Mighty No. 21

In celebration not only of this Halloween, but also of the upcoming game Mighty No. 9 ( mightyno9.com ), I have decided to draw some fanart of 21 cosplaying as the lead character Beck, right down to giving his signature Mighty Salute. I've even mimicked the look of the cel-shaded concept art of Beck (eyes included!), the typeface used for the Japanese descriptors of the other Mighty Numbers, and some aspects of the logo. Overall, I think this really suits 21's love of making costumes and clothes, as well as the fact that both Beck and 21 are robots who can transform at a molecular level (Beck via xels, 21 via "nanoslime" technology). As for the game itself, I'm looking forward to playing it, even if I don't come close to beating it!

Beck/Mighty No. 9 (c) Keiji Inafune and comcept Inc., Number 21 and Art (c) Joseph Staleknight

Mighty No. 21
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Margeret Moonlught
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Now this would have made

Now this would have made Mighty No. 9 actually good.

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