unsure if i can post a research related thread

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unsure if i can post a research related thread

Hi guys!

So for the last few months i have been immersing myself in loads of online communities, trying to learn about how they work and how people interact within them and around them. 

I'm not doing it to poke and prod at peoples communities but to look at the significance of online communities in terms of bringing people, with similar interests together in a way that would not be possible without the prevalence of our digital culture.

i would love to post more about myself here but i try to remain kind of anonymous and slightly disconnected as i feel that this is important when looking in on other peoples interests.

for the meantime i'm not going to post a link to my survey as i am not sure what your rules are surrounding this, and i was hoping i could get permission to do so in the off-topic forum?

i hope you will be as welcoming and interested as some of the other communities i have joined :) 

many thanks