Six Blueberries, The

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Abigail ran up to the front door of her friends’ house. “I’m Late!” she thought in her head. She rang the door bell, moments later she heard footsteps from behind the door. The door flung open, standing there was her friend Gabby with nothing but a green shirt and her panties on. “We were starting to think you weren’t gonna show.” Gabby said with a smirk, “Come in, everyone else is already here.” Abigail walked in and the two proceeded to the living room. Four other girls sat in the room, Samantha, Alexis, Jillian, and Lucy. “Look who finialy decided to show up!” Gabby said as they walked in the room. “Great, she’s finally here.” Samantha said while getting up. “Now what are we going to do?” Jillian asked. Gabby glanced over to Alexis, she nodded. “What is there something you two didn’t tell us?” Abigail asked. Alexis stood up “Yeah, my uncle bought me this new gum! It’s from some foreign country!” Jillian stood up “I don’t like the sound of foreign gum…” she said with apparent nervousness in her voice “What if it was tampered with?” “Relax.” Alexis said “It used to be made in America but then they shipped it overseas for some unknown reason. “ Alexis tore the package open “If you guys are too much of pansies to do eat any, then I will show you its safe!” She took a piece of gum out and began to chew. “Mmmmmm… Blueberry flavored.” They all stood around Alexis “Well ya’ see you sissies! Nothing happened!” “Well…Alright.” Samantha said as she took a piece.

All of the girls were sitting around chewing there gum and talking. “It’s amazing!” Abigail said “We have been chewing this stuff for almost a half an hour and it still has its full flavor.” Alexis looked around “You see! It’s perfectly fine, and hey ya found a new type of gum ya like!” Suddenly Alexis began to clench her stomach. Gabby looked over at her. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked “You feeling alright?” Alexis stood up “Yeah. Some sickness has been running through my family. I’m going to head to the restroom.” Alexis walked to the upstairs bathroom and entered. She locked the door behind her and went over and sat on the edge of the bathtub. “Oh god, what’s wrong with me?” she mumbled. She then felt a strange sensation in her stomach, she looked down. Her whole stomach was blue. Her eyes widened “What’s happening to me?” she pulled out the gum package and began to read the back. “Warning: Do not chew gum for more than fifteen minutes. Unwanted side-effects may occur after fifteen minutes of exposure.” Alexis gasped, she looked down at herself. Her whole body was blue.

Alexis came running down the stairs. “Hey what was… OH MY GOD!” Gabby shouted when she saw Alexis.  “What the hell happened to you?” Abigail asked. “I don’t know!” Alexis shouted “Uh-Oh…” Alexis said “Guys’ I don’t feel so good…” “What’s happening to you?” Samantha asked. Alexis looked down at herself, she noticed that her stomach was beginning to swell. “Ohhhh…” Alexis moaned. Her body began to swell rapidly. “What do we do?!” Jillian asked. “Uhh…Jill… Look at your hand…” Gabby said. Jillian looked down and screamed, her whole forearm was blue. “What’s going on?!” she cried. “Ohhhh…” Alexis moaned again, she was now sitting on the ground, she looked like she was about three hundred pounds. “Come on!” Gabby said “We need to get her outside, if she keeps growing she’s gonna end up breaking things!” The five girls all got behind Alexis and began to roll her outside. Alexis barely fit through the back door. “What do we do?” Samantha asked. “Hey…” Jillian mumbled “I’m starting to feel funny.” Jillian began to swell to. “Oh-no, not you to!” Gabby said. Alexis began to make odd noises, some sort of blue liquid began to leak out of Alexis. Samantha walked over and stuck er finger in the liquid. “EEWWWW… Sam! What are you doing?” Abigail asked. Samantha sniffed her finger, then stuck it in her mouth.

“Just as I thought…” she said “Blueberry juice.” Alexis began to mumble something. Gabby ran over “What is it?” she asked. “It’s the gum…” Alexis said, then KABOOM! Blueberry juice shot all over the backyard. Jillian screamed, as she was already looking quite chunky. “NOOO! This can’t be happening! Alexis just popped, and the same thing is happening to me! I don’t want to explode!” Jillian began to cry. Gabby went over, her arms were turning blue. “It’s ok Jill, we’re gonna be fine you hear?” Samantha and Abigail both looked at Gabby. “Ok listen up.” Gabby whispered to them “Right before Alexis exploded she told me it was the gum. So basically we are all screwed. I’m open to suggestions on what to do.” Abigail peered around Gabby, who was looking bluer by the moment, to look at Jillian. She was weeping in the yard, and she looked like a sumo wrestler. Gabby was now all blue at this point, sweat was beginning to run down her head. Gabby went and sat down by Jillian. Jillian was huge, her arms and legs were overtaken by her body. Gabby hugged her blueberry of a friend, she began to cry “It’s ok Jillian, it’s ok.” Gabby had begun swelling up but she didn’t seem to care. Juice began to leak out of Jillian, then KABOOM! Gabby flew back and began to cry. “What next?” she said as blueberry tears flowed down her face. “Uh-oh…” Samantha said “It’s happening to me now.” Abigail looked over at Samantha, her legs were blue and it was creeping down her arm. “Guys what should I do?!” Abigail asked “MMMPHHH!” Gabby said as her head was almost covered by her swollen body.


Samantha stood up, she was beginning to look like she was pregnant “Listen, we are all basically doomed.” She said “Gabby is about to end up like Jillian and Alexis, I’m starting to fill up, And Abigail, you are starting to turn blue.” Abigail looked at herself, Her whole stomach was blue. The two looked over at Gabby, the blue liquid was beginning to leak out of her as well. “Look away.” Samantha said. Both girls turned their heads. KABOOM! The two looked back, and there was no Gabby. The whole yard was covered in blueberry juice now. Samantha’s legs gave out under all of the weight. “Well this is going to be a fabulous surprise for Gabby’s parents when they get home. Abigail could feel the juices in her stomach. Samantha looked over at Abigail “So long.” She said. Samantha began to swell at a rapid rate. Abigail backed up. KABOOM! Abigail walked over to where Gabby once sat. She sat down “Great.” She thought to herself. She could feel the juices flow through her entire body. “Well on the bright side, for at least a minute I will have bigger boobs than Alexis." Abigail could feel her body stretching, she was at her limit. “This actually doesn’t feel half bad.” Abigail thought. She could feel the juice leaking out of her. “Well shit…” she thought.

Author's Note: 

I just kinda felt like doing this. And BTW all of the girls in this senerio are about 19-21 years old, just in case you were wondering.

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airtankgirl5's picture
Couldn't finish it

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I liked it. would read again.

I liked it. would read again.