This month, this site turns fifteen.

It was on December 27, 1996 that I put online the first pages of what was then known as Luther Kane's Body Inflation Home Page. That tiny little site would eventually grow up to become BodyInflation.org.

I’ve never been much for anniversaries. I’ve been known to forget my own birthday. I don’t have any celebrations planned, but I think this milestone deserves a mention.


Congratulations then as you've kept things going its been long but the fans are with you every step of the way

Happy birthday BodyInflation!

Happy birthday BodyInflation!

Thank you!

I can remember emailing you thirteen years ago because i was so relieved it wasn't just me.  I typed "body inflation" into Yahoo to see what would happen and i could hardly do it because i was shaking so much, and i found your site.  I'm so happy you did all this!



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I found this site in January

I found this site in January 1998 (when it was still at members.aol.com/lvkane) and it forever changed the way I wasted time on the Internet.

Thank you!

Sometime in 1997 for me when I stumbled upon your site during a random web search on Altavista. It's impossible to count the time wasted on the Internet after that find! :-P

I must have found this site

I must have found this site when it first came out. My mind was blown XD

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At the time Inflation was

At the time Inflation was this weird thing I never understood wjere it came from; greatest surprise in my life when I found this site back in 97 or 98. Thanks for giving us a place to share this so we can understand it better. This will always be my internet fetish home!

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