of all the preceding events and the unjust killing; that someone was not happy.

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