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Amy poked my arm, and I was jolted out of my beautiful dream. She stood next to my bed, dressed in nothing but a bathing suit.

"You fell asleep, silly," she whispered, pushing the hair out of my eyes. I got up, threw some jeans and a shirt on, and the two of us tiptoed out of the dark barracks. We crept through the cabin of sleeping guys until we came to the screen door. We carefully opened and shut the screen door and rushed off down the trail, feeling the cool night air on our bodies.

We ran to the activity field, and ran all the way to the airbag. The airbag was one of the coolest things in the camp. It was right next to the lake, so when somebody jumped on it, the other person flew into the water. It was a highly subscribed activity, and often people came at nights to use it. But we were here for something different.

We sat down panting on the cool grass under the dock, and watched the fireflies buzz over the lake, holding each other tight.

"I had a dream," I said, running my hand through her hair, "and it was so awesome."

"Hmm?" Amy said, looking at me. "What was it about?"

I told her. She had been so big, like a blimp, bloated like a cow, and she was on her back and unable to get up. Her belly had been the size of a golf cart, and her boobs like giant beach balls. I was there, rubbing her all over, while she moaned and shook her boobs for me.

"Then you came," I said, "and woke me up."

She looked at me, smiling. "You know, we can have a change of plans." I looked at her, and she got up and walked over to the airbag. "You fill it up, and then you can pump me up to your heart's content."

"That sounds awesome," I said, feeling a stirring in my loins. She noticed, and said, "I bet it will make it even better."

"Oh, yeah," I agreed, and walked over to the airbag and found the pump. It was deflated, so we had to wait for it to blow up. Amy came over to me and gave me a hug. She was a short girl, and her blond hair gleamed in the moonlight. "I can't wait to be your big sexy toy," she said, accenting her words with some lavish lip sucking. I looked down at her, into her big green eyes, but then looked down further to see her boobs. They were round and firm, and packed tightly into the top. She noticed, and smiled, and said, "Perv!" Then Amy stepped back, hands squishing her boobs inside her shirt. "Oh, god, this is gonna be so hot!"

When the airbag was filled, Amy strutted over to the airbag and found where the pump was. She poked the airbag, and satisfied with how full it was, unplugged the tube from the pump and stuck it in her mouth. Immediately, the bag deflated some, trying to find equilibrium with it's new outlet. She sucked down the air, and I stuck my hands into my underwear. Her eyes squinted seductively as her body ballooned, swelling immensely.

When she reached equilibrium, she took out the hose and plugged it. She stood, and I had to make a mental effort to not start masturbating there. Her big boobs now strained the bikini top, her voluminous breasts twice the size they were before. Her belly stuck out from her body like a little half-moon, the little bit of sexy pudge at the base of her stomach disappeared into her swollen mass.

"Oooo," Amy exclaimed, massaging her big breast and round tummy. "I'm gonna be enormous with all that air in me." Then she put the hose back in her mouth and rubbed the half-deflated bag of air. I walked over to the airbag and looked at Amy, who smiled back at me, and pressed down lightly on the airbag. The air squeezed out of it and into her, and I stood agape as her tummy and breasts expanded and swelled. Her eyes fluttered as the influx of air caused her to get bigger and bigger with a tiny stretching sound.

When the airbag was empty, she burped and smiled at me. Her breasts were as big as cantelopes, and I could imagine they were just about as juicy. Her belly was about the size of an exercise ball, and now was hard to the touch like a snare drum. Her butt had also gotten bigger, too, her butt cheeks having grown to the size of frisbees, and were plump and stiff. I looked at her glorious beauty, and I walked toward her as if in a dream. I laid my head on her air-filled stomach, hearing the creaking sounds inside of her great belly. I walked behind her and knelt, staring longingly at her beautiful rear. I leaned forward and licked the enormous cheek, then using my hands to try to move the two stiff blobs toward each other, and then just poking them like one might poke jello, dying as she giggled. I stood and reached around her, and took hold of her breasts, pulling down the bikini top to reveal her beauty. They were two big orbs of air, and I squeezed the udder-sized jugs, feeling the squishing of her milk. Amy leaned back, her generous cleavage becoming more evident and kissed my neck, and leaned down for a true French kiss. When we separated, I started the pump again and the two of us sat down, and I laid my head on her big boobs.

"How does it feel?" I asked, licking the soft fleshy ball.

"Ohhhh," Amy moaned, "it feels wonderful. I can feel pressure inside of me, and I feel as big as a house. My tummy is so big! I wish I could stay this way forever." I helped her up and we went back over to the airbag, which had reinflated. Amy put the tube in her mouth, and I laid down on the airbag, and she puffed like a hot-air balloon. I felt a tingling sensation in my body, and I shook, unable to control the pure ecstasy I felt.

Eventually, the bag ran out of air, and I lay on the ground, shaking in rapture. Amy walked over to me, and sat down on me, and I felt as though I'd died and went to heaven. Her soft ass was like a big smooth pillow, and I could feel the warmth of her expanded skin on my body. Her belly was pressing against my face, and I licked it vigorously, feeling the tight creaking pressure inside of her on my tongue. Her belly was so big and wide that I could not reach her boobs.

"I can't reach your boobs," I said, rubbing her side as supplement.

"I can fix that," Amy said, and she stood. I stared at the immense underside of her growth, rubbing it with my hand, slowly edging toward her soft groin. Amy giggled, but then lay down on top of me, and I knew one thing for sure: I had died, I was in heaven, and angels in heaven were crazy sexy girls with enormous bellies and breasts who loved me. Her big belly was tight like a full balloon, but it squished out over me. Her naked breasts hung down in my face, and I licked around her big areola's and nipples, sucking on the teat. Amy squeezed her boob, and I felt her milk squirt into my mouth. I patted her big side, and I shook, and I felt something hot run down my pants.

"Oh crap," I said, embarassed. Amy laughed, and squeexed enormous tits against my head, smothering me. I licked as fast as I could, rubbing her distended side as it bulged out over me. She giggled, taking my hand and using it to massage her bloated tummy.

I looked at her, peeking out from her swollen breasts, and whispered, voice shaking, "Is this a dream?"

She looked at me, smiling with the face of a goddess, and said, "Yes. This is the best kind of dream." She leaned in close to my face, and I could feel the heat from her breath on my ear, as she added, "The kind of dream we can share."

Then I passed out.

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