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Martha stopped halfway down the corridor to her lesson. One of the posters on the message board was printed in colourful capital letters. It read "CHEERLEADER TRYOUTS TODAY!" Martha's heart skipped. She loved dancing, and she was almost the right shape for cheering. And maybe her secret inflating skills* may come to use in this.She would sign up right after her lesson. 
Martha skipped down to the gymnasium, where some other girls were gathered. As if they had all ready practiced some cheers, they all said "Hi Martha!" in unison. They then giggled when Martha blushed at them. Martha was excited right from when she saw the notice. Her heart was pounding. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. 
"Hi girls!" called a girl's voice from behind them. The girls turned around, and then let out a gigantic cheer. Martha turned her eyes to the girl that had just entered, squealed with excitement. This girl was Helia (No relation to Helia Melonowski) the hottest  girl on the school cheer team. She swooshed her long blonde hair back, showing her DD breasts. 
"I trust you're all ready to begin" she said with excitement. Another wild applause came up from the girls. Helia then took out several wrapped parcels from behind her and gave one to each girl. "Your outfits." she said proudly. "Now get dressed up, whilst I get something really special for you." The girls squealed and applauded one last time as Helia left the room. 
Martha tore open the parcel she had been given and took out her cheerleader outfit. It consisted of a red vest with the school name emblazoned on the breast in white letters, a white skirt, fully pleated, and red tights. She turned the vest over to examine it, and found the word "Flexilis" on the back in white. She was confused. "What on earth  does that mean?" She would ask Helia about this when she came out. 
5 minutes in, and all of the girls were kitted up and ready for cheering. Helia was also in a cheerleading outfit, and Martha was asking her what Flexilis meant. 
"That's the name of the cheerleading team." she replied politely. "It's Latin for "rubber" because our girls here are very flexible, and their stretchy cheers are quite something." 
"What do  you  mean by flexible? Are their bodies stretchy like bands, or is their skin stretchy like balloons?" Martha asked. 
"Both." Helia said excitedly. "The Flexilis cheerleaders can stretch like elastic to provide more exotic displays." She then picked up a small bag that she had brought in with her. She then produced a syringe from the bag and showed it to the girls. It contained a transparent white fluid. "This is what is used to make out cheerleaders stretchy." she announced proudly. "This is concentrated Tetraodontidae DNA. When combined with your DNA pattern, it will make your body tissues stronger and more flexible. This means that you can put on more exotic displays, especially with both feet behind your head!"
A long "ooooooohhhh!" came up from the girls. 
"All you have to do is take one of these syringes," Helia instructed, "and inject the substance into the skin of your belly. This will allow to spread all around your body." 
The girls applauded with glee,  and then came up one at a time to take a syringe. Each girl experienced a short, sharp pain as she stuck the  needle in her stomach and injected the DNA cells. But it went away in a few seconds, leaving each girl satisfied. 
"Your turn, Martha." Helia said, handing Martha a syringe. 
"I don't need it, thanks." Martha said politely. 
"What do you mean?" Helia asked, confused. "Are you flexible enough already?" 
Martha leant to Helia's ear and whispered: "I can grow." 
"Like a balloon?" Helia was surprised. "Girls!" she called for the attention of the other girls. "Martha claims that she already has the skill required for Team Flexilis!"
Another long "oooooooohhhh!" chorused up from the girls. 
"If you can, would you be so polite as to demonstrate for us, Martha." 
"Certainly" Martha said, slightly nervous at showing one of her greatest secrets. But she knew what  it was for, and regaining her nerves, Martha put her inflation ability in action. She took a deep breath, as deep as she possibly could, and the girls became confused as her stomach began to imitate the sound of a balloon expanding. 
But their expressions quickly morphed into utter shock as they saw that Martha's stomach was ACTUALLY swelling up like a balloon inside of her. Martha continued to push on her breath, and her belly grew larger and wider and rounder. She finally let out her breath, and the girls burst into wild cheering at her sporting a tyre sized belly. 
"Well Martha, that's very impressive!" Helia breathed, clearly taken away by the spectacle. "OK girls, let's see how big you can get! One at a time! Follow Martha's example!"
The first cheerleader stepped forward and said her name, Alicia. She then took a huge breath, and to her surprise she blew up just like an inflating balloon. She inflated until she was a giant sphere. She was then applauded by Helia, and then had to roll herself to the side, which was a lot of fun for her. One by one, every girl had her turn at being a balloon. Alicia, Katie, Maria, Sarah, Stephanie, Hannah, Jessica and tiny Ruby all introduced themselves, then took a deep breath and marvelled as their bodies expanded into large red and white spheres. They were then complimented by the energetic Helia and rolled off. 
"Well, this is fantastic!" gasped Helia. "Team Flexilis is going to have the best lineup ever. All because of you, Martha!" 
"Awww, thank you Helia!" exclaimed Martha. "Should we rehearse?"
"Rehearse? I think we're all ready for the cheer this summer!" Helia said excitedly. "OK girls, I reckon we're ready for cheering!" All the girls cheered and applauded wildly.
Team Flexilis was one of the most attractive teams in the school, especially with the girls growing into large balloons throughout the cheers! All thanks to the post inflation skills of Martha Yates.
Author's Note: 

Here is the cheerleader story, finally finished! I'm sorry the end is a bit rubbish, I was in a bit of a rush to finish it. But enjoy! :D

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