Bubblegum Staci

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Staci skipped cheerfully down the sidewalk. It was a bright and sunny day out in San Francisco, and as she returned home from high school, she decided to take a small detour through the city's market place. Rows of buildings passed by as she happily made her way through the shops.

People smiled and waved at her as she walked by. Staci wouldn't consider herself popular, but she certainly was friendly to everyone who met her. She was that happy-go-lucky type who just wished to get along with everyone.

Most of what she saw were restaurants. She had some money in her pocket, and felt like picking up something interesting. Her mother didn't expect her to be home too soon, so she had some time to spend. Getting tired of restaurant after restaurant, she lingered of her usual path and walked down an unfamiliar alley.

Curiosity. A sense that always got the best of Staci. She had numerous blonde moments every day. Staci was notorious for just being too curious. When she saw something she didn't know about, she'd try everything she could to learn more about it. Easily distracted and easily tricked, Staci's curiosity often ended up with her stuck in a situation she had not planned. This alley drove Staci's curiosity crazy.

She examined the colorful shops with awe. It was such a quiet little alley way, with so few people. But the shops looked amazing! Staci looked in the window of each shop. She hoped their was an antique shop. Staci loved little trinkets and toys.

Most of the shops were closed, much to Staci's disappointment. But she spotted an even cooler looking antique store. Staci pressed her face up against the glass, looking around the shop. Bright colors flashed, beads glistened, flower petals hung, and toys galore. This was what Staci was talking about! Staci's excitement soon turned to sadness when she saw the sign…


"Ugghh…" Staci sighed heavily. "No way…"

She slumped away from the window, kicking at the ground. Though she stopped and turned to the door. She reached out and grabbed the shop's door handled. It opened. A smile spread across Staci's face.

She looked around the shop, quietly moving around. Not even knowing it, Staci's curiosity was putting her in another potentially dangerous situation. She looked at all the shelves, carefully picking up and examining all the antiques. She tried on some trippy clothes, and smelled some strange looking potions. One smelled so horrible, she dropped the bottle, letting it crash to the floor.

"Who's there!?" someone yelled from the back of the shop.

Staci froze. She heard footsteps coming her direction. She looked around for something to hid behind. Ducking behind a giant "Raggedy Ann" doll, Staci hoped the shopkeeper would not find her. She did.

"What are you doing here? Can't you read the sign?" the shopkeeper snapped.

She was an old lady. Really old. She was dressed in some strange looking purple robes. Her earrings were way too big, and she was quite short. She didn't look too happy about Staci being in her store.

"I was walking…and this place looked cool…so I just…"

"Broke into my store?" she snapped. "Yes I can see that."

"The door was open! I was just looking!" Staci replied. "I'm sorry about your potion thingy. It smelled, like, really bad."

The shopkeeper sighed. "It's fine. Just be a little more careful. And when a sign says 'Closed', that usually means 'go away'".

"Sorry." Staci said with a smile.

The shopkeeper cleaned up the broken glass on the floor, then returned to the back of the store. Beads hung from the ceiling where the entrance to the rear of the store was. The clanked together as the shopkeeper whooshed through them.

"So are you going to buy something or break more stuff?" the shopkeeper shouted from the back room.

"Well…" Staci said sheepishly. "What does this store all have?"

"Antiques, costumes, books, jewelry, and fortunes." the shopkeeper replied.

"Fortunes!?" Staci said with excitement.

"I give palm readings. I can predict your future, explain looming problems, or help you understand yourself." she replied.

"I'd love to try that! I've never had my fortune predicted before!" Staci shouted.

"I can tell you're the excited type, open to new experiences. It doesn't take a fortune teller to see how bluntly ecstatic you are about the unknown." she said.

"….I'm whaaat?" Staci said confused.

The shopkeeper appeared through the beads, and waved Staci in her direction. Staci jumped with excitement as she walked into the back room.


"My name is Minerva." the shopkeeper said. "Now Staci, I'm going to read your palm to-"

"How'd you know my name?" Staci laughed.

"Hush." Minerva snapped. "I'm going to read your palm to help you understand a valuable lesson."

"A valuable lesson?" Staci asked.

"Yours is quite obvious. Curiosity gets the best of you every time doesn't it Staci?" Minerva said. "The impatient type? Wandering into trouble?"

"Haha! Yeah that's me!" Staci giggled.

"You must learn to control your curiosity, Staci." Minerva said. "I think it's about time you learned a little lesson in patience and collectiveness."

"Patience and whaaat?" Staci asked.

"A little common sense would hurt as well." Minerva said sarcastically. "I don't give a lot of fortune readings, Staci. Can you guess why?"

"Is it because you're old?" Staci said.

Minerva sighed heavily, covering her face with her hand. "No…Staci…It's because some people are afraid to conquer their problems. And the solutions I give are not always the best."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if you were to fail my test, you may not be happy with the results. Every human being on this planet has defect they cannot cure. And sometimes, what doesn't kill makes you stronger."

"You're gonna kill me!?!?" Staci shouted.

"Staci! Use your brain!" Minerva said. "I know you have an I.Q. of 6, but could you at least let me finish explaining!?"

"Sorry…" Staci said quietly.

"I'm going to give you a potion." Minerva said.

"Ooo! What does it do!?" Staci shouted with ecstasy.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about." Minerva sighed. "I'm not going to tell you what this potion does. But I can tell you, that you'll be extremely overjoyed with the results of this potion."

"Can I drink it!?" Staci said with glee.

"Not yet." Minerva explained. "You must wait an entire month before drinking this potion. If you drink it too early, the results will be not to your liking. I told you, not everyone enjoys the challenges I give them. You may not be happy by what happens."

"AN ENTIRE MONTH!?" Staci shouted. "I'll never be able to do that."

"Than I suggest you don't take this task." Minerva said.

"No no! I want to!" Staci said.

"Are you sure?" Minerva asked. "If you drink this potion before the month is complete…"

"I won't!" Staci promised.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Minerva sighed. "You seem too impatient to complete this task. Your curiosity will defeat you."

"I think I can handle it." Staci giggled.

Staci took the potion from Minerva and left the shop. It was completely free! Minerva said something about feeling sorry for her, and how this potion will teach her a valuable lesson. Something stupid like that. Staci couldn't wait to get home!


Her mother wasn't home yet. Staci quickly ran to her room and set the potion on her desk. The bottle was large and shiny. It glistened a dark purple color, with a cork closing the top. She opened the bottle and smelled it. It was the sweetest scent she had ever smelled.

The liquid inside was crystal clear, and very runny. It smelled so sweet, Stacy almost took a drink of it, but reminded herself to be patient. That scent was so strong. The sweet smell of bubble gum. She set the bottle on the desk again and left the room. She was determined to prove Minerva wrong and wait an entire month before drinking the potion.

Three days passed, and Staci was driven mad with anticipation. She had to drink that bottle. That sweet scent of bubble gum still lingered in her mind. She needed to know what it tasted like. To prevent herself from drinking it, she locked it a drawer in her desk and asked her mother to hide the key. But as she slept that night, Staci's mind lingered with possibilities. She had to know!

The next day when she arrived home from high school, Staci caved. She had gone completely insane with curiosity. She raced around her house at the speed of light. After tearing her parent's bedroom apart searching for the key, she raced around from room to room. She finally discovered the key hidden in the flower pot in the dining room after hours of searching.

"Yes!" she shouted.

She ran to her bedroom and locked the door. She smashed the key right into the lock, twisting it open. Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she lifted the potion from the drawer. She ripped the cork off, and drank the entire bottle.

The sweet taste of bubble gum trickled across her tongue. The taste filled her mouth, as she drank down each gulp of the wonderful potion. After about an entire minute, Staci finally finished the entire bottle. There was quite a lot of liquid.

Staci's taste buds went crazy with happiness. It was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted. What was that shopkeeper talking about? Staci was quite pleased with the premature results of this drink. She lied down on her bed, madly in love with that drink.

She checked the clock.

9:03 p.m.

It wasn't that late for a teenager, but Staci didn't really feel like staying up that late. She slipped out of her jeans and took of her shirt. She slipped her smooth, tan legs into a silk pair of pajama bottoms. She unhooked her bra, letting her bountiful boobs unsquish. Not meaning to brag, but Staci was quite proud of her large breasts. She put on her matching silk top, her perfectly round bust filling it quite nicely.

But her breasts weren't the only thing filling the top. Something else was stretching it out. It was her belly. Staci placed her hands on her oversized stomach, giving it a squish. It squished easily, and felt quite puffy.

Staci assumed it was the potion. It was a really big drink. What was it? About a liter or so? That's a lot drink at once. She shrugged it off as nothing and went to her bedroom mirror to tie her bright blonde hair in a ponytail.

As she did though, her belly really accentuated itself. She was skeptic, but it seemed as thought it was getting…bigger? Staci wasn't quite sure. She placed her hairbrush back on the table and lifted her silk pajama top. Her belly was huge. Perfectly round and puffy. Staci poked it with her finger, and her finger just squished right into her belly.

She felt bubbly and bloated. A very airy feeling filled her whole body. She felt light as air almost. Staci couldn't believe her eyes. Her belly expanded larger and larger. Staci pulled her silk top down over her giant belly, shocked to see it barely covered it. Her silk pajama top clung extremely tight against her growing mass of a belly.

Staci felt dizzy and unbalanced. The new weight of her expending belly made her legs wobble. But soon enough, she felt a bloated blast of air increase in her thighs. That bloating rush of air filled her thighs nicely. Her silk pajama bottoms began to feel tight.

Staci squeezed her ass tightly. Slowly but surely the strange feeling spread itself throughout her butt. Her ass expended so gracefully, shapely as ever with an extreme increase in volume. Her butt jiggled as it increased to the size of two basketballs drooping sexily off her well bloated thighs. All this did not take any attention away from her belly, which bloated massively.

Staci was positively shocked. She rubbed her hands on her belly, soothing the raging air inside. Her skin stretched to contain the air inside. Her pajamas began to feel so tight. Her abdomen swelled up with air as well, making her front end very rounded. The only obscurity being her gloriously round bottom.

Staci's legs wobbled to support her swelling body. So much air was being pumped in every part of her body. Staci felt lighter and lighter. The air inside her was swelling her up like a balloon. Staci's curious mind tried to process everything at once, but so much was going on!

Her pajama top lifted, revealing her belly button. Her belly was simply too massive to be contained by her tight, silk pajama top. So it slowly began lifting off her body.

"Oh my gosh…" Staci whispered under her breath as she squished her slowly expanding ass.

She wobbled towards the door, carefully balancing herself so she would not fall over. Her thighs were so full, it made movement hard. Staci tried to reach the door, but the air filled her too fast.

She felt the air swell up inside her breasts. Sure enough, the already massive mounds of cleavage expended into sexier and fuller spheres. Her boobs became globe sized, testing the strength of her pink pajamas. Staci wished so dearly that the pajamas would just rip off. The tight feeling was unbearable.

She squished her own breasts, trying to get a sense of what was happening. She could almost feel the air expending her cleavage to giant proportions. Staci felt her body all over, everything just swelling up beneath her finger tips.

Her crotch expended so larger, it made her look like a pear. It squished itself against the floor, Staci's eyes wide with surprise. Her legs began to split farther apart, the massive mound of air in-between them swelling faster.

Staci felt so full, like she was about to pop. She couldn't comprehend how her body was able to swell up so large. Her vagina squished against the floor, causing her spherical body to stretch taller. This potion was her punishment.

Her legs were swelled into her own thighs, which were no longer even thighs. Her back had swelled out to match her immense belly. She was a complete sphere aside from the wriggling hands and feet, her gigantic boobs, and her head, blonde hair contrasting beautifully with the bright pink, overstretched silk pajamas.

Staci looked back and forth across her body. She felt the expending gasses continue their process, her belly button lunged outward from her sphere of a body. She teetered back and forth slowly on her own crotch, witch felt painfully sensitive from its overstretched size.

She wiggled her hands and screamed for help, but her body was so large, her head had halfway sunk into her body, covering her mouth. Her bright blue eyes were filled with worry. The smell of bubble gum filled to room. The scent was strong. This is what she had become. A big pink bubble.

Her skin felt tighter. The silk pajamas were ripping. The air inside of her was determined to see how big she could fill up. Her boobs were enormous fleshy mounds atop her globe body. Her cleavage filled faster and faster.

The air inside Staci was so great, it had begun to lift her upwards. Staci let out a muffled scream as her spherical body lifted off the ground and bounced on the ceiling. No longer was she teetering upon her own crotch. Staci's eyes showed how worried she was. She couldn't feel like she could fill much more. Would she pop? If she didn't pop, how will she get down? What will her parents say? If Minerva could see her now…

Staci knew she was beaten. Minerva had known she would fail. What a witch. Staci was now an overstretched bubble girl, floating in her bedroom. Will anyone save her? Will she ever be the same again?

Staci couldn't resist the potion. This was her doing. Minerva had warned Staci that the results may not be to her liking. Staci enjoyed that bubble gum potion. It was made to please. And Staci wasn't sure to be pleased or not by her new shape. Had Staci overcome her curiosity, she may not be the chewing gum bubble girl she is now.

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