Jenny The Flying Blimp

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Jenny had a lot of fun with her new ability/party trick. She could change her figure to appear super hot for a guy that she liked, she could make herself look fat for the laughs, and other times she just loved to blow up all over so that she became a giant, girl shaped ball. 
   The latter is what she was intending to do today. She had always thought what the aerial view of where she lived actually looked like. She had tried looking it up on Google Earth, but since it updated 1 image per hour, she didn't find it exactly accurate. But she was going to find out for herself. 
Once Jenny was already for the day, she had everything planned out. She was going to make herself as light as possible with air and then launch herself upwards into the sky. Once up, she would inflate. Her petite self was clad in a rather pretty green dress, as she had liked to look of green balloons since she was a child. (She actually liked red balloons most, but green was her second favourite.) 
   She put on a pair of shiny black heels to match her black tights, and stepped out of her door. The weather was beautiful, so it would provide her with an even better view. She walked outside to an area where she wouldn't be interrupted. She then put her hands on her chest and started to breathe long and deeply, getting mesmerised by the rising and falling of her breasts. Once done, she smoothed out her dress so it would have maximum give. 

   She was now ready to balloon up and fly. Putting her hands on her hips and keeping her feet together, Jenny thrust out her chest to maximise her air intake. Then, stretching out her arms wide, she began to draw in her breath. She could feel her chest expanding as her lungs got larger and larger. She continued to inhale, filling herself with air, as she was going to have to be huge to be able to fly. 

Jenny's chest grew beyond the size of any girls chest you've ever seen. She could feel her lungs reaching their limit. There was more than enough air packed into her mammoth breasts. Her inhalation slowed. Finally, she drew in one last breath, bent her knees, and jumped. 
The air that was compressed in her chest made Jenny a lot lighter than she actually was. The force of her pushing herself off the ground caused her to soar straight upwards into the sky. 
As she flew upwards, Jenny knew she would have to adjust herself for the air. She focused on the amount of breath contained within her chest, and puffed out her cheeks. Immediately, all of the air began to displace itself to every area of her and fill her up. In split second that this started, Jenny's body started to inflate. 
Her chest and stomach gradually rounded out into a smoother, sheet like shape as they expanded with air. Her breasts grew past the size of basketballs, while her stomach swelled past the size of a nine month triplet pregnancy. Jenny kept her breath in tight so that she would keep growing, despite that she intended to keep growing. 
Her dress smoothed out over her as her torso rounded out into a more spherical shape. Jenny was starting to look like a massively over-sized party balloon. She kept her cheeks puffed. 
She was now a gigantic ball with a head and limbs. Her new shape meant she was less streamlined in the air, and she very quickly slowed down once she inflated herself fully spherical. 
Now that her body was now the ideal shape, the air inside her just pushed outwards. Jenny was currently five feet wide. She was aiming for ten feet at the most. 
   Although she was now over 1000ft up in the air, the air was still the right consistency for her to breathe. Jenny gasped as she finally let out her breath. She spent the next minute gasping for air to nurse her lungs back to health.           
   Although you can't kill yourself by holding your breath, she found it very uncomfortable holding hers for a long period of time. But she was going to have to do it again to reach her ideal size. 
She was now 1500ft up. The air had thinned slightly, but she wouldn't suffocate. She started taking a few deep breaths to ready herself. Now that she was a full ball, inflating wouldn't be so difficult. She kept this breathing exercise going for another thirty seconds. Then she took a huge breath through her mouth and puffed. 
   Immediately she started to expand. Her dress was already skintight on her, but it was a lot less constricting than you might think it was, as when Jenny first discovered that she could inflate, she simultaneously found that her clothes had a lot of give. So there was no problem for her here. 
   She was now 7ft wide. She pushed on her body, and her new breath of gas continued to expand the air already contained within her. She grew bigger and bigger as she finally stopped rising and reached a steady height of 2000ft. (Planes reach an average height of 30000ft, so the air wasn't thin enough to suffocate her.) 
   She let out her breath again and stopped growing. She was finally 10ft wide and fully proud of herself. Jenny felt so full of fun being able to inflate herself and play with her equally blow-up friend Hannah. She floated through the sky, and took in the breathtaking view that lay beneath her. The houses looked like tiny dolls cottages, and the people looked even smaller that dolls themselves. The trees appeared to be made of craft foam, and the cars looked like tiny models of themselves. 
   Jenny loved both inhaling and inflating. She had done both again, and she did not plan to stop doing it. As she floated through the air as a 10ft green balloon, she closed her eyes and felt her new weightlessness. She would think about coming back to Earth later. For now, she simply drifted on through the sky, all inflated up, enjoying the fun of her recently discovered new lifestyle. 
Author's Note: 

I just wrote this story when I was bored. But hopefully, reading it will be less boring than when I made it. 

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