Needing Help to learn flash basics

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Needing Help to learn flash basics

I used to know a bit of flash way back when it was 'Macromedia Flash FX', but since then I haven't really used it. I want to learn how to use flash to make my own expansion animations. I know theres already a tutorial on Deviantart for doing this, but I have a lot of trouble following the instructions, so I figured it would be better for me to find someone who could teach me 1 on 1 to do this.


Still need help?


I used to do Flash animation professionally, but that was many years ago. I realize Flash has changed since then, added some features and so on, but I also feel that Flash is a dinosaur. I also do not allow it on any of my machines because it is a continual security hole, no matter which platform one is using. 

If you happen to have a version of Flash in your toolbox, then I can see applying it to a project whose final output is video, but I would not consider publishing a Flash file now. 

Anime Studio is an alternative to Flash that you might consider. Although it publishes to video, it uses Flash-like vectors for animation. Anime Studio also features many tools first found in 3D packages, such as bones and particle generators. One can even import photos and apply bones to them. (I wish After Effects did that. One can make IK-type links in After Effects, but I mean deforming bones, like those in 3D.) Well worth a look.


you know whats funny? it turns out i have a disc copy of anime studio debut 10 unopened XD I guess I will look into trying it out, since I want to learn how to animate things without being forced to use the traditional pencil and paper