Battle of the Bulge, part 2

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Jill Masterson sat at her desk at the Daily Star.  It had been almost eight months since her confrontation with War Machine; and she hadn't heard from her since.  She had learned that War Machine had escaped from the Russian prison she had been expedited to; but beyond that nothing.  Her contacts with the different news agencies and the Daily Star's coverage of international news allowed her to keep an ear open, so to speak, and she hadn't found any news of War Machine doing mercenary work or committing crimes; and there definitely hadn't been any news of a human balloon running around.

As far as Athena; she was keeping up fighting crime in her own city, but she hadn't tried inflating anyone since.  The tabloids(and even the respectable papers; including her own) had given her a hard time about it.  Since they hadn't been able to find a way to deflate War Machine, people were looking at it the same way as if she had permanently crippled her, the same as breaking her neck or back.  And as far as they were concerned, that was one step above murder.  She'd gone so far out of her way to avoid being a criminal from property damage, and she still wound up catching heat.  She'd had to earn some real brownie points to get back on the good side of the public and police.

Things had been slow lately though, she'd only had to change to Athena twice in the last month.  A lot of villains had started avoiding her city, not wanting to become human blimps; and the police had stepped things up so they wouldn't have to rely on Athena so much.  It made things a little easier but also a little boring.  And the Goddess Athena had been speaking to her lately, saying she wasn't using her powers to the full potential.  Jill sighed as she munched on her candy bar.  Living a double-life had caused her to pretty much exclude any kind of social life; and with things slow in the superheroing department, she had little to do outside of work.  The combination of boredom and depression had caused her to seek comfort in food, and since when she transformed into Athena her entire body metamorphosed into an entirely different physique, the lbs she'd gained melted away when she needed to spring into action.

So with no reason to hold back and nothing to do but eat, Jill had gained just over fifteen lbs in the last five months.  Her hips had gotten a little wider and her stomach pooched out, but what did she care?  She had even noticed the cute guy from the mailroom giving her appreciative looks when he thought she wasn't looking.  "Maybe I'll just say the hell with it."  she thought to herself.  Tell Athena to find another chump and go date that guy and get as fat as I want.  What do I care?  It's not like I get paid or anything-

Her thoughts were cut short as John came running into the room.  "We've got a situation."  he told the office.  "A couple terrorists are holding up that bank just down the block.  They've got the police in a standoff and are making some pretty serious demands."  Jill thought it over and almost just let it go, but in the end a voice in the back of her head(her own, not Athena's she told herself) told her to get off her fat ass and do it.  She wolfed down the rest of her candybar and stood up.  A few other reporters and bored soon-to-be-bystanders grabbed their things and headed out.  Jill broke off from the crowd and slipped up into the secluded bathroom on the fourth floor.

She made her change into Athena, watching with peaked interest as her stomach flattened out and became rock-hard abs.  When she looked back she saw that her ass actually grew a bit though.  "Oh well, at least now I'm proportionate."  she said, "more or less."  She had to admit she was a little over-voluptuous for how toned the rest of her body was.  But she quickly put that in the back of her mind as she finished changing and slipped out the window.

Athena made her way to the bank, this time leaping from roof-top to roof-top and coming in from the roof.  Sure enough, the police had a perimeter around the bank, and she could see the Captain talking hurriedly into a walkie-talkie.  He looked up and saw her perched on the roof, and his expression changed to a grim smile.  She lip-read him say the word "nevermind."  into the walkie-talkie, and then he nodded to her as he set it down.  She smiled and nodded back, then made her way into the bank.

She crept in silently, and saw three men holed up in the vault with the hostages laying on the floor.  The men wore black military uniforms, with ski-masks over their faces; and they each held an automatic rifle.  Athena thought to herself.  She wasn't impervious to bullets, so guns always gave her a bit of a pause, but the small size of the vault meant that as soon as she made her entrance, her speed would allow her to handle the three of them before they got a shot off.  She made her decision and leapt into the vault, landing between the three.  She kicked out with her left foot, planting it firmly into the chest of one of the men; launching him back against the wall where his head bounced like a coconut and he slid limply to the floor.  But before he even made contact with the wall, Athena had turned to the man on her right, grabbing his gun and shoving the stock into his stomach.  As he bent over, she pulled it up and hit him in the face with it, and he too fell unconscious.  About the time the first terrorist was hitting the ground, she grabbed the gun of the third man and forcibly yanked it off of him.  The strap ripped and the gun flew into the lobby, but the force of it pulled the man to the ground.  She put her foot on his back and pinned him.  

"Alright people," Athena addressed the hostages.  "Get out of here, the police are waiting outside, keep your hands up so they know you're not a terrorist."  She waited a moment while the crowd of terrified civilians made their way out, then she addressed the man on the floor.  But when she looked down, she noticed he had pulled a walkie-talkie out of his equipment and was talking into it.  "She's here."  he said, and then Athena stomped lightly on his head, rendering him unconscious.  "I don't like the sound of that."  Athena said.

She stepped out of the vault and readied herself, watching for whatever was coming next.  She wasn't waiting long.  She heard a few screams from outside, then the front doors blew in.  Standing there was something Athena never thought she'd see in her life.  It was War Machine.  But she was still just as inflated as the last time Athena had seen her.  Only now, she moved about easily, handling her bloated limbs as if she had been born that way.  She wore the same black lyrca bodysuit, but with no belt; and instead of combat boots she had on stylish knee-high vinyl boots with a stiletto heel.

"War Machine!"  Athena gasped.  "Oh no."  War Machine said, a grin on her round face.  "Not anymore.  You changed all that."  she said, patting her ballooned stomach.  "Nowadays I go by Wrecking Balloon."  "Wrecking Balloon?"  Athena said, puzzled.  "How did you... was this all just to get at me?"  she asked.  "Yes."  Wrecking Balloon told her.  "I may have adjusted to my new shape, but I've never forgotten who did this to me.  And you're going to pay dearly."  she said.  "Alright, come on then."  Athena said, not sure how to handle this.  Wrecking Balloon advance on her slowly, and Athena darted behind her, moving so fast Wrecking Balloon could barely even see.  She hit her with a forearm blow across the back, but once again her arm just sank in instead of doing damage.  Wrecking Balloon turned with a back elbow to Athena's head, a blow that launched her several feet across the room.

"Damn."  Athena cursed to herself.  She sprang to her feet and rushed at Wrecking Balloon. She jumped up and dropkicked her in the center of her stomach.  Wrecking Balloon stumbled a few feet back, but Athena sank in to her waist.  Wrecking Balloon grabbed her around the shoulders and pulled her out, "I was really hoping you'd try something like that."  she said, headbutting Athena.  The blow nearly knocked her out, and Wrecking Balloon dropped her to the floor.  She spread her arms wide and fell stomach-first onto Athena.  It felt like a ton of bricks dropping on her, and she screamed out in pain.

Wrecking Balloon got to her feet, and Athena writhed in pain on the floor.  "Honey," she said, "I've learned a lot of new tricks since the last time we fought, and I'm just dying to show them off."  She picked up Athena and threw her across the room, she hit the reception desk and fell to the floor, still in too much pain to move.  Wrecking Balloon grinned at her.  "Check this out, you should really like it."  She said, then she opened her mouth wide.  She inhaled like a vacuum, sucking in more air than humanly possible.  Her body assumed a spread-eagle shape; then her stomach rounded out, absorbing her limbs until she was a gigantic black sphere.  Even her head sank into her ballooning body.  Then she waddled a bit and began to roll forwards.  She picked up speed incredibly fast, barreling at Athena like a boulder.  Athena came to long enough to roll out of the way, and Wrecking Balloon obliterated the shattered desk, rolling further and completely decimating everything in her path.  Then she began to exhale as she rolled, and completed a rotation stylishly on her feet, back to her original size.

"That is a neat trick."  Athena said, hoping to buy some time as she got to her feet.  "That's only the beginning."  Wrecking Balloon told her, advancing on her again.  Athena leapt into the air, landing a spinning kick into Wrecking Balloon's round head.  Wrecking Balloon staggered backwards, dazed, while Athena fell to the floor and quickly regained her feet.  She leapt up and locked both fists together, slamming them down onto Wrecking Balloon's head again.  Wrecking Balloon fell to one knee, struggling to stay conscious.  Athena took a few steps back and got a running start, leaping into the air to get a final knockout blow at Wrecking Balloon's head.  But Wrecking Balloon was prepared.  She looked up and exhaled at Athena; unleashing a gust of wind so powerful it blew Athena back through the wall and out into the street.

The already thinned crowd scattered as the action moved a little too close for comfort.  Wrecking Balloon ponderously stalked after her, walking through the hole in the bank wall she had just made.  A few brave police offers aimed their guns at Wrecking Balloon.  "Stop or we'll shoot!"  one called.  "Shoot then."  Wrecking Balloon told them, still advancing on Athena.  The officers hesitated and looked at each other, then shrugged and fired.  The bullets hit Wrecking Balloon, and bounced right back off, smashing the windshield of a squad car and wounding one officer.  "Stop!  Stop!"  the captain called from his position safely away from the action.  "This isn't our fight.  There's nothing we can do; it's up to her now."  he yelled.  And the police retreated, leaving things between the two super-powered women.

"I've been waiting for this for so long."  Wrecking Balloon said, smiling as she walked.  "yeah, well your breath stinks."  Athena retorted, regaining her feet.  She raised her fist to throw a punch, but Wrecking Balloon blocked it with one turgid arm and grabbed her up into a bearhug.  "And now!"  she yelled at what remained of the crowd.  "I want you all to witness this.  Just payback for what this self-righteous bitch did to me!"  She practically screamed.  Athena's face grew into an expression of panic, "N-" she said, and as her mouth opened to pronounce the "o", Wrecking Balloon placed her lips on top of Athena's.

Athena tried her hardest to exhale, but Wrecking Balloon was too strong.  She blew air down Athena's throat like a human air compressor, and Athena began to panic as she felt herself start to swell.  She felt her lungs reach their capacity and then immediately stretch beyond.  Her torso began to expand, and then she began to feel a bloating sensation in her stomach as that too began to bulge.  She felt herself press into Wrecking Balloon's already bloated body as she rose like bread dough.  Her limbs began to swell, pushing against he bearhug she was in, and she could feel her ass spreading out behind her.  Her breasts and stomach pushed into Wrecking Balloon, and she felt herself growing beyond any human proportions.  Wrecking Balloon loosened her grip more and more as Athena got bigger and bigger.  "Oh no," Athena thought to herself.  "Oh no, oh please Athena no.  I don't want to be a blimp!  I don't want to blow up!  I'll stop eating chocolate, I'll go to the gym!  I DON'T WANT TO BE A BALLOON!" she mentally screamed.  But still she continued to expand.  Finally she grew too big or Wrecking Balloon's arms, and she let Athena fall to the ground.  Athena just laid there, too bloated to move.  Her limbs were spread-eagled from the pressure, and her middle stuck out as a huge round ball.  Her breasts had swollen so large she could barely see over them.  She wanted to cry.

"Ha."  Wrecking Balloon said, slightly out of breath.  "I got you good."  she said.  As Athena tearfully looked up, she noticed that Wrecking Balloon had deflated considerably.  She looked human again, just insanely bloated.  Athena thought she could use that against her, but there was nothing she could do now.  "I don't know if you noticed my boots."  Wrecking Balloon said triumphantly, "but there's a reason I've changed them.  I'm going to enjoy this Athena.  I told you I'd get you."  she grinned demonically as she lifted her leg and hung it over Athena's bloated stomach.  Her leg, which was encased in a boot that had a very, very sharp, metal stiletto heel.  "Oh fuck."  Athena said.  "Goodbye, you bitch."  Wrecking Balloon told her.

Just then, the police, led by the Captain, rammed into Wrecking Balloon with the battering ram they used for breaking open doors.  Standing on one leg, with her concentration elsewhere, Wrecking Balloon was caught off guard and off balance.  She bounced back and flew down the street like something of her bouancy should've all along.  She screamed in rage as she came to a bouncing halt down the street.  The police dropped the battering ram and lifted Athena to her feet.  "Can you move?"  The Captain asked.  "I.. I don't think so."  Athena said.  A few of the officers grabbed her arms and bent them; taking their help, Athena concentrated hard and kept them in motion.  She focused her will and forced herself to move.  "It's all yours now."  the Captain told her, waving his men to fall back.  "I don't like you, but we need you; don't go getting yourself popped."  he said gruffly, then ran off with his men.  "I'll try."  Athena said softly, moving around a bit.  She may have gotten herself mobile but she was still incredibly awkward.

Alright, she thought to herself, she'd gotten herself in motion, and she had a plan; sort of; but if Wrecking Balloon had the chance to reinflate herself, it was all over.  Wrecking Balloon got to her feet, and Athena knew she had to keep her angry.  "Is that all you've got you bulging bitch?"  she yelled at Wrecking Balloon.  "You think you're so bad because you're a balloon?  Well guess what?"  she rubbed her bloated stomach, trying not to let on what an effort of will it was.  "This isn't that bad.  I kind of like it.  Maybe I'll start fighting crime like this.  Call myself the Blimp Of Justice or something."  The Blimp Of Justice?  she thought to herself.  Oh well, that's hardly my most pressing concern right now.  Lame nomenclatures aside, her trick was working.  Wrecking Balloon was turning bright red and shaking with rage.  "You think you're a balloon now?"  she yelled.  "I'll make you a balloon.  I'll pop you today if it's the last thing I do!"  she started advancing on Athena.  "Using my heel would've been too easy for you anyway!!"  she was practically screaming now.  "Come to mama."  Athena said quietly.

The two reached eachother, and Athena swung at Wrecking Balloon half-heartedly to make it look like she was still fighting.  Not that she could've done much better if she had really been trying, she thought to herself.  Sure enough, Wrecking Balloon dodged easily and grabbed her bulging shoulders, pulling Athena's mouth to hers and practically biting her she kissed her so hard.  Wrecking Balloon blew with all her might, and Athena swelled larger and larger.  "This is the hard part."  Athena thought to herself.  "I need to just take this and hope I don't pop."  Now that she thought about it, she had serious doubts.  Sure, War Machine had gotten to that size, but she had always been tougher than Athena anyway.  She just hoped her body would have the same resiliency.

Wrecking Balloon blew and blew, and Athena kept swelling.  Her middle turned into a complete sphere, her breasts were huge melons pushing out against Wrecking Balloon.  Her thighs bloated and spread apart, her ass blew up into two round spheres.  Her arms were coming close to cone-shaped, and she could even feel her face rounding out.  Just when she feared she might really pop, Wrecking Balloon let go, leaning back to inhale for another blow.  But Athena forced her arms to come together, locking behind Wrecking Balloon's head.  She pulled them back together and pressed her lips to Wrecking Balloon's.  And then, she began to suck.  Wrecking Balloon's eyes went wide as she realized too late that this had been Athena's plan all along.  She hit at Athena's swelling form, trying to push her away, but her blows bounced off with a slight squeaking noise.  

Athena kept sucking the air out of Wrecking Balloon, conscious of how large her own body was becoming.  She felt huge.  Gigantic.  Titanic.  Planetary.  She felt like any second she would be pressing against the buildings on either side of the street, but still she continued inhaling.  And as she did, Wrecking Balloon shrank.  She deflated and sagged, looking like the Wicked Witch of the West after a hot shower.  She squealed in horror as her newfound power drained away, and into Athena.  Athena's head was swimming.  It was too much air too quick, she was fighting to stay conscious, focusing only on inhaling more and more.  Finally, she could inhale no more, and dropped Wrecking Balloon to the street.  She took a few steps back, looking down at herself.  She actually laughed out loud, because her first thought was "I'm so small!"  She felt like she would be enormous.  Taking up half the street and looking down over the titanic swell of her belly to the distant street below.  Really she was only about the same size as Wrecking Balloon had been.  "At least that guy's a chubby chaser."  she said out loud with a little giggle.

She looked down at the woman in the street, now War Machine once again.  The lycra had pulled tight, keeping her from sagging too much, but it was painfully obvious that there was a lot of extra skin inside the suit.  She stared in horror at her deflated form, pressing her hands to her flat stomach.  "No..." she said, dejectedly.  With a smirk, Athena stepped forward, leaned down and grabbed her beneath her arms, pulling her to her feet.  She hefted her into the air and pulled apart as she did, shredding the lycra costume.  War Machines stretched, deflated skin billowed out like a sail, which is exactly what Athena had in mind.  She closed her eyes and focused.  Calling up all her will power, and beseeching the Goddess Athena for power; and then she looked up at War Machine and exhaled.

She blew like a hurricane, and sure enough it caught the sail of War Machine's sagging skin.  Athena began to deflate smaller and smaller, blowing out all the air she had sucked in; and War Machine blew off into the distance.  Flying as if she had been shot from a cannon.  "I'LL KILL YOOooooouuuuu...." she called as she faded into the distance.  Athena blew and blew until she was completely deflated.  Well, almost.  Her stomach still bulged out.  "hmm."  she said, looking down at herself.  Then she felt something rise within her.  "BUUUUUUUUURRRP!"  she belched loud and long, and when she was finished her stomach was back to its statuesque tightness.  "'scuse me."  she said, with a girlish giggle.

She surveyed herself, and although her skin looked a little puffy, fortunately it wasn't sagging like War Machine's had.  She heard footsteps from behind her as the Police Captain walked up to her.  She turned to see him smoking a cigarette.  "That was impressive."  he said.  "Thank you."  she replied.  "And you only destroyed one building this time."  he replied.  Athena sighed, turning away.  "I guess that's all the thanks I can expect."  she said.  She didn't feel like running right now, but she needed to get out of there; and she took off in a blur back to her office and the fourth floor bathroom.


That night, Jill Masterson stood in front of her bedroom mirror, in nothing but her bra and panties.  She looked alright, she supposed.  Nowhere near the Godly proportions of Athena, but alright for a white chick, she thought with a smirk.  Her breasts had gone up to a full, healthy b-cup; and her ass, even though it wobbled a little now, was really more voluptuous than anything.  And her stomach... she patted it and watched it jiggle.  "It could be worse."  she said to herself.  She thought about what she had said to Athena earlier, during the fight with Wrecking Balloon.  "I don't want to be a blimp!  I don't want to blow up!  I'll stop eating chocolate, I'll go to the gym!  I DON'T WANT TO BE A BALLOON!"  She looked down at her stomach, "well really, I'm more like average now."  she said to herself, running a hand along the curve of her tummy.  "I've got a long way to go before I get fat."  She looked her reflection in the face.  "And besides," she said with a smirk, "I'm pretty sure Tommy[the mailroom guy] is a chubby chaser..."  she puffed out her cheeks and turned to the side, putting her hands in the small of her back and pushing out her tummy.  She burst out laughing and dropped her pose.  "Just call me The Blimp Of Justice."  she said, walking out to the refrigerator.  There was a whole pint of ice cream in there, and it sounded just fucking delicious right now...

Miles away, in a carefully scouted safehouse, War Machine sat at her laptop computer, wearing only a pair of black thong panties.  Her skin still sagged repulsively, but it was already tightening.  She finished transferring the funds from her account to the account of the three mercenaries she had hired to get Athena's attention.  The last she had heard they were still in jail; but when they got out they wouldn't be able to say she hadn't held up her end of the bargain.  With that done, she shut down the computer and looked herself over.  Her skin was tightening; at this rate she'd be back to her old self in a couple of days, tops.  She couldn't have that.  She grabbed the hose off of the industrial strength air compressor she had bought and put it in her mouth.  She switched it to full blast and leaned back; putting a hand on her swelling stomach.  Her debut may not have gone as planned, but the world had only seen the beginning of Wrecking Balloon...

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