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Bill plopping down his gym bag near the front door stomped into the kitchen of his home. Bill was a tall, athletic guy with a shaved head, piercing blue eyes and was at the moment absolutely starving. As he did every Saturday Bill had gone rowing and as always he could eat a horse by the time he got home. Approaching the kitchen bench Bill couldn’t help but smile to see there were cookies on the bench and he ran a large hand soothingly over his stomach as it grumbled in anticipation through the fabric of his grey, rowing zootie. 

Inspecting the cookies, which seemed to be in the shape of balloons Bill noticed a note written in block letters pinned underneath the plate, which read ‘DO NOT EAT’. It was clearly a message from Bill’s housemate Todd aimed at him specifically considering Todd knew how hungry Bill got after rowing. Bill however, just scoffed at the message and didn’t see the harm in just sampling a few of the cookies, which looked so fresh, so delectable. The aroma of the cookies encompassed the whole kitchen and looking around Bill wondered if Todd was even home. “Todd?!” called Bill, who then listened out for any sound of his housemate, but all he heard in return was dead silence. He was indeed home all alone. If he ate just some of the cookies now, Bill knew he would be able to get away with it. Though he was tempted to eat them all they just smelt so good he knew if he did so Todd would definitely notice.

Taking one last look around, Bill half expected Todd to be standing behind him, but Bill was indeed all alone with no one to stop him. With a mischievous grin Bill sat down on one of the stools at the bench and helped himself to a handful of cookies. Bill let out a moan of pleasure as they tested and felt so good, as he hungrily scoffed them down, before returning his focus back to the plate of balloon shaped cookies. The pile was still massive and didn’t look like any of them had been taken. Looking around once again Bill wondered if he could dare take more. His instincts told him to leave them, but he was so hungry he couldn’t help but grab yet another handful of the delightful cookies. Looking at the remaining pile of cookies, Bill was satisfied that the pile looked unchanged that his mischief wouldn’t be noticed by Todd.

Gobbling down the second handful of cookies, Bill let out a satisfied belch before licking his fingers clean. He really could eat the whole plate he thought as he was so hungry, even his stomach growled at him encouragingly to continue eating. Patting his stomach soothingly with one wide hand Bill laughed as he felt his stomach growl beneath his hand. His laugh tapered off however, as looking down Bill saw his gut was jutting out. He hadn’t expected any bloating from only eating a couple of handful of cookies and his puzzlement only grew further as he felt his stomach gurgle again and watched as his stomach grew outwards even more. “What the hell?” Bill grunted as another churning gurgle shot his stomach out further, the bulge of his gut now beginning to blow over his crotch and obstruct the view of his impressive bulge. He could feel himself stretching out beneath the palm of his hand. Another gurgle shot through him and this time Bill’s ballooning gut struck the bench which made him moan, as he felt the pressure in his gut build as it pushed into the bench. Even hearing the metal stool creaking beneath his expanding bulk pushed Bill to action and he got away from the bench. It has to be the cookies, Bill thought again thinking of the balloon shape to them and how he was now becoming like a balloon. 

As if to reaffirm his thoughts another gurgle churned inside his stomach, but this time he felt the surge seep out from his gut into the rest of his limbs. He felt his zootie becoming constrictive as his buff, athletic frame headed towards cartoonish proportions. Bill couldn’t help but grunt as the zootie straps bore into his shoulders as his muscles mushroomed outwards beyond bodybuilder size, while his gut looked like he had shoved a gym ball down his front. Locking eyes on the front door, Bill knew he had to get help as another gurgle pushed his size out further followed by another and another.  Waddling as fast as he could, as his limbs became more restricted as they blew out, Bill egged his body on to at least get him outside where he could call for help. 

However, with a snap of his shoulder straps, Bill’s growing goliath gut was now free to expand and boomed outwards causing the unfortunate jock to tumble forward. Scrunching his face, Bill felt his whole body shudder as he slammed into the floor, his mounting mass adding pressure to his gut before easing. Realizing he was still inflating, Bill started to panic, his panic further escalating as though he could rock himself to get on his feet, with each passing moment he could feel his feet stretching further from the ground.

Soon Bill’s panting and grunting with each surge was accompanied by a tearing rip as at last the rest of Bill’s zootie unable to contain his looming limbs was torn apart, its tattered remains flittering to the floor, though Bill couldn’t see it for himself he had grown so large and round he had become immobile. His limbs no longer restrained begun to quickly catch up with the rest of Bill’s inflating form as Bill could feel himself going from being like a parade blimp to an outright blimp. As his once normal muscles expanded beyond freakish size they were slowly swallowed by his expanding centre until only his feet, hands and head protruded from the globe he had become.

With a sharp panting grunt, Bill felt his body hit the ceiling which it begun to press into as it sort space to grow. Bill could do nothing but plead with his body to stop growing as he felt himself being sandwiched between the ceiling and the floor. All the while Bill could the pressure inside his swarming circumference growing stronger and stronger, his body creaking along with his confines as his body pushed for space to grow. Panting heavily, Bill felt a growing, surging gurgle rumbling up from deep inside his globular body and he prepared for the worse. However, instead of a thunderous boom, Bill let out a thunderous belch, which relieved pressure from inside his orb. Bill sighed with relief as he realized not only at last had he stopped growing but he could feel himself slowly shrinking back down.

As his descent back to normal size was much slower than his ascent into a giant balloon, Bill had time to think about his predicament. He knew it was his fault for eating Todd’s cookies and he swore to himself that he would never touch anything else that belonged to Todd ever again.  As time slowly passed, Bill was relieved when he could at last feel his limbs re-emerge and he begun to look less like a giant ball of flesh. However, Bill kept his gaze locked on the front door as he doubted Todd would be gone for too long. Egging on his deflation, Bill knew he only needed to shrink back down to a size that allowed him to move again, so he could pick up what shreds were left of his zootie and squeeze back into his bedroom to only re-emerge once he had returned back to normal. 

At last feeling his feet near the floor Bill begun to rock himself back and forth so that he could propel himself back onto his feet, rolling backwards Bill felt his feet brush the floor and he knew one more roll would have him back on his feet. However, as he rocked forwards he found he was no longer alone, there standing at the entrance was Todd who was shaking his head at Bill. “Pretty sure I left a note.” Grumbled Todd, as he stepped inside and strode past Bill to the kitchen bench.

“I was hungry dude.” Bill pleaded, which was when his stomach gurgled once again now starving once more.

“Sounds like you are still hungry.” smirked Todd and though Bill couldn’t see him behind him, he didn’t like the sound of Todd’s voice. Todd grabbing onto one of Bill’s swollen legs spun him around on his gut so that Bill could face him. Bill looked at Todd who wore an exasperated look on his tanned face, while he held the plate of cookies in one hand. “What are you?” Bill started to ask before Todd shoved a handful of cookies in Bill’s mouth. Todd clamping his hand over Bill’s mouth forced him to swallow and a churning gurgling immediately rumbled out from his spherical stomach as the cookies went inside. Bill panting, felt himself shoot up further, his limbs tightening as they returned to inflating. “Please no more…” Bill panted as he rose up…. And up…. And up. Todd who had once been eye level with him was now bellow him and Bill could tell he was getting close to being sandwiched once again. “More did you say?” jeered Todd, watching in amusement as he watched  Bill’s massive limbs disappeared into his body returning him to a spherical state, his little hands feebly struggling on the sides of his widening circumference, his face scrunched tight as he tried to fight the growth. “No… more…” panted Bill, feeling the pressure growing tighter inside him as he felt his ballooning back beginning to brush against the ceiling, until he found himself once again stuck his body pushing tight against his confines.

Todd didn’t care for Bill’s plea, he had had enough of the jock doing as he pleased and taking full advantage of Bill’s helpless state poured more cookies down his throat. Bill tried to resist but Todd held his jaw wide open. The gurgle inside Bill sounded more like a rumbling growl as his body boomed in size, Todd quickly backing away positioned the kitchen bench between himself and Bill as Bill’s ballooning body was rapidly filling the entire kitchen space. In a matter of moments Bill was pushing against the confines of the walls and he could feel the kitchen bench now pressing into his underside. Bill however, couldn’t see it, he could barely see Todd over his inflating body but with each passing moment the pressure inside him was growing as was the pressure against him as his confines pushed back against him. 

Todd grinned at his handy work, even though the creaking of Bill’s body was being matched by his confines, occasional cracks even snapping about him as the walls and ceiling begun to buckle against Bill’s growth. “I’m getting too big…. Too much….” Panted bill, barely relieved to feel the walls and ceiling slowly giving way as he knew he was still rapidly expanding even the kitchen bench was now bowing to his bulk. With a crash Bill’s body shuddered as he broke through the ceiling into the attic. Bill’s view suddenly adjusted as he shot upwards and found himself staring into the dusty empty attic. Todd allowed a whistle as he saw Bill’s face disappear up into the ceiling, he was even impressed at how big the guy was growing, which as he thought about it shouldn’t have been surprising. Bill had been a six foot five muscular dude his body had space to grow. Though as Todd listened to the roof groan against Bill’s still expanding body he wondered how much bigger Bill could get, as the walls were now even bowing out to the shuddering, rumbling, swelling orb. 

Grabbing the plate of remaining cookies, Todd headed up to the attic to talk to Bill face to face. As Todd ascended he heard a belch and knew that Bill had at last stopped growing. Entering the attic he saw Bill’s head panting, looking comical attached to the giant orb his body had become. Bill’s body easily filled half the attic, his back pressed against the creaking roof, his comparatively tiny hands pressing into the walls. Todd could also tell Bill was already starting to slowly shrink, which spurred him into action.

Bill had heard Todd racing towards him, but he was so exhausted he didn’t register the threat until the last of the cookies had been shoved down his throat. “You prick!” Bill grunted as a deep boom seemed to sound inside him. With a rumble Todd was thrown back as the floor beneath his feet rose and buckled, while the attic about him crumbled as Bill blew out to freedom. Looking through the ruins of his roof Todd watched as bill blew bigger and bigger and bigger. He was beyond house sized now and he continued to rise, Todd couldn’t even see Bill’s face amongst the orb as it enveloped his vision. Bill felt the cool air whirling on his taut skin as he shuddered to greater and greater heights, he could see the houses below shrinking away from him. He could even feel some homes being swept aside by his growing globe as he blew outwards. “I… shouldn’t… have touched… those cookies….” grunted Bill through gritted teeth looking more like a flesh colored moon sitting in suburbia than a human being. “So… damn big….. so… damn… tight….” Bill panted, wiggling his fingers which felt ages away from his head and central mass.

Down below Todd couldn’t even see the top of Bill anymore and as he heard the rumbling grow louder he knew that like any balloon, Bill was approaching his limits. With each gurgle, shudder and moan Bill continued to bulge, his body ached with tightness and he struggled to make himself belch and end it. However, the shuddering didn’t stop, it only grew stronger, the intensity making Bill pant and moan like he was having an intense fuck, even though his sounds were becoming muffled as even his head was beginning to sink into his mounding mass. His fingers were barely stubs now that he could feel sinking in further. Every inch of him buzzed with tension and shuddered as he struggled to swell. “Somebody… help…. I’m too….” Bill moaned his view now nothing but sky and stretching skin, which was when he felt the growing rumble and he couldn’t help but grimace, at last he was going to belch. He was going to shrink down and never touch anything of Todd’s again. “Here… it comes…” grunted Bill, preparing for the belch as he still stretched wider and wider…. And wider… his whole body shaking with anticipation, until with a massive BOOOMMM Bill disappeared. “Well that was worth it.” Grinned Todd, his ears ringing as he stared up at the empty sky where Bill had once been filling. The way Bill had been going Todd had hoped that he’d hit the clouds, but considering the skyscraper like sphere Bill had become was satisfying enough to Todd.

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