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A music video made by the Russian pop band St. Olie back in 2011. The lyrics themselves talk about being unhappy despite indulging in materialism, and the video is supposed to be a metaphor for that.

But also there's a bike pump that's used to inflate breasts.

There is popping right at the end of the video, so be forewarned.

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American Dad, Season 15 Episode 12, American Data

Stan gets carried away with a leaf blower and accidentally launches his therapist into the air. Stan tries to use the leaf blower to bring him down gently, but Dr. Petit lands mouth-first on the leaf blower and...well, you know what site you're on.

Clips ends before the gory explosion.

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A montage of clips from various inflation scenes, set to the tune of The Lords of Acid's Pump My Body to the Top.

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Sausage Party (2016)

Anthropomorphic groceries rise up against their human oppressors. This hapless fellow gets tied down by licorice while mints and soda force their way down his throat. He swells up and explodes into a shower of foam.

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Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure (1977)

King Koo Koo grows whenever he enjoys a laugh at someone else's expense. He subjects Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy to tickle torture. He laughs at them, growing to an enormous size. Then he gets punctured by a parrot and explodes.

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Duckman, Season 2  Episode 3, Days of Whining and Neurosis

Dr. Milo suffers from a condition that causes him to swell up whenever he consumes dairy. His killer takes advantage of this, and it ends rather messily.

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Space Adventure Cobra, Season 1 Episode 14: The Evil Genie

When Cobra refuses to work for him, the Genie inflates him using the balloon fruit he's swallowed. Fortunately, he's saved by Lady Amaroid, who turns the tables on the genie in an explosive fashion.

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Dragonball Z, Season 9 Episode 2, Buu versus Buu

Smitty tries to take out Super Buu using a gun, but fails. Super Buu responds by turning into liquid and forcing himself down Smitty's throat. Smitty explodes.

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Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Golden Age of Ballooning

Ferdinand von Zeppelin makes a stunning breakthrough in the field of airship technology.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

HD version of the previously posted clip.

You all know the drill: Violet tries Wonka's Three Course Gum, and it goes wrong at the dessert. Violet blows up into a giant blueberry. After her transformation is complete, the Oompa-Loompas use her as a prop in a song and dance number in which they mock her fate.

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That 70s Show, Season 2 Episode 22, Jackie Moves On

Jackie imagines herself turning into a blueberry after eating five blueberry pies.

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I Made a Splash (1980)

This scene has been floating around the inflation community literally for decades under the name Ratataplan. Right director (Maurizio Nichetti), wrong movie.

I don't speak Italian, and I'm not sure the context would make any more sense if I did. In what appears to be a hallucination, a cartoon version of Angela inflates.

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Producing Parker (2009), Season 1 Episode 1

Parker tries out the Air Butt 3000. Predictably, she goes overboard and things get out of hand. Way out of hand. Let's just say the military gets involved.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Harry's Aunt Marge has expressed some rather uncharitable opinions about Harry's parents. Harry takes offense.

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Paprika (2006)

Doctor Toratarō Shima, chief of staff at the Institute for Psychiatric Research, is trapped in a dream. Paprika frees him by entering his dream. And him. The following exchange occurs:

Paprika: "I wanna show you my gratitude."

Shima: "Really? Is it shaped like a square?"

Paprika: "No. It's round."

I have no idea what's up with the dog.

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My Spanish is terrible, so I really don't know what's going on here. Two men approach a couple on a park bench. One of them squeezes orange juice into the man's mouth, the other pumps him up like a balloon until he floats away. Somehow this is supposed to encourage us to buy some kind of orange beverage.

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"Nick-at-Nite: great TV so reliable, you'll think the whole world works that way...but it doesn't."

A woman orders a "small" sundae that only has "40 calories". The aftermath indicates that she may have been misinformed.

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I believe this Honda commercial is from around the turn of the century. Please forgive the low resolution and lack of sound.

A man tries to re-inflate a flat tire using a foot pump. But with each pump, he inflates rather than the tire. For some reason he continues pumping until he bursts.

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Black Scorpion, Season 1 Episode 17, He Who Laughs Last

The villain Gangster Prankster has deployed a device callled the "Bust a Gut". Anyone within range who laughs inflates and explodes. In flagrant defiance of a "city-wide laughing ban," a therapist decides to crack a joke to her patient. The therapist laughs and inflates, but her patient seems entirely indifferent until the pop.

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Celebrity Deathmatch, Season 4 Episode 3

Katie Holmes throws Keri Russell onto a helium tank, which she swallows. Keri rolls over Katie, who then opens the valve on the tank, inflating Keri. When Keri starts to float away, she grabs Katie to take her with. Keri blows up to an enormous size and inexplicably explodes into a massive fireball.

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Celebrity Deathmatch, Season 2 Episode 1

Jennifer Lopez causes Dolly Parton's cybernetic breasts to malfunction. They overinflate, lifting Dolly off the ground. Jennifer uses her cybernetic butt to launch Dolly into space, where she explodes. Clip ends right before the rather bloody explosion.

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In Saints Row IV there's a weapon called the Inflato-ray. When you shoot a person with the Inflato-ray first the torso inflates, then the head inflates even bigger, then the eyes, then boom. If you stop before the heaad completely inflates, then the target will deflate while making...interesting noises. For this clip I selected a woman in a dominatrix outfit for repeated inflation and deflation, sparing her in the end.

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Hot in Cleveland, Season 5 Episode 18, The Animated Episode

Joy sneaks away to try out the Inflatorator, a device that "pumps and pumps your boobs and ass." She does this despite being warned that "it's still very much in the experimental stage."

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Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (1990)

Dr. Flexi Jerkoff demonstrates his latest invention; he calls it mammalian mammary magnification. Everything goes well until he accidentally pops one of the test subject's breasts. He then punctures the other one when she complains about being uneven.

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