A vampire hunter story with lots of popping

Hi I am in the middle of writing a story. "Not So" Fearless Vampire Killers. It is meant to someday become an erotic horror/comedy (Which features lots of hot vampire chicks swelling up and popping meeting a very embarrasing and messy demise and some nerdy wussbag vampire hunter wannabes thinking they have all the tools that they need to destroy the Vampire empresse`s gorgeous minions) It`s to be filmed someday as a movie or mini series when i can afford good looking actreses (Some of whom be willing to act nude). For now this is my first attempt at creative writing. the vampire lore in the story is completely non-supernatural. Most vampires in the story are part human, part alien beings thirsty for blood. There are all together 4 kinds of vampires in the story, 1. ghouls. (Humans temporarily enchanced by drinking vampire blood/or milk), 2. Red bloods (Humans permanently turned the traditional way and have traditional vulnerabilities, death types: dusting, burning, exploding, swell up til burst) Body controls the vampire dna thus they have free will. The mix of dna make their blood highly flammable. 3. White bloods, (Born as a liquid egg that forms into a perfectly beautiful young bloodsucker staking only immobilises them. They are only vulnerable to sun when virgin afterwards will only be vulnerable to "Universal Stake" An injector that makes them heat up swell and burst covering everything in white goo) The body is just a host for the liquidcreature inside. They become permanently loyal and attached after first telepathic link to anyone thatkisses a virgin one of these cuties which makes them excellent drones. Death types: Slow inflation and bursting. 4. Grey bloods, (Simmilar to white bloods but stronger more resillient to the venom in universal stakes. Have no hearts and sometimes 3 breasts. lol) In most other ways simmilar to white bloods except these have free will and can link telepathicaly with anyone anytime and are never vulnerable to the sun. Death type: Slow body swelling to enormous sizes and bursting. 5. Tar bloods. Original alien species. Invulnerable to almost everything, Built of pure liquid thus they have no bodies and can shapeshift. Only 3 remain on earth. They attack by ether traditional fang and suck strategy or can absorb the whole body of their victim which increases the vampire`s size. Death types: Unknown.... Fighting against them is a group of geeky wannabe hunters who only are aware of the normal vampires and ghouls. Little did they know that soon they will bump into far scarier and sexier villanesses of the night that their weapons are useless against. They get rescued and recruited by a male Tar Blood vampire that discovered a way to defeat the evil vampires as he did not want his sister`s plan to replace human women with vampires and enslave men with their highly addictive dna that temporarily enchances a human.. In any case that is the general concept of the full story about the size of a feature length film. What i am thinking of doing on this site is uploading a small taster of it. A prototype chapter. it does not start at the begining. It starts at the first encounter of the hunters with White Blood vampires in a nightclub. As a prototype story it may not be as funny as i visualised it yet, but it will be exciting....... What do you people think of this concept? I know this goes beyond traditional body inflation but it will be heavily featured in the full version of my story book. I will soon be uploading it under the author`s name Da Rush. Hope you like this rather in depth idea (There is even more to it but you like surprises, right?) and you enjoy my prototype chapter. If you like it and can contribute somehow to a movie project please don`t hesitate to ask. :-) Kind regards Kouzov 7 or Da Rush.

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Hope you excuse my typos and grammar i was in a bit of a hurry when writing this. :-)

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I just uploaded the Prototype edition of the story. I hope it gets through the filter some time soon and hopefully you people will find it to your ilking. :-)

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Nice piece! Also, thanks for brining it up on DA!

When God created time, He created enough of it!


An interesting, if a bit difficult read, it being a wall-o-text and all. Reminds me of a picture on DA, about a vamp that tried to suck blood on what turned out to be an inflated lady, that punctured due to it. While not exactly my cup-o-tea, still good :)