Friday Night Flight

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My friend Wendy had called me and invited me out for a Friday evening of fun. She called at 5pm and told me to meet her at her friends place at 7:30pm. I was excited about going out but not meeting at Arlene's. Arlene and I had never gotten along. She had always had something against me. It had been years since her old boyfriend had dumped her for me…and another guy who did the same thing to her… and another guy who did the same thing to her. The guy's had basically been introduced to me while we had been in our little group and, well, they were curious about the new girl with the giant breasts I suppose. Not that Arlene didn't have a cute figure. She didn't have a mighty 68GG bust line though plus she was such a sour puss. I was sure the guys had just liked my flavor better.

Anyway, so with much trepidation I went over to Arlene's apartment around 7:30. I pulled up to the curb in front of the apartment building in my little yellow VW bug (uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh). It wasn't a big place, the apartment building. There were four units in it and I believe they were all single bedroom though I had only been in Arlene's place a couple of times.

I got out of my car and headed up the walkway towards the main door situated in the center of the red brick building. As I got up to the steps, a older gentleman stepped out through the door. The moment he noticed me his eyes widened and fell to my chest - looking at the two big bulges bouncing and jiggling behind a pink tanktop that was partially covered by a denim shirt. The denim shirt was not buttoned up but tied at the bottom into a denim knot. Only a thin line of my tummy was exposed for my big boobs overshadowed it.

"Hi," I said as I stepped up and he stepped passed me.

He was still staring at my boobs then my backside that was packed into a pair of faded jeans - my big round buns filling the pants out to the point they looked painted on.

The door shut before I could catch it so I pressed Arlene's door buzzer. I waited a moment then heard my name called from above. "Hang on! I'll let you in!" Arlene called down from her balcony above to and to the left. Each apartment had a small porch or balcony. You could fit about five adults comfortably on the balcony.

With that, I waited. The door buzzed and I pushed my way in. I went a flight of carpeted steps to the second floor. Turning left at the landing, I went to the door that was already cracked open.

"Hello?" I knocked as I pushed open the door to Arlene's apartment and popped my head in.

"Come in, Helia! We're all in the living room!" I heard Arlene call from within.

I walked in, the door clicking shut behind me. I stepped through the little kitchen and into the dining room/living room. There was a hardwood floor covering a third of the large room where a table and chairs sat. In the rest of the room there was carpeting and living room furniture…and Arlene and three other girls. The other girls I didn't know.

"Hi, Helia. How are you doing, hun?" Arlene said with a queer grin that seemed to stretch from ear to ear. She was acting very odd.

"Fine, and yourself?" I said stepping further into the living room. Two girls sat on the sofa while Arlene and the other girl sat on the couch. I realized my friend Wendy was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm terrific," Arlene replied noticing me look around. "Oh, Wendy couldn't make it. She said she suddenly had to do something else." Arlene didn't sound convincing and the way she glanced at her three friends really gave me the idea something was amiss here.

"Oh. Um…are we still going out?" I asked looking at the other girls who were staring at me, staring at my bulging chest. I stepped from foot to foot nervously, making my large 68's sway and jiggle.

"Well, we were thinking…" Arlene started to say when one of the girls, a red-haired slightly portly thing, cut in.

"Those are some awfully big boobs you have there," the girl said. The other two girls snickered.

"Rose!" Arlene gasped with a chuckle.

"Are they real, Helia? I've never seen breasts that big that were real," one of the other girls commented.

"Jessi, me. Helia's big fat tits are 100% real," Arlene chuckled.

I undid the knot of my denim shirt and slipped out of the garment. It was becoming quite warm in the apartment I thought.

"I told the girls about your unique condition, Helia. I hope you don't mind," Arlene smiled mischievously.

"Ummm…that's okay," I said as Rose got up off the couch and moved towards me. "So…ummm…what are we going to do tonight?"

"Well…" Arlene said as she and the other two rose from their seats. The girl who had not spoken yet reached under the sofa as she got up. She held a long thin rubber hose in her hand. The end of the hose was pinched off with a small metal clip. "...we thought we might blow you up like a balloon."

Suddenly big Rose went at me, tackling me to the floor. With her weight crushing down on little ole me, the air was squeezed from my lungs. As I gasped for breath, the girl with the hose popped the end into my open mouth, pulling off the metal clip as she did so.

"Let her have it, girls!" Arlene cackled. "Betty, crank it up!"

I struggled but Rose held me down and Jessi made sure the hose didn't pop out of my mouth as I squirmed. Betty, the one who had originally grabbed the hose, hopped over the sofa. There was the sound of something metallic being turned then a loud hiss was heard. My eyes widened as I felt a rush of air enter my mouth and shoot down my throat.

"Let's make our little balloon slut's boobs a bit bigger," Arlene laughed as she stood above me watching in amusement.

My pink tanktop was near ready to burst... For a moment, as my boobs grew bigger, filling with air, I spat the tube from my mouth when Jessi relaxed her hold. My pink tanktop was near ready to burst in the little time that the inflation had started. Luckily it was used to rigorous torture by a pair of big heaving breasts.

"You're still mad at me for your boyfriends leaving you?" I said as Jessi shoved the hose back into my mouth.

"Yes, but I also feel we could have so much fun with our own personal balloon. Maybe take a flight tonight," Arlene said.

"Whoa! She is a balloon girl! I'm starting to even float!" Rose exclaimed as she was lifted up on my giant boobs. There was a sudden ripping sound as my pink top tore down the middle.

Rose slid off my growing boobs and each girl assisted in moving me out towards the balcony. As we got to the door they had to literally squeeze my bloated body through to get me out of the living room.

"Stop! What are you doing?" I cried as the hose slipped out again. My boobs continued to swell bigger and bigger. There was a basket on the porch with another tank of air in it. Betty and Arlene quickly tied a rope around my waist and legs. Rose dragged me to the rail of the balcony, my huge boobs sticking out over the rail into open air.

"Why…we're going for a balloon ride for fun tonight!" Arlene laughed as she grabbed the other air hose and shoved it down my pants. She cranked the handle on the tank and with a huge hiss my lower body expanded, bursting my pants, filling me fuller and fuller.

My huge body rolled off the balcony, dragging the basket and the girls behind me. We all shot up into the evening sky - me, a giant inflating girl getting large by the second, and my four new giggling friends. As I grew into a giant hot air balloon-sized ball, thoughts of revenge curled through my mind. Arlene had gone too far this time.

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