Or, Why there's no Elbow Fetishist Homepage

Recently, one of my Twitter friends retweeted a post from Andy Ihnatko. It’s a name I hadn’t seen in a long time, but it brought back some fond memories.

Every so often, someone from the mainstream media will stumble upon this web site. Mr. Ihnatko did so back in 1998, and he wrote an article about it. I’ve seen a wide range of reactions from normal people who encounter this site, but his was the most entertaining.

The Internet Wayback Machine has a copy of the article. I highly recommend it.

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I remember reading that back

I remember reading that back in the day. Great read.

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I lkie how his tone is just

I lkie how his tone is just kinda sarcastic, not mean or knee jerk reaction. it still blows my mind that 1998 was over 12 years ago now...