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The detail, the art style,

The detail, the art style, the lighting and shading....its ecstatic


The pose is perfect, and the size is just right, THIS IS GREAT!

Its very immersive an believable...

Nothing short of some of the best and most believable body inflation art ive ever seen 

tHaNK YOu!!! 

(said in between evstatic moans of pleasure)


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She looks ridgid and

She looks ridgid and plastic... She couldn't possibly hold that pose for more than a second unless she was hit by a freeze ray. There's something wrong with her right eye. The fake shadow is a distraction because it contrasts to sharply. Her boobs look like they aren't even a part of her body. Just some lump that were glued on afterward. The overall arc of the belly is extended to far on her left. And finally her right leg could use a bit of that air... It looks like a tooth pick..

I'm favoriting this immediatley. =P

I'm a pretty kitty~