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I must admit that part of the fun of being a balloon girl is the attention. Recently I was called to do a small radio spot for a station in town. I arrived at the radio station and was guided to the broadcast booth. The place was rather warm so I slipped out of my blouse, revealing the tank top I wore beneath. I sat comfortably in the seat with headphones and a microphone hanging before my face. The headphones would be used so I could hear the radio announcer and the callers questions once the broadcast started.

As I sat there, waiting patiently for the my little question and answer session to begin, I listened to the music that was being pumped through the headphones. The music was soothing, slow hypnotic rhythms and tones. I found myself gyrating slightly to the tunes.

A tiny voice whispered through the gentle beat of the music. I couldn't make it out entirely, but it made me feel peculiar. I started to moan and gyrate a little more as I felt my tank top begin to tighten. I raised my hands to my chest, clasping my breasts that were suddenly swelling in my top.

"What's happening to me," I said aloud, but not at all in distress. The music and the almost inaudible voice buried within it was keeping my spirits under a haze of cool emotions. I put my arms down to my sides as my boobs blossomed larger. A smile formed upon my face as the sensations built within my enlarging bust.

"Grow," I heard the voice say within the music as I swayed to the enthralling notes.

"Yes," I breathed, smiling as the tingling sensations crept down, down, down, as my bosoms ballooned up, up, up, stretching my tank top out further and further. I rocked gently back and forth on my seat, my pants crotch tightening against me as I swelled a little down below.

"Grow," the voice repeated again and again.

I moaned. "Yes, I must be bigger."

My breasts inflated larger and larger, my nipples hardening and rubbing against the coarse material of my top.

"Grow. Grow. Grow."

My chest swelled up even more. The sensations coursing through my body built, but were strongest in my breasts and crotch. The bigger my boobs grew, the stronger the sensations built in my slightly swollen nether region. It was the most pleasant sensation I had ever felt, and I wanted more and more! My tight tank top kept my expanding breasts from torpedoing out altogether--somewhat contained, but filling the material out. I felt my ballooning boob flesh press warm against my the top of my tummy.

Suddenly, the strange music stopped and the voice of the broadcaster came through the headphones. The growth of my chest stopped just as suddenly, along with the sensations.

"We're talking to Helia Melonowski, the famed Balloon Girl. Welcome, Helia! Our first listener would like to know how big your bust can grow," the radio personality said.

I looked down at my jutting huge boobs and grinned on the verge of orgasmic bliss. "I don't know," I smiled. "Why don't you whisper your wishes in my ear?"

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